What Is the Largest Chihuahua Breed? (Solved & Explained!)

The largest chihuahua breed is the deer head chihuahua. According to Rover, these dogs are between two and three times the size of your average chihuahua or teacup chihuahua. Since chihuahuas are usually adopted (or purchased) for their small size, the large deer head chihuahua is the least expensive and least desired chihuahua breed.

This article will discuss the deer head chihuahua in depth. It will give information about their overall size, including weight, height, length, and much more. The article will also discuss how gender and age impact the size of the deer head chihuahua.

What Is The Largest Chihuahua Breed? 

The deer head chihuahua is the largest chihuahua breed. These chihuahuas can get roughly twice the size of a normal apple head chihuahua. They have an unusual head shape, similar to the shape of a deer. The size and head shape of these canines are the main things that differentiate them apart from other chihuahuas. As the largest chihuahua breed, the deer head chihuahua is the least desired breed.

How Large Is The Deer Head Chihuahua?

The deer head chihuahua is a relatively large chihuahua breed that can be up to one foot tall. From tail to tip of the nose, the deer head chihuahua is six to nine inches, and they are eight to twelve inches tall, depending on gender and genetics. 

How Much Does The Deer Head Chihuahua Weigh?

Deer head chihuahuas can weigh up to ten and twelve pounds at most. The weight of a deer head chihuahua can be two times the size of the average chihuahua, depending on its gender and age. A female chihuahua does not weigh less than a male when the female is pregnant. Generally, a pregnant female weighs more than a male because of the puppies’ added weight and additional food consumption.

What Is The Average Size Chihuahua Breed? 

The apple head chihuahua is the average size chihuahua breed. They are generally half the size of the deer head chihuahua, with a head shaped like an apple rather than a deer. According to the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, the apple head chihuahua’s head is half the weight of their bodies.

How Large Is The Average Chihuahua?

The chihuahua is famous for being the smallest breed. According to American Kennel Club, the average adult chihuahua is an apple head chihuahua five to eight inches tall, with a weight that does not generally exceed six pounds. These dogs’ erect ears and tails make them appear taller. 

What Is The Smallest Chihuahua Breed?

The teacup chihuahua is the smallest chihuahua breed. These are considered a mutation of the average chihuahua since they are a toy version of the average. They are only six inches tall and around three pounds. The toy version of this dog is half the size of the average chihuahua and one-third of the largest breed, the deer head.

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Are Deer Head Chihuahuas Considered Small?

In general, the chihuahua is considered the smallest dog breed globally, even the deer head chihuahua. It is the ultimate purse dog because of its tiny size and good behavior. They are light, easy to transport, and friendly. 

Are Male Or Female Deer Head Chihuahua Bigger?

Typically, male deer head chihuahuas are twice the size of females. However, diet and genetics can impact size. The male deer head chihuahua is between eight and nine inches, and the female is roughly six to seven inches tall. Males may weigh around twelve pounds, and female chihuahuas can weigh between ten and twelve pounds.

How Much Does The Deer Head Chihuahua Cost?

An adult deer head chihuahua can cost between $200 and $500. The large size of the deer head chihuahua makes it one of the cheapest chihuahua breeds. Size impacts chihuahua costs because people normally prefer this chihuahua as a small breed dog.

Why Is The Deer Head Chihuahua Large?

Genetics make the deer head chihuahua a large breed. Dog breeders bred the deer head chihuahua to be larger than the apple head chihuahua. It has a 45-degree angle snout, whereas the apple head has a ninety-degree angled snout. The size of a deer head chihuahuas ear’s and its long neck are one of the main things that make it appear so large. 

Are Deer Head Chihuahuas Bigger Than Apple Head Chihuahuas?

Deer head chihuahuas are larger than apple head chihuahuas. The apple head chihuahua is smaller, with a short snout and a bulbous head. According to Animal Corner, the deer head chihuahua has a deer-like head shape, whereas the apple head chihuahua has a large, apple-shaped head. The deer head chihuahua’s larger appendages make this canine larger than apple heads. 

How Much Larger Are Deer Head Chihuahuas Than Apple Head Chihuahuas?

Deer head chihuahuas are larger than apple head chihuahuas by nearly two times the size. They have longer snouts, ears, legs, tails, and bodies, which account for most of their added mass. The deer head chihuahua’s heads, including their necks, are significantly larger than apple heads. The deer head chihuahua’s long ears make it appear taller too.

How Much Do Deer Head Chihuahua Eat?

The deer head chihuahua consumes roughly ¼ to ¾ cups of food each day over two or three feeding periods. Feeding instructions for the deer head chihuahua are forty calories per pound of body weight. When chihuahuas weigh an average of between nine and twelve pounds, they should consume between 360 and 480 calories each day.

Do Deer Head Chihuahuas Still Need To Wear Dog Clothes?

Despite being the largest chihuahua, deer head chihuahuas still need to wear clothes during winter. Deer head chihuahuas need clothes during winter (and other cold months) because they lack body fat and cannot maintain body heat during cold weather. Therefore, deer head chihuahuas require clothing like vests or sweaters to maintain body heat.

What Size Dog Clothes Do Deer Head Chihuahuas Wear?

Deer head chihuahuas wear the smallest dog clothes you can purchase. They are small purse dogs, well-known for getting dressed up by their owners to keep warm during cool months.

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