How Can You Tell If a Yorkie Is Purebred? (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

The colour is the most obvious distinguishing feature of determining whether your Yorkie is purebred. Purebred Yorkies are born with a natural black and tan coat, but as the puppy grows older, the black colour fades, and the coat turns blue. Purebred Yorkie pups will also come with papers from a recognized registered breeding organization like the American Kennel Club.

Continue reading to discover the ultimate guide on how to tell if your Yorkie is purebred. 

What Does a Yorkie Look Like?

Yorkshire Terriers come in a variety of colour combinations, such as Black and Tan, Black and Gold, Blue & Tan, and Blue & Gold. These hues run from the base of their tails to the back of their necks. Their head, torso, and legs have a beautiful brown shade that contrasts with the rest of their body. Yorkies are 8 to 9 inches tall and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds.

The colour of Yorkie puppies changes dramatically as they grow into adults. Their coat lightens as they grow older, generally going from a darker hue at birth to a lighter tint as they mature.

What Makes the Yorkie Unique?

The Yorkie was first bred by Scottish weavers who immigrated to England’s North Country, taking a little companion dog with them. Subsequently, the silky, floor-sweeping breed became a fashionable lapdog for Yorkshire and Lancashire’s stylish Victorian ladies.

How Does a Purebred Yorkie Differ in Looks from a Non-Purebred?

Weight of a Purebred Yorkie

If you’re comparing a pure Yorkie adult to the AKC breed standard, your puppy must weigh no more than 7 pounds. 

Colour of a Purebred Yorkie

Purebred Yorkie pups come in two colours: black and brown. Adult dogs must be blue, but not silver-blue or a blue flecked with fawn, bronzy, or black hairs, but rather a dark, steel-blue and tan, with no sooty black hair mixed and sliding into a lighter tan at the tips.

This blue and tan hair distribution must be perfect according to the standard.

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Fur Texture of a Purebred Yorkie

Of course, a purebred Yorkie’s shiny, straight coat is stunning, and the breed standard emphasizes the significance of coat quality, texture, and quantity.

Body and Proportions of a Purebred Yorkie

The Yorkie’s body should also be well-proportioned and compact, with a short back and the height of the rump at shoulder level. 

Can My Yorkies Temperament be an Indicator of Pure Breeding?

A purebred Yorkshire Terrier is known for being obstinate, and if you do not begin teaching the dog at a young age, the breed can be tough to train. Is your Yorkie the same way?

In general, the purebred Yorkshire Terrier is a friendly dog who will approach strangers with ease. The rather devoted Yorkie thrives when it can receive a lot of attention from its favourite persons on a daily basis.

However, when face to face with other dogs, the standard Yorkie, in an authentic little terrier manner, will almost certainly try to fight them, even if the other dog is considerably larger than them!

This is due to the fact that a purebred Yorkie with this characteristic is prone to leash aggressiveness and barrier frustration.

Purebred Yorkies Always Come with Official Documentation

Your breeder should be registered to an accredited institution if your Yorkshire Terrier was bred to a pure lineage. This means when you purchase your Yorkie, you should also be given a set of official documentation to classify its bloodline. These papers will clearly state whether your Yorkie is purebred or not.

The records also provides the information on the puppy’s parents, siblings, breeder, and kennel number.

This knowledge of purebred linage has distinct advantages. First, you can determine what characteristics the puppy inherited, such as coat colour and size. Second, you may ensure it’s in good health and hasn’t inherited any ailments from either parent. If the litter is healthy, it’s a positive indication that your puppy comes from a solid genetic line.

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Finally, you have it on good authority that this data is correct. Since the breeder paid to have the Yorkie’s background validated, a documented Yorkie costs extra. Not to mention the time and effort the breeder expended to ensure your pup’s overall health. 

How Much Do Yorkshire Terriers with Purebred Papers Cost?

A recognized breed registry must prove a dog’s genealogy for him to be declared purebred. The American Kennel Club is considered the most well-known, respected, and popular breed registration in the United States. 

In the North, the Canadian Kennel Club is considered the most well-known, reputable, and popular breed registry in Canada. Although there are other breed registries, none are as selective as the AKC.

Finding a pedigreed Yorkie breeder with AKC-certified puppies is the first step if you want a pedigreed Yorkie. AKC recognized pups are unquestionably the costliest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a healthy, loving companion for a fraction of the cost of a real purebred.

On average, an AKC-licensed breeder will charge between $1,200 and $1,500 for each puppy. 

Most breeders will ask for a non-refundable fee (usually between $200 and $300) during the application process.

Testing Your Yorkshire Terrier’s DNA to See if it is a Purebred

Genetic testing for dog breeds is now available at home! To test and discover if your Yorkie is purebred or not, you may easily order DNA tests for your dog online.

These DNA kits are as simple as swabbing your Yorkie’s lips, mailing it in the supplied postage-paid box, and receiving the findings of your Yorkie’s genetic history in only 2 to 3 weeks. A home testing kit can detect over 250 breeds. This collection covers 99 percent of the breeds presently recognized by the AKC.

Furthermore, a dog’s DNA home testing kit will test for three generations, up to the great grandparents of your Yorkshire Terrier.

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This at-home dog DNA testing kit can also forecast your Yorkie’s mature weight, allowing you to make better dietary decisions for your pet.