Gravity Feeder FAQ (13 Questions Answered)

What is a gravity feeder? A gravity feeder is a feeding device for dogs and cats that was originally designed to deliver food from an elevated container, usually with the help of gravity.

This article will answer 13 questions about this type of feeder so you can decide whether or not it’s right for your pet.

Are Gravity Dog Feeders Good?

Gravity feeders can be a decent solution to the problem of having to leave your dog at home without your supervision. If you can’t be there to feed them in person, you can use a gravity feeder as an alternative. The key is to make sure that the mechanism works well and will do the job in a safe and clean fashion.

Your best bet will to use a dog gravity feeder that has been certified by experts in the pet health industry. You can visit the web to find models of this type. Beyond that, you will also need to make sure that the unit stays clean. Be sure to clean it with a vinegar and water solution to keep algae from forming.

Do Gravity Feeders Keep Food Fresh?

A dog gravity feeder is a very simple mechanism that is designed to dispense food for your dog or cat. It works through the process of gravity and does no more or less than what its name implies. This means that it can’t keep food fresh by itself. This is a task that you will have to undertake on your own.

How Does a Gravity Feeder Work?

This type of dog or cat feeder works through the simple process of gravity. The unit registers motion when the cat or dog is feeding. It takes note of how much food has been consumed and then replaces it from the store of food that you have provided. It works through simple motion detection to put new food in the bowl.

Can You Use a Gravity Feeder for Water?

Yes, you can also buy or make a gravity feeder that will dispense water to your cat or dog. This type of water device works on the exact same principle as a dog gravity feeder. A bottle of water is suspended upside down over the bowl. When water is drank by your cat or dog, the unit dispenses fresh water to replace it.

Is it Okay to Leave Dog Food Out All Day?

It’s not a good idea to leave dog food out all day. This is because the food can quickly go bad if it’s wet. It can also be prone to discovery by ants and other pests. For this reason, you should replace the food or throw it away if your dog is not eating it fast enough. This is the best way to avoid attracting bugs.

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Should a Dog’s Water Bowl Always Be Full?

You should keep your dog’s water bowl full. This is because dogs require more water than humans. If you are worried about attracting algae, you can use a baking soda paste to clean it out several times a week. Make sure that the bowl is left to dry out completely before you fill it up with a new supply of water.

How Do You Fill a Vibrant Life Gravity Feeder?

Filling up your gravity feeder is a very easy task. Just unscrew the end cap and fill the feeder up with enough food to last for as long as you need it to. For example, if you will be gone for only a few hours, it won’t need to be all the way full. If you are going away for the day, make sure it is filled all the way.

How Do You Make a Gravity Feeder?

You can make a gravity feeder for your dog or cat out of a PVC pipe. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Use a hacksaw to cut a 1 inch half circle out of the bottom of a PVC pipe. This is where the kibble will come from. If your dog prefers large kibble, make it 2 inches.
  2. Use PVC glue to secure the pipe to the bottom of a large plastic dog bowl.
  3. Put glue in the middle of a square of plywood. This is where you will attach the dog bowl. Let the glue dry overnight.
  4. Fill the pipe with dog food. Cover it with a PVC end cap to keep the food dry.

Is it Bad to Give My Dog Free Access to Unlimited Food in Their Gravity Feeder?

If your dog is a mighty eater that can empty a bowl in a short time, it’s probably okay to give them unlimited access. However, if they are a smaller dog that won’t finish it all right away, you should probably limit the portion that they receive. Doing so will help keep ants from coming along to eat the rest.

It’s also important to limit your dog to a reasonable amount of food per day. If they don’t have much room to run around in, they may not be getting all of the natural exercise that they need to keep fit. Limiting their portion to a healthy amount may be the best way to keep them from getting too far overweight.

Is it Bad to Give My Cat Free Access to Unlimited Food in Their Gravity Feeder?

It’s okay to give them free access if they are a naturally conservative eater. Most cats will only eat a certain amount of food at a time. But if your cat is one that doesn’t know when to quit, they may run the risk of getting overweight. If your cat doesn’t have natural limits, you should limit their portion of food.

Do They Make Gravity Feeders for Wet Food?

If you want to get a gravity feeder for wet food, there are many worthy models on the market. The key is to buy one that will automatically limit the portion that is given.

Wet food is more problematic than dry food when it comes to attracting pests and algae. For this reason, you’ll have to monitor and clean the bowl more often.