Can Yorkie Adults, Seniors, or Puppies Stay Outside? (Your Questions Answered)

Since Yorkies are small dogs and their skin is generally not very thick, they cannot stay outside for a long time, especially in extreme cold or hot weather. Yorkies should not be left outside for long periods and should be kept in a moderately warm environment as much as possible. 

Puppies should not be separated from their mothers for up to 3 months. After the 3rd month, once their vaccinations are completed, they can go out, but this should be limited to short outings.

Adult Yorkies are more energetic and outgoing than puppies. You will have to take them outside a few times during the day to meet their energy needs and they can stay outside for a few hours if it is a warm day.

Senior Yorkies should likewise be taken out regularly, but Yorkies generally cannot stay outside all the time. Some larger breed dogs may live outside in a kennel, but this is not suitable for Yorkies. Yorkies are family pets and they prefer to live inside.

Can I Take My Yorkie Outside?

You can take your Yorkie outside regularly, and it is good for them if you do. They can play freely in your garden and go out for walks after their 3rd month and if all their vaccinations are complete.

Senior and adult Yorkies can also be taken outside regularly with no problems. ideally, you should be taking them outside at least 3 times a day to socialize, exercise, and meet their toileting needs.

If you have a garden that is safe and closed to external dangers, they can run and play as they wish throughout the day so long as the weather is not too hot or cold. In cold weather, it is a good idea for them to wear a coat.

Whether you have a puppy or an adult Yorkie, you should never leave your Yorkie outside all day. Yorkies are very sensitive animals and will become stressed if left outside alone for longer than 4 hours.

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Can Yorkies Go Outside in Winter?

Yorkies can go outside in the winter, but they should not stay out in the cold for too long and should wear a coat.

Yorkies are very sensitive animals due to their small size and do not like the cold very much. If you wish, you can buy a nice sweater for your Yorkie from pet shops and keep it warm.

Yorkies will want to go outside several times a day to urinate and exercise. In winter and bad weather it is best to take them on several shorter walks rather than fewer longer walks. If it’s not too cold, they can enjoy the outdoors for a little longer.

Can Yorkies Live Outside?

No, Yorkies cannot live outside. Some large dog breeds may live outside, and working dogs often do but they at least have a kennel for shelter. But Yorkies are sensitive dogs that cannot live outside continuously all year.

Therefore if you want a dog that lives outside then think twice about getting a Yorkie. They are indoor dogs and have been bred that way.

Yorkies will want to lie at your feet, in your arms, and on your lap. Also, Yorkies cannot survive well in extremely cold or hot weather conditions. Yorkies should live in a warm and comfortable environment.

What Would Happen If I Leave My Yorkie Outside?

What would happen if you left your Yorkie outside for too long depends on the Yorkie and the weather. Yorkies that are used to being outside a lot will cope better than those who are used to staying indoors.

In general, Yorkies are not able to cope with the cold weather conditions and will become sick if left outside to long.


Puppies should not be left outside alone for any length of time. They are very vulnerable to the outdoors and can become dehydrated, get into accidents, fall prey to wildlife or even freeze to death.

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Adult Yorkies are also vulnerable to cold weather, they can develop pneumonia or frostbite if left too long in the cold or succumb to overheating and dehydration in the heat. However, they can be left for up to 4 hours on a moderate day so long as they have access to water.


Seniors should not be left outside alone for longer than 2 hours. They are more sensitive to the cold than adults and if your senior Yorkie has any bone or joint problems, being outside for long periods can make it worse.

Do Yorkies Sense Danger Outside?

Yorkies are very open to external stimuli. They react instantly to animal sounds such as birds, cats, dogs, and squirrels.

In times of danger, their protective instincts step in and try to protect their owners with all their might. However this instinct is still developing when they are puppies and while they can feel anxiety, they are not as cautious as adults and seniors.

Overall, Yorkies are quite brave. It is surprising to see such courage from such a small dog. They will often be the ones to instigate a chase and will bark at danger like they are the biggest dog in the park.

However, Yorkies are not naturally aggressive. It is not in their nature to harm others without reason but they will be more alert outside than inside their familiar home.

How Often Should I Take My Yorkie Outside?

Yorkies love to go outside. If it were up to them, they would want to play outside all day. To meet your adult Yorkie’s daily energy needs, you should take them outside at least 3 times a day.

With regular walks, your Yorkie releases its energy and socializes at the same time. Take your Yorkie to dog parks whenever you can, so they can play with other dogs.

This will help them to become better socialized, and compatible dogs. Some unsocialized Yorkies can develop a fear of crowds and other dogs. To avoid such situations, you should take your Yorkie daily.

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Is it Cruel to Keep a Yorkie Outside?

It wouldn’t be fair to keep a Yorkie outside. Because Yorkies are very sensitive dogs and like to be inside with the family.

Yorkies are lap dogs and their place is with you. They can easily get sick and even die outside, especially in very cold weather.