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Who Is Behind This Site?

Daniel "Danny" Jackson Headshot
Danny Jackson, CEO and Chief Editor for Petloverguy.com
Ella sunbathing cropped for home square
Ella, our chihuahua mystery mix, sleeping peacefully after a long day of training and playing.

My name is Danny Jackson and I’m the CEO and Chief Editor behind Petloverguy.com. After spending a decade working with vets and private clients as an animal behavioral and nutritional specialist I co-founded Pet Lover Guy to help other pet parents learn how to interact with, and make the most of the time that they spend with their adopted and rescued best pet friends. 

Working with Ella, our chihuahua rescue, we seek to help all dog and cat lovers have the happiest life possible.

If you have some questions or advice please contact me at Daniel.Jackson@petloverguy.com.

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