How Much Does it Cost to Have a Dog Door Installed? (Solved & Explained!)

It typically costs around $300 to install a dog door, excluding the door’s cost. The door installation price can vary based on several factors, mainly the door or wall’s material. According to Fixr, dog doors come in various sizes and materials, which may also impact the overall cost of your installation. However, the installation price and the dog door are two different prices.

This article discusses how much it costs to install a dog door, including the many factors that may increase dog door installation price, such as installation material. It also discusses the various costs of dog doors, which contractors do not include in their overall installation cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dog Door Installed?

Generally, the average price to install a dog door is around $300. However, the price can vary depending on the installation’s material, the contractor, and much more. According to Fixr, installing a dog door can range from $120 to $1500. The drastic price change depends on what material you install your dog door.

How Do You Know How Much It Costs To Have A Dog Door Installed? 

To know exactly how much a dog door costs to install, you should refer to a professional contractor. Contractors are happy to provide a general estimate or visit your home to give an exact estimate of what the installation will cost. 

How Does A Contractor Gather An Estimate For A Dog Door Installation?

Contractors gather an estimate for dog door installation by visiting your home. They can also provide a general estimation by details provided. However, most contractors prefer visiting your home to see the exact location you intend to install the dog door, the type of dog door, and the material they will install the door. Seeing the area gives them a better idea of the required labor and materials.

Is It Expensive To Install A Dog Door?

It is not expensive to install a dog door. A professional can install a dog door for between one hundred and three hundred dollars, which is a low cost when you consider how frequently your dog will use the door to excuse itself outside and relieve itself.

How Much Do Dog Doors Cost?

The price of dog doors varies depending on the size, brand, and place you purchase your dog door. Large dog doors are more expensive. However, you should never purchase a dog door that is too small to save money. Instead, you should wait until a dog door goes on sale or look for a better deal.

Does Dog Door Installation Include The Price Of The Dog Door?

The price of dog door installation does not include the price of a dog door. The only time the contractor’s estimate includes the price of dog doors is when the dog door company includes installation with the purchase of the dog door. If installing your dog door is an option, the company will clearly disclose this option to you before your purchase is complete. 

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Are There Cheap Dog Door Installation Options?

There are cheaper dog door installation options, depending on the installation service you choose. Typically, it costs less to install small dog doors because of their size. Depending on the type of material you install your dog door, the prices may rise or fall.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Dog Door in Wood?

It costs between $175 and $400 to install a dog door on a wooden surface. Installing a dog door in wood is the second cheapest option compared to drywall. Wood is easy to work with and therefore is one of the easiest and cheapest installations. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Dog Door in Brick?

It can cost between $300 and $700 to install a dog door in brick. Installing a dog door in brick is one of the most expensive options. It is possible to install doors in brick, but you should gather an estimate from your contractor beforehand to estimate the costs better.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Dog Door in Glass?

Glass is the most expensive material to install a dog door, costing somewhere between $350 and $1,500 depending on how large the dog door is and the difficulty. In some cases, a contractor might decline to take on the job of installing a dog door in a glass door or wall because of the risk involved.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Dog Door in Cement?

You can install a dog door in cement for between $275 and $700, depending on its thickness, required labor, ease of access, tools, and any other factors that your contractor would like to consider. 

Is It Cheaper To Install A Small Dog Door Than A Larger One?

It is cheaper to install smaller dog doors than install larger ones. It costs more to install large dog doors because of the additional labor, tools, and time required. Contractors may charge you extra because installing a door in your desired location is more difficult. For instance, a glass installation is much more difficult than a wooden surface. Therefore, it will cost more.

Who Should Install Dog Doors?

You should always advise a professional for doggy door installation. Otherwise, you could end up with poor installation, which means it is uneven, in the wrong place, or that you have ruined the place you installed it. It may also mean that you did not properly seal the area around your dog door. With unsealed areas and improper installation, you risk bugs and small rodents getting into your home. 

What Is The Cheapest Dog Door?

The cheapest dog door is called a flexible dog door. These dog doors cost between $100 and $300 and are typically best for small dogs because they are easy to use. Companies make these cheap, flexible dog doors from plastic, rubber, or vinyl, which are comfortable to slide in and out of the door. However, the downfall is outdoor animals can easily get inside.