Are Automatic Dog Feeders Good for Dogs? (Solved!)

Automatic dog feeders can have many benefits for both dogs and owners. One of the biggest advantages to using an automatic feeder is the amount of control owners are given over how much food their dog is given, which can help with weight control. They can also help to regulate schedules and eating times, making them helpful for busy owners with other commitments or who do not spend much time at home. However, as we will discuss further on, it is important that automatic dog feeders are used correctly and are not considered a substitute for adequate pet care.

In the following sections, we will look in more detail about whether automatic feeders are good for dogs, the benefits of using an automatic feeder and whether there are any downsides.

Are automatic dog feeders good?

Automatic dog feeders, which work by dispensing a specific amount of food at a set time, can be beneficial for both the dog and the owner. They can be convenient for owners and are typically easy to use, while also allowing for weight control or maintenance. However, it is important that automatic feeders are used correctly as they do have their disadvantages, as will be discussed further on.

How do I use an automatic dog feeder?

Automatic feeders work by replenishing food slowly and throughout the day, refilling the feeding station as necessary from a container above, which you fill with food. How you choose to customise it will depend on your needs; you will set the time and the amount of food your dog is given to suit your dog’s requirements. Any food is suitable for use in a feeder – most are capable of serving dry and wet food.

How can using an automatic feeder benefit you?

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of using an automatic feeder for you as the owner. If you are someone who works long days away from your pet or doesn’t spend much time at home, an automatic feeder is one way to ensure your dog is fed regularly throughout the day. Alternatively, if you are not a morning person and don’t want to have to wake up early to feed your dog, a feeder will make sure your dog doesn’t miss their breakfast. It can also benefit you on a more casual basis, if you find you are unable to get home in time to feed your dog or are called away unexpectedly.

What are the benefits of using an automatic feeder for dogs?

In the long run, your dog is likely to see the biggest benefit from using an automatic feeder. Not only will your dog be fed reliably when you are not able to do it yourself, a feeder can also help to control your dog’s weight. The steady release of food to the feeding station will help to prevent your dog from overeating or eating too quickly, which can prove unhelpful for their health.

What should I look for when buying an automatic feeder?

When looking for an automatic feeder, there are a few features you can look out for to make sure you buy the best option for your needs and your dog’s requirements. For convenience, you may want to find a model with a large capacity and the ability to correctly handle portion size. Ensuring you have a durable model that is built well and will last a while is another important consideration. If you are looking for extra convenience, consider looking for a model equipped with Wi-Fi, as you will be able to pair your feeder to your phone and control it via an app.

Which pet feeder should I get?

The pet feeder you choose to buy is likely to depend on your needs as owner and the needs of your dog. Looking at reviews can help you decide which one will meet your needs. One automatic feeder which consistently receives good reviews from users is the PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder, which can handle different shapes and sizes of kibble and offers more variety than other models.

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Are there any downsides to automatic feeders?

As with most smart machines, automatic pet feeders do have their downsides. Firstly, supervision is likely to be necessary when your dog is eating from an automatic feeder; most feeders are small and may not stand up to a dog’s attempts to tip them over. Most models are also unable to hold a great deal of food and may jam when programmed for more than a cup.

Is there anything else to consider?

Often, advertising for automatic feeders can suggest the idea that dogs can be left alone with feeders while owners go on holiday. Some owners may be tempted to set their automatic feeder and leave their dog unattended for long periods of time. However, it is not recommended that dogs are left alone in this way, as feeders are not necessarily reliable and it is unsafe for a dog to be left without access to food.

What other automatic pet machines are available?

Automatic machines for pets have seen a big rise on the market recently. Automatic feeders are available for cats as well as dogs and work similarly to models aimed at dogs. Water fountains are also available for cats and dogs, which dispense water in a fun way to encourage your pets to drink. You may also find some automatic enrichment machines are useful for pets, encouraging play and movement.

Are automatic dog feeders worth it?

Automatic dog feeders are convenient and easy, but it is important that they are used correctly and are not considered a substitute for proper care. People with busy schedules or other commitments may find them particularly valuable in helping to care for their dog, as well as people who are concerned about their dog’s health or weight and need help with management.