Is it Safe to Have a Dog Door? (Solved & Explained!)

While it is a robust flap that is resilient to harsh weather and gives your dog the freedom to go in and out of the house, there is no denying the fact that dog doors make your house more susceptible to the dangers of burglars, rats, snakes and may even be the point of unsupervised exit for small children.

In this article you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of dog doors, things to know before buying one, why to install one and ensure your safety at the same time.

Is getting a dog door practical?

According to you and your dog’s lifestyle and how much outside time it requires, a dog door can be practical for you. If you have a hectic job, you do not need to worry about letting it in and out of the house.

However, you still need to take extra precautionary measures to make sure your house stays safe.

How does a dog door work?

Most are made up of a heavy material that is attached from the top of the opening with added spring-aid to shut on its own and have magnets around its edges so to resist heavy wind and rainfall. Almost always they have a locking system, such as an adjustable catch to close its opening when needed.

Things to consider while installing a dog door?

Dog doors come in all different sizes, and just measuring your dog’s size isn’t enough. You need to consider things like, is my dog a pup, is it going to get older and bigger, if I get another dog, what size will it be. If your dog is small, you cannot have the flap of a hard material, as it hinders the dog’s ability to use it.

Why should you install a dog door?

Dogs are energetic creatures by nature, and it is important for them to have a good outlet of that energy, such as being outdoors. When you are at work and cannot be home, the dog door gives your pets the ability to be outside and play and also come back indoors whenever they desire.

What happens in case you do not have a dog door?

Often the worry of dog owners is that they left their pets at home, bored. Being confined in the house, the dogs are always looking for new activities to do, which can lead to them chewing on the couch, furniture, curtains and bathroom accidents. Being outdoors gives them endless activities to do without much damage.

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How does a dog door improve house cleanliness?

Owning a put often comes with the bad odor that accumulates in your house due to litter. Dogs often have to relieve themselves when their owners are away, instead of them doing it in the house they can go to their litter tray outside. This is extremely important as dog faeces contains bacteria that can be dangerous to children. 

What importance does it hold for the safety of your dogs?

It is possible for dog owners to sometimes forget their dogs outside in harsh weather, and this forgetfulness can cause the pet severe illness or even death. Or they might encounter a dangerous animal and need to rush back in. In the instance of a house fire they could need to rush out. In both the cases, dog doors are important.

Can dog doors be dangerous for children and pets?

Kids can learn from the activities of the dog and use the dog door for themselves. Both children and dogs, when left unsupervised, are in the danger off getting abducted by anyone who can cross your fence. The activities outside the fence might even coax your dog to escape, that is why it is important to supervise them both.

Can dog doors be a vantage point for burglars?

Dog doors, especially ones for large dogs, can be a vantage point for burglars. Either they squeeze through or reach a hand through the dog door to open the door from the inside. The presence of a dog is not enough to deter them and they could easily hurt your dog. Closing the dog door when it is not being used can prevent that.

Is the wild life a threat?

Yes, the wildlife can use the dog door just like your dog. It could be the scent of dog food near the dog door that attracts them or your dog itself. These animals could include other dogs, cats or snakes. According to GC dog training some people have reported deer, baby bears and even alligators being able to get through dog doors.

Is it okay to give your dog unlimited outside time?

Letting your dog be outside for too long can lead to behavioral changes in it, such as, continuous barking at everything and anything that moves. This could lead to endless complaints from neighbors before Animal Control is involved. Barking profusely often leads to acts of aggression with dogs that pass the fence when left unsupervised for long. 

What types of dog doors should you buy?

Nowadays you can buy electronic dog doors that only open for your dog by the microchip imbedded in its collar. According to petdoors these work by radio frequency, anytime they come near the door it opens thanks to a sensor on it. Most dog doors also come with locking covers to use when you and your dog are not home.

What is the best security system to use?

You need a security system that is appropriate with your pet in mind. A motion sensor and camera can be installed, that does not go off due to your pet, and when something is detected by the sensor it will send a message to your phone and also send you a picture or video of the incident, captured by the camera.

Are there any alternatives to dog doors?

According to Dog Training Nation, getting a pet sitter is a much better idea. The pet sitter would only be there when you cannot, to monitor the dog and to take it outside to do its business. Yes, it could be expensive, but by doing this you are avoiding every other expense and risk you take by installing a dog door.

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