How Much Does a Biewer Yorkie Cost? (Solved & Explained!)

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are considered extremely rare, making them desirable and costly. They are not for the faint of heart since a puppy Biewer may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. Of course, this exorbitant price tag only applies if your Biewer Yorkshire dog was produced from a prize-winning lineage.

Continue reading to discover more regarding why the Biewer Yorkie is such a unique and desirable breed, as well as the breed’s nutritional, training, and grooming needs.

What is a Biewer Yorkie?

The Biewer Yorkshire, also known as the Biewer Terrier or Biewer Yorkie, is a little dog that belongs to the American Kennel Club’s toy breed group.

Since Biewer Yorkies appear so similar, you may mistake this little dog for a Yorkshire Terrier. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Biewer Yorkshire as a distinct breed. Biewer Terriers are happy-go-lucky pups with a happy-go-lucky attitude that fascinates youngsters, novices, the elderly, and adults alike.

These miniature breeds may be little in height, but their personality is vast. Although they might be difficult to housetrain, they will remain loyal to their owners. When running errands or visiting friends, a Biewer Terrier is the type of dog you’ll feel comfortable with.

They’re also light shedders, making them simple to maintain around allergic individuals while still being small enough to bring on holidays.

What Makes a Yorkshire Terrier Different from Biewer Yorkies?

Yorkies are only available in two or three hues, a mix of tan, gold, black, and blue. On the other hand, Biewer Yorkies have three colours that fall on certain sections of the body in one of two combinations: white, blue, and black, or white, gold, and tan.

How Much do Biewer Yorkies Cost?

Biewer Terriers are not for the budget-conscious because of their rarity. Depending on the breeding lineage, a Biewer Terrier puppy can cost anywhere from $3,000 to more than $5,000.

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Many breeders sell Biewer Terriers that have been bred from a line of prize-winning champions, contributing to the breed’s premium price tag. When you acquire a Biewer puppy from a reputable breeder, you may expect to get a health certificate and confirmation of ancestry.

What is the Biewer Yorkie’s Temperament and Intelligence Like?

The Biewer Yorkshire is a light-headed, easy-going dog who does not bark excessively. Like many other little canines, these puppies have huge personalities that don’t seem to fit in their tiny bodies. They’re cheerful, lively, and pleasant, and they like being the centre of attention.

Although the Biewer breed is attractive, it does not always behave charmingly. Despite their intelligence, these dogs have a quirky attitude that may make them obstinate and clownish at times.

Is a Biewer Yorkie a Good Family Dog?

Biewer Yorkies may appear to be typical toy dog types, but they are tough and may be your trekking companion and companion on long walks. They can have a lot of energy and love nothing more than playing and being petted by their owners.

These affectionate dogs are ideal for folks who enjoy hugging and cuddling since they will happily sit on their owners’ laps at any time. This lovely pooch gets along well with youngsters, yet it can be hesitant and wary around unpredictable or extremely exuberant children.

These canines are ideal for every household, including elders, singles, and families with children. Plus, you can keep them indoors for the most part. 

If you socialize your Biewer Yorkie from when they are a puppy, they should have no problem fitting in with other dogs. They may be the finest fur siblings to other pets, but they will be hesitant and anxious if you introduce them to other pets without appropriate socialization.

Biewer Yorkie Food and Diet Requirements

These dogs are tiny, but they are lively and active. Thus, their optimum food should be of excellent quality and created for small breed dogs with a lot of energy. Chicken, beef, fish, or lamb should be the critical elements in your Biewer Yorkie’s meal selection. Also, avoid dog food that contains fillers such as corn and soy.

Since Biewers are smaller dogs and don’t tend to overeat, you may freely feed them. On the other hand, overfeeding can lead to obesity in young puppies. As a result, sticking to the prescribed portion and feeding schedules of 2-3 feedings per day with only a few snacks in between is recommended.

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Biewer Yorkie Training Requirements

Biewer Terriers are clever, which means they can pick up new information rapidly. They do, however, need obedience training to become loving and devoted friends.

If you plan to teach your pet agility, you should maintain their coats short since lengthy coats are not conducive to such training. Biewer Yorkies have the advantage of being enthusiastic, making them easier to deal with. However, because of their independent and obstinate nature, they may take longer to teach.

Training your Biewer won’t be difficult if you start early, stay persistent, and add praise and prizes. 

Biewer Yorkie Grooming Requirements

 A Biewer Yorkie’s hair is long, straight, lustrous, and human-like, and it must be brushed regularly to avoid matting and tangling since it can grow down to the ground. You may either cut the coat to avoid daily brushing or just clip the hair’s ends to keep it from dragging on the ground. Use high-quality dog-designed conditioners to maintain your dog’s fur smooth and silky.

A wash now and then will help to keep the hair out of your Biewer Yorkie’s eyes and don’t forget to use a latex band or a bow to keep the hair out of your Biewer Yorkie’s eyes.

To avoid overgrowth, chipping, and splitting, regularly cut your dog’s nails with a clipper. You may do it yourself or seek a veterinarian for assistance if you’re worried about cutting the “quick” and causing it to bleed excessively.

Also, keep an eye on their ears for dirt and wax accumulation, leading to ear infections. Since Biewers are prone to dental problems, they should brush their teeth regularly. Grooming your pet isn’t anything to be ashamed of; it’s a great way to bond with your pet and build lifelong memories.