How Often Should a Yorkie Puppy Poop? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie puppies poop more often than adult dogs. This number also depends on how often they eat. While some Yorkie puppies might poop 2-3 times a day, some Yorkie puppies poop more than that.

During infancy, Yorkie puppies eat quite often if you compare them with adult dogs. That’s why it’s pretty normal that they poop often, their circulatory and digestive system is not fully developed.

They might need to pee and poo more than adult dogs. The more you feed your Yorkie puppy the more they will toilet. This is related to how much they eat.

Potty training Yorkie puppies can begin after 8 weeks. You should follow your Yorkie puppy after meals and encourage them to go to the toilet in the place you determined beforehand.

What Does Puppy Yorkie’s Poop Look Like?

Your Yorkie’s Poop should be consistent. When you hold your Yorkie’s poo, it should not fall apart and its integrity should not be compromised.

You can easily understand your Yorkie’s health situation by examining their poop. A healthy Yorkie’s Poop is generally solid shape and not diarrhea.

When you hold your Yorkie’s poop with a tissue, it should not disperse or flow. If your Yorkie puppy often experiences diarrhea, it could be a sign of a health problem.

Your Yorkie’s poop may change when you switch to new food. There may be changes in your Yorkie’s poop as you switch between different diets. A little diarrhea may occur in this period, which is normal but should stop after 48 hours.

Sometimes Yorkie owners tend to overfeed their dogs for rapid growth – this is not healthy and your Yorkie Pup will not grow faster but will get fatter, making them appear larger.

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Overfeeding can cause Yorkies’ poop to be inconsistent. A puppy Yorkie should be fed small portions, several times throughout the day and should not exceed this limit.

What Should Your Yorkie’s Poop Size Be?

The size of your dog’s poop varies according to the dog’s breed. A small breed dog like a Yorkie will have small to medium-sized poops.

Logically, your Yorkie should poop at the same rate as the food it consumes. If your Yorkie’s poop size is normally larger, one of the reasons may be that they haven’t been able to fully digest the food they ate.

Also, if your Yorkie’s poop is smaller than normal, they might have a digestive problem or blockage. If you observe abnormal sizes of poop in your Yorkie, you can change the food they eat and if it does not work, consult your vet.

Why Does My Yorkie Puppy Poop So Much?

Your Yorkie puppy will poop more often than adult Yorkies. There is nothing abnormal in this, their digestive tracts are not developed and are smaller in size.

Your Yorkie puppies’ poop size and frequency of poop is a sign of health, but can also be due to their genetics. Some Yorkies poop 3-4 times a day, while others do it a little more often or less.

It also depends on how often you feed your dog. If you feed your Yorkie very often, they will probably poop more often. Puppies can only take in a small amount of food and are fed more often. Their poops are smaller but more frequent than adults.

Healthy Yorkie pups poop a consistent number of times daily. If you feel an abnormality in your Yorkie’s pooping schedule it may be due to the food you are giving them.

Check the number of poops your puppy takes per day. If you think there is an inconsistency in your Yorkie’s poop, you should consult your veterinarian.

What Colour Is Yorkie Puppy Poop?

The color of your Yorkie’s poop is one of the most obvious signs of your dog’s health. If you’re feeling a change in the color of your Yorkie puppies’ poop, something is probably wrong.

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This could be due to their diet or it could be a sign of any disease. Some colored poops are a sign that something serious has occurred. Here are the colors and what they mean:

Light or dark brown

Brown is the ideal poop color. The quality of the dog food you choose will also affect the color of your Yorkie’s poop. Yorkies fed a good quality food can have a light or brown color in their poop.

Some dog food contains red food colorings that may also change the color slightly.


Green color poop can be a sign of gallbladder problems. Or your Yorkie may have eaten too much grass. Dogs may sometimes resort to eating grass to relieve their digestive system. This causes a color change in their poop.


Orange and yellow could indicate that your Yorkie is dealing with some pancreatic problems. Often seen in sick Yorkies, these colored poops require urgent veterinary attention.


Seeing red spots in your Yorkie’s poop is a sign of blood in the stool. This may also indicate that there is bleeding near the anus.


Black poop in Yorkies can be a symptom of stomach and intestinal diseases. If your Yorkie’s poop is much blacker than usual, you should tell your veterinarian about this.


Grey poop indicates pancreatic and biliary problems. This color also means that a serious problem may occur shortly and you should take your puppy to the vet asap.

White dots

If you see white spots in your Yorkie’s poop, it means they have parasites in their intestines. This color, especially seen in puppy Yorkies, can return to normal with regular use of internal parasite pills.

How To Improve Your Dog’s Poops

The most important thing to consider when it comes to your Yorkie’s poop is a healthy diet. Because the diet you give your dog directly affects their health.

For this reason, you should feed your Yorkie with good quality foods and not feed your Yorkie unhealthy foods containing high fat.

Professional dog foods are designed to support your Yorkie puppies’ developing intestines and keep their health in mind.

How Long Can a Yorkie Puppy Go Without Pooping?

If your Yorkie puppy hasn’t pooped during the day, that’s fine. Sometimes dogs may not poop all day long and have a big poop at night.

But if your puppy hasn’t pooped for 48-72 hours, this could be a sign of something wrong. In such cases, you should consult your veterinarian immediately.