How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone With Automatic Feeder? (Explained!)

Yes, you can leave a cat alone with an automatic feeder and waterer for a few days and be assured that your cat is getting fed regularly, it’s not recommended that you leave your cat alone for more than 24 hours. Cats are creatures of habit and they become frightened and stressed when they don’t see you at expected times – so keep outings to a minimal whenever possible.

Today we’re going to answer popular questions about automatic feeders – such as microchip based, scheduled, and low-tech gravity feeders. Stay with us awhile and you can get the answers that you and other cat owners are looking for when it comes to this popular feeding option!

Are automatic feeders good for cats if you’re away a lot?

Yes, automatic feeders can be a godsend if you frequently need to go out or have an active nightlife. You can set them on an automatic feeding schedule, which will cause the food dispenser to deposit food in the bowl in pre-set amounts at specific hours to ensure that kitty is fed and sticking to their diet.

With microchip feeders, each cat can have their own feeder that opens up when they are close and closes-up when the kitty moves away. In a multiple-cat household, this ensures that no kitty gets bullied out of their food.

What is the most reliable automatic cat feeder?

There are a number of automatic feeders on the market, but some of the most popular models include the PetSafe Smart Feed 2, The Arf Pets Automatic feeder, SureFeed’s Microchip models, and the PetSafe Eatwell line. Prices will vary depending on the features which you require.

Can you put wet cat food in an automatic feeder?

That depends on the feeder. You will need to purchase a feeder which is specifically designed to work with wet food only or one which is designed to dispense both dry and wet food on a schedule

. One example includes the AIPET Dual Power Pet feeder, but check around. There are a number of models that will store and dispense both types of food.

Will my cat overeat with a gravity feeder?

Your cat may well overeat with a gravity feeder. It depends on your cat, of course, as some cats have healthier eating habits than others, but the gravity feeder simply keeps refilling the bowl, so some cats will take advantage and overeat.

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This also makes this feeder unsuitable if you will be away for a time, as some cats will eat as much of the food as they can right away and quickly empty the feeder!

How do I stop my cat from knocking over my automatic feeder?

A bit of double-sided tape on attached to the base of the feeder will help to anchor it down, but you can further help to keep your cat from knocking it over by also putting it in a corner.

Kitties often knock over their feeders trying to reach inside to pull out more food, so taking these or additional steps to secure the feeder is a good idea.

How do you keep wet cat food in automatic feeder?

If you have a cat feeder designed to dispense wet food then in most cases it will incorporate an ice pack or an electronic cooling mechanism inside. This helps to keep the wet food fresh for longer but with ice pack models, the cooling is only good for 6 hours.

Will the refrigerated models, you can expect the wet food to be god for up to 48 hours.

Is there a refrigerated cat feeder?

Yes, there are indeed refrigerated models if you are looking for an upgrade. Check the features carefully, however, as many simply employ an ice pack that is only good for 6 hours.

Alternately, if you already have an ice pack model, you can freeze some cat food in advance to put on top of the regular to get a longer amount of time between refilling – just be sure that there is plenty of time for it to thaw so that it will dispense properly.

How do you raccoon-proof automatic cat feeder?

The best way to racoon-proof an automatic feeder for your outside cat is to house it in a simple doghouse. Select a small commercial doghouse (or build it if you are the DIY type) and place the automatic feeder inside.

Fill in excess space, so that only the feeder itself is accessible, and this will put a roof over it that helps to keep the feeder out of view. If you still have problems, you can install a microchip cat door in the doghouse and that way only the cat can unlock it to get at the food.

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Do microchip cat feeders work?

While ‘schedule’ based cat feeders are nice, microchip feeders are a great option to keep cats from stealing each other’s food. The principle is simple – the feeder opens when the cat with the right microchip in their collar gets close and it immediately closes when the cat moves out of range.

This is a great way to ensure that everyone gets to eat in a multi-cat household.

What is the best microchip cat feeder?

It’s a competitive market out there when it comes to cat feeders, but  some of the top rated models include the SureFeed Microchip feeder and the Wireless Whiskers Aute-diet feeder.

These two models have gotten rave ratings and are considered to be among the best models that you can buy for both dependability and ease of use.

Are microchip feeders worth it?

Microchip feeders cost a little more than magnetic key models, but they do tend to be more durable. They are well worth the price if you need to enforce a diet on your kitty but feel guilty serving them smaller portions in-person or if you are dealing with multiple cats that like to steal each other’s food.

They save you a lot of time, as well, and with this and the features that they bring to the table, microchip feeders are definitely worth the investment.