PetSmart Automatic Cat Feeder – Top 6 Picks

When it comes to feeding your feline pet, automatic cat feeders are the new trend! These machines allow you to control when your cat eats and how much food they get.

Automatic cat feeders are a fantastic solution for cat owners who worry about interrupting their pets’ feeding schedule due to full-time jobs or frequent traveling.

Today, we’ll be helping you find the best PetSmart automatic cat feeder to make sure your kitty receives proper nutrition even when you’re not home!

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6 Best PetSmart Automatic Cat Feeders

PetSafe Eatwell 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Dispenses Dog Food or Cat Food, Digital Clock
  • Personalize meals: Set feeding times in 1-hour increments automatically serving upto 5 meals a day
  • Great for small and medium-sized fur babies: Each bowl holds upto 1 cup of dry dog or cat food
  • Weight management: Schedule smaller meals to help keep your pet healthy
  • Easy to clean: Bpa-free plastic food tray is top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Battery Operated: Runs on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included)

First up is the PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder. This reliable automatic feeder can serve up to 5 meals per day, each section delivering up to 1 cup of dry or semi-moist cat food.

The PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder is ideal for small and medium-sized pets, so it should work fine for just about any cat. You can also schedule small meal portions to help keep your feline’s weight under control.

The dishwasher safe food tray is made using BPA-free plastic, and the machine itself runs on 4 alkaline batteries that are sold separately.


  • 5 separate meals per day
  • Helps in weight management
  • BPA-free construction


  • No power cord option

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed - Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder - Slow Feed Setting - Portion Control
  • PROGRAMMABLE FEEDING: Conveniently schedule up to 12 meals for your pet; best for cats and small to medium dogs
  • FLEXIBLE MEAL PORTIONS: Schedule 1/8 cup to 4 cups depending on your pet’s unique needs
  • SLOW FEED OPTION: Schedule smaller meals to help prevent stomach upset for pets who eat too fast
  • PET-PROOF: Dispenser helps keep food fresh and prying paws from stealing food; the clear lid lets you see when it’s time for a refill
  • EASY TO CLEAN: BPA-free plastic components and stainless steel bowl are top-shelf dishwasher-safe

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is one of the highest-rated candidates in the market for all the right reasons.

It features a simple programmable system that serves up to 12 meals for your cat. The flexible portioning allows you to schedule meal sizes from  ⅛ cup to 4 cups depending on your pet’s nutritional needs.

The machine comes with a slow feed option to avoid stomach upset for cats who munch on food too quickly. The plastic components are  BPA-free and the feeding bowl is made of stainless steel, both of which are dishwasher safe.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is battery operated, but you can buy a power adapter if you want the corded operation.


  • Flexible portions
  • Slow feed option
  • Clear lid to know when a refill is due


  • On the pricey side

Petmate Le Bistro Portion Control Programmable Pet Feeder

Petmate Programmable Pet Feeder, 5 lbs, One Size Fits All, Black
  • Portion controlled
  • Large LCD screen
  • Programming is easy
  • Twist-lock lid that keeps food fresh

The Petmate Programmable Pet Feeder helps you maintain your cat’s feeding routine by controlling their feeding time and portion amount.

The machine features an LCD screen with a built-in meal counter so you can simply set up and monitor the cat’s feeding schedule. This process also saves you the daily hassle of scooping and measuring meals.

Moreover, the lid has a twist-lock to make sure the food stays fresh for as long as possible.

The Petmate Programmable Pet Feeder comes with a transparent hopper to let you check the food level at a glance. It’s available in two sizes: 5-pound and 10-pound hopper, so you can pick the size that works best for your needs.


  • Removable bowl is dishwasher safe
  • 3 button control panel
  • Transparent hopper for quick monitoring


  • The lid isn’t secure enough

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder
  • Minimum feed of 2 teaspoons (10g) upward.
  • Max 6.5lb capacity food hopper. Tamper-proof feed nozzle
  • Easy to use programmable LCD control
  • All food parts dishwasher safe
  • Operates with 4 C cell batteries 6-9 months continuous use

The Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to schedule up to 3 meals with a minimum size of 10 pounds per feed. The unique mechanism guarantees accurate and consistent dispensing of meals whether in advance according to the programmed times or on-demand.

The C3000 automatic cat feeder features a ‘frequent feed’ mode that provides your cat with several small meals throughout the day, which is very handy if you got feline pets with specific dietary requirements.

Additionally, this automatic feeder has a snap-lock lid for secure fastening, as well as a self-closing feed nozzle to make sure your cat eats only when you allow it. The machine runs on 4 C batteries, with a 6.6-pound hopper that holds enough food for approximately 1 month.


  • Large capacity
  • Frequent feeding mode
  • Self-closing feed nozzle
  • 3-year warranty


  • Noisy

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Ice Pack

Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder with Ice Pack
  • Two large food bowls each hold 1 pound (450 grams) wet food
  • Easy-clean, removable, dishwasher safe lids and bowls
  • Ice pack (included) helps keep food fresh
  • 48 hour battery operated timer requires 1 x AA / LR6 battery (not supplied)
  • 3 year guarantee

Designed to feed one or two cats while you’re away, the Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder consists of two large food bowls with individual timers and a 1-pound capacity each. It’s very simple to operate, you just need to set the timer on each lid to open within a 48-hour window.

The unit features an ice pack to help keep the food fresh for as long as possible. Moreover, the removable food bowls and lids are dishwasher safe to allow for easy cleaning.

The Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder requires 1 AA battery to operate, comes with a 3-year warranty in case issues arise.


  • Includes ice pack for freshness
  • Can be attached to a board for stability
  • Budget-friendly


  • No low battery indicator

PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder

PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Cat and Dog Feeder - Cat and Dog Food Dispenser - Battery Powered
  • SCHEDULE MEALS: Set timer to feed your pet two meals up to 48 hours in advance
  • GREAT FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED FUR BABIES: Each food container holds up to 1.5 cups of dry kibble
  • TREAT YOUR PET: Set one or both trays to deliver snacks or a rewarding treat while you are away
  • EASY TO CLEAN: BPA-free plastic food trays are top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Runs on 1 AA Battery (not included)

Another decent choice from PetSafe is the Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder, which runs on 1 AA battery to deliver meals or treats while you’re away from home.

Each tray of this feeder holds up to 1 ½ cups of dry or semi-moist cat food, making it ideal for cats’ feeding. You can set the timer to open the lid of each tray independently for your cat to eat up to 48 hours in advance.

The included plastic food trays are free of BPA and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The 2nd generation version of the PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder is also tamper-resistant to prevent cats from opening the lids before the timer is up.


  • The timer is easy to set up
  • Holds up to 1.5 cups per tray
  • Affordable


  • Not very sturdy

How to Choose the Best Automatic Cat Feeder

The following are a couple of tips to help you choose the best PetSmart Automatic Cat Feeder:

  • Make sure there’s an accurate digital timer with flexible interval options.
  • Check if the feeder has a mode for small portion meals.
  • Make sure the materials are durable and non-toxic (for example, BPA-free plastic).
  • Check if the feeder works with your cat’s favorite food.
  • Check if the feeder saves your settings after you turn it off or change batteries.
  • Make sure the lid is secure enough to fight off curious cats.
  • Keep an eye out for a warranty to help you in case there’s an issue.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to buy the best PetSmart automatic cat feeder, our list of the top 6 products out there should be able to help you land a great deal.

That being said, we highly recommend the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder as today’s winner thanks to its durable construction and handy features.

But if you’re in the market for something more affordable, then you should consider the Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Ice Pack.