Are Chihuahuas Aware of Their Size? (Solved & Explained!)

Chihuahuas don’t seem to be aware of their size. Since they are tiny, they can fit just about anywhere, so they probably don’t have a lot of reason to consider it. This can get them into trouble, of course, when they see a larger breed and think they’re the same size – keep a careful eye on your little giant!

In this article we’re going to answer the most common questions about the personalities of these little dogs that think they’re large. We’ve collected a list of the most popular questions and we’ve got the answers waiting for you. Let’s see what people are asking the most about Chihuahuas!

Do Chihuahuas know they are cute?

Your Chihuahua knows that you absolutely adore them and they are going to try to take advantage of this. You’ll want to be sure that you don’t let the cuteness overload your good sense so that you can keep a firm hand when it comes to training your little one.

Don’t let them walk over you now or they’ll do it every time!

Do Chihuahuas like to snuggle?

Chihuahuas love a good snuggle and they won’t hesitate to burrow into the blankets with you when it’s cold or even for protection when there’s thunder out and they are scared. Enjoy the snuggle but if you are a restless sleeper, consider getting them to sleep on the floor in their own bed.

These little guys and gals don’t appreciate it when we roll over on them and you’ve got to be careful – they’re fierce, but fragile.

Do Chihuahuas have a favorite person?

Chihuahuas do tend to pick a favorite person and while it’s a wonderful feeling to be the most important person in their life, you may want to get them to socialize a little more. Chihuahuas pick a favorite and often try to chase everyone else off and you want to be sure that your dog gets along with your friends.

Give your friend a treat to give to your Chihuahua and encourage your dog to socialize – you never know when you might need a babysitter and it’s good for your dog to get to know other people, too.

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Are chihuahuas smart?

 It will vary from dog to dog, but Chihuahuas ranked in as 125th out of 138 for working and obedience intelligence, specifically ‘fair’ for working intelligence and a little below average on obedience.

On the obedience we can certainly agree – these little dogs are famously stubborn – but we personally think they are a little smarter than they get credit for!

Why do chihuahuas like blankets?

Chihuahuas are small dogs with thin fur coats and as such, they get a little chilly from time to time and the blanket is a welcome respite from the cold. Anxiety also causes them to burrow, as you’ve no doubt seen whenever there is a thunderstorm outside and your dog burrows into your blanket so that you may protect them.

The blanket makes them feel warm, safe, secure, and closer to you.

Do chihuahuas like to be carried?

As long as you are careful when you are carrying them, most Chihuahuas don’t seem to mind it. Just remember that this is still a dog, albeit a miniature one, and they are perfectly capable of trotting along beside you.

That said, as long as you carry them with a gentle touch so that they don’t accidentally get harmed, toting them around is usually just fine with them.

How do you know if your Chihuahua loves you?

Chihuahuas are very affectionate dogs and that little dance that they do is a sure sign that they love you and they are happy to see you. Expect lots of licks and a wagging tail and rest assured that your dog is going to jump on you a few times out of love and excitement.

These little dogs simply cannot contain themselves but let’s face it, we love the attention and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Are Chihuahuas jealous dogs?

You’d better not pay attention to the cat where your dog can see it. Chihuahuas are one of the most jealous dogs out there and they’re vocal about it. If you pay attention to the housecat or another dog, the two of you might well get barked out, because your Chihuahua doesn’t like to share you.

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It’s part of their charm, of course, but Chihuahuas are definitely jealous dogs.

Why does my Chihuahua stare at me?

Your Chihuahua worships the ground that you walk on and sometimes these little dogs will stare out of love and adoration. Interestingly enough, humans have owned dogs for so long that a chemical reaction occurs when you meet their stare.

 It produces oxytocin, the same hormone that is produced when a mother is looking at their child. While we don’t fully understand it, it happens, so it’s safe to say that the bond with a dog and their owner is something special indeed.

Where do Chihuahuas like to sleep?

A Chihuahuas favorite place to sleep is under the covers. These little dogs duck their heads down and burrow inside, usually settling next to their owner’s leg for additional warmth and security. This seems to be something that they do to feel safe and to warm up, but it’s likely also an expression of pack behavior.

Dogs tend to piles up together when they coexist in a pack, both for comfort and for safety, and while your Chihuahua is tiny they are still a full-fledged dog with a pack mentality.

Why do Chihuahuas lick so much?

Chihuahuas lick for a number of reasons. They might be grooming you, for instance, and it is believed that they like the salty taste of our sweat, as well. Chihuahuas also lick out of affection, of course, and this is something that they never seem to run out of.

Your dog loves you and they never hesitate to show it – it’s one of the perks of this unique and loving breed.