Can A Yorkie Use a Litterbox? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, they can! Yorkies are a small breed and can easily be trained to use a litter box. Litter boxes are a great option for Yorkie owners who live in apartments or if you are concerned about leaving your Yorkie alone with nowhere to toilet.

How Do I Train My Yorkie To Use A Littler Box?

The best way to train a Yorkie to use a litter box is to do so from a young age.

  1. Watch your Yorkie for signs of needing the toilet. 
  2. When you think your Yorkie is ready, place them in the litter box and use a short phrase like ‘toilet!’ or ‘Pee pee’ in a positive tone.
  3. If your Yorkie does their business in the box, praise them with a treat.
  4. Repeat the process every time your Yorkie needs the toilet.

Yorkies are smart so it should not take long for them to learn that the litter box is their toileting area. However, especially young Yorkies, may have a few accidents or not make it to the litter box in time or may not yet understand that the little box is their pee-pee spot.

When this happens do not get angry. Simply say ‘No’ in a low authoritative voice and place your Yorkie into the litter box and use a positive affirmation to confirm that this is the right place.

Should I Discipline My Yorkie If They Toilet Inside The House?

Accidents happen, or simply your Yorkie does not yet understand where to go to the toilet. In the event, your Yorkie toilets inside the house, do not get angry with them, shout or hit them. 

This will have the reverse effect, making your Yorkie nervous and therefore more likely to do it again.

The key is to catch your Yorkie in the act of toileting in the house. Say ‘No’ immediately and take them to the place where you wish for them to toilet.

If you find pet waste hours after they deposited it, there is no point disciplining them at this point. Dogs, as well as Yorkies, have short memories, and if you punish them for something they did hours before, they likely will not remember or know what you are punishing them for.

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What Kind Of Litter Box Is Best For Yorkies?

Yorkies are small, so they can often fit inside large cat litter boxes.

Litter boxes that are made of plastic are best as they are easier to disinfect and clean. Make sure you have a high-quality litter that absorbs will. 

Lower standard litter does not absorb the contents every well and all the contents sink to the bottom of the tray, resulting in a messy clean-up for you.

Ideally, you should purchase litter that masks the smell as well as absorbs the contents well.

Where Should My Yorkie Poop?

Yorkies should poop away from communal living areas, especially places where food may be prepared or served, or where young children play.

It is likely that your Yorkie will choose a spot away from these areas anyway, as dogs do not like to poop where they eat and relax.

Therefore, choose a spot outside or well away from communal spaces (such as a toilet or bathroom) and place a litter tray there.

Ideally, your Yorkie should poop outside in the yard.

Is It Hard to Litter Train a Yorkie?

Litter training your Yorkie can be easy, so long as you are consistent and train them regularly, at least in the beginning.

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Yorkies are smart dogs that catch on quickly to what you are asking them to do. Litter training your Yorkie may take 2 weeks or more but once they understand the process they will toilet in the litter box for life.

Are Litter Boxes Hygenic?

Litter boxes are hygienic depending on where you put them and how often you clean them.

For a small Yorkie that poops normally (once or twice a day) you can get away with cleaning the litter box once per week (but removing the poop daily).

A full litter box clean involves throwing away the old litter, disinfecting the box itself, and replacing it with new fresh litter.

How often you do this depends entirely on how often your dog pees and poops, and what kind of litter you purchase. Higher quality litter is more absorbent and smell resistant, so can be changed less often.

Can Yorkies Share a Litter Box?

Ideally, you should have 1 litter box per Yorkie, and it is not advised that your Yorkie should share with another animal, such as a cat.

Cat litter and dog litter are different, as their waste is made up differently.

If you have two Yorkies then you can place two littler trays side by side. Your Yorkies will view this space as a single territory, but it is larger than one littler box and they will have more space to choose their favorite spot.

How Do I Train My Yorkie To Poop on The Leash?

Pooping on walks is the most ideal solution to dog toileting needs.

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For this, you must be consistent and take your dog out on walks at the same time each and every day.

  1. Dogs are particular where they poop outside. Take your dog to an open field and have them on a long leash. Yorkies struggle to find a comfortable place when the lead is too short.
  2. Use a short phrase in a positive tone to indicate that you want them to try to poop.
  3. Simply wait for them to poop!
  4. Once they poop reward them with a treat and a positive tone of voice.

Timing is key with this method. Yorkies tend to want to poop within 30 minutes to two hours after they have eaten a meal. Therefore after breakfast, lunch and dinner are the ideal times to take your Yorkie on a walk if you wish for them to poop.

Keeping mealtimes and walks to at the same time of day every day is the fastest and easiest way to train this behavior.