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About Us

Our Website

Our website is a resource for pet lovers around the world. Whether you’re into cats, dogs or other furry animals, we have guides and how-to articles on all sorts of topics that are relevant to anyone who loves pets!

The majority of our current articles focus on dogs and cats. We also have buying guides to help you decide which kennel, crate, and other pet gear is right for you.

Petloverguy.com, an online resource for all things pet-related, is funded by two sources: affiliate commissions and advertising. These resources keep the site up and running and provide a safe place for readers to learn about dogs, cats, and other pets through articles written from experts in the field.

Our Team

Daniel danny jackson

Daniel Jackson (Chief Editor)

Daniel “Danny” Jackson is the new Chief Editor of Pet Lover Guy. Danny co-founded Pet Lover Guy to help other pet parents learn how to interact with, and make the most of the time that they spend with their adopted and rescued best pet friends.

At Pet Lover Guy, we fact-check our articles with vets, pet nutritionists, pet trainers, and pet-owning authors that have over a decade working in the pet industry.

Pet Lover Guy was founded to be a one-stop online resource and library of knowledge that every animal lover can take advantage of in order to improve the relationship that they have with their pets. After his fellow co-founder decided to walk away, Danny stepped up to the plate, assumed the reins, and took control of Pet Lover Guy to share everything that he learned during his professional career, and continues to learn from Ella, Petloverguy’s Chihuahua rescue mascot, with his ever-increasing audience.

If you have some questions or advice please contact me at Daniel.Jackson@petloverguy.com.

Ken Davies

Kevin “Ken” Davies (Editor & Staff Writer)

My name is Ken and I’m one of the staff writers at Petloverguy.com. I’ve cared for pets most of my life starting with hamsters, turtles, and snakes. Then moving up to parakeets, guinea pigs, and even ducks.
I currently live with two yorkies and a chihuahua mix.

You can contact me at kendavieseditor@gmail.com.

Scott, writer for Petloverguy, and Ella

Scott & Ella (Product Testers)

Lastly we have our product testers Scott and Petloverguy’s Ella, a chihuahua mix. What do they test? Everything an anything!

If Ella doesn’t happen to fit into a product (she’s pretty small) then they seek out their puppy and dog friends to help.

Scott works part-time for Petloverguy and part-time as an environmental engineer. He has a background in science and engineering with an undergraduate in Biology and a master’s degree in civil engineering.

Ella with Homerunpet Dog Fountain

Here’s Ella testing a pet fountain made for both dogs and cats from Homerunpets. Good things she’s also cat sized!

Ella testing a small dog life jacket.

Ella testing lifejacket (1)
Ella in dog backpack on bushwacker bike basket (1)

Ella testing a doggy backpack in a Bushwhacker bike basket. Works like a charm!

Ella and yorkie friends (1)

Ella with her Yorkie dog testing friends going for a ride. From left to right we have Sunny, who doesn’t have her usual happy disposition, Wrigley, the ever-calm and fiercely loyal, and Ella, the fearful.

Ella in backseat mini hammock (1)

Ella testing a backseat dog hammock/seat belt (she didn’t like it and jumped immediately after the photo)!

Ella on first train ride in dog backpack (1)

Ella on her first light rail trip in Denver using a doggy backpack. Yes, you can bring NON-service dogs onto a train with the proper carrier for them.

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