Do Chihuahuas Like To Be Carried? (Solved & Explained!)

Most Chihuahuas do enjoy being held, or carried! While this can all depend on the dog, as long as your chihuahua is treated with proper care and respect, the majority of chihuahuas love being picked up and cuddled.

While we know that most Chihuahuas are happy to be held, you can learn throughout the rest of this article about what factors contribute to their preferences, and how we can know for sure if Chihuahuas actually enjoy being carried!

Do All Chihuahuas Like to Be Held?

Though most Chihuahuas do like being picked up, one thing we can’t guarantee is that every single one will have the same enjoyment. Every dog is different, regardless of if they’re big or small, or even the same breed.

One Chihuahua may beg to be carried and may enjoy life most in the arms of its owner, while another Chihuahua may feel threatened by the gesture. One thing is for certain – the majority of our small-legged friends are more than happy to be held.

Why Do Most Chihuahuas Enjoy Being Carried?

There are many different reasons why most Chihuahuas enjoy being carried such as separation anxiety, the desire to snuggle in close for body heat, or even a ‘pack’ mentality. Each dog is different in its wants and needs!

Sometimes Chi’s even request to be carried because they want a sense of protection from their owners. This can stem from a lack of socialization in puppyhood!

Does Small Dog Syndrome Contribute to A Chihuahuas Desire to Be Held?

Yes! Small Dog Syndrome, as noted by Juliane Kaminski and Sarah Marshall-Pescini who wrote a psychology book about dogs, can be spurred by human reactions. For small dogs, we people feel the need to constantly protect them, which can lead to dependency.

Barking Royalty stated that small dog owners develop a quick habit of picking up their pups any time there is danger, another dog encounter, or even opening the front door. Over time, the dog will begin asking to be held regardless of its surroundings.

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Why Don’t All Chihuahuas Like to Be Held?

For that small percentage of Chi’s who don’t like to be carried, the main reason that most researchers and behavioralists have determined that they don’t like to be held is lack of socialization. Proper training and socialization are imperative to ensure that a puppy, or adult dog, reacts safely and communicates effectively with its owners regarding handling.

If a Chihuahua wasn’t held as a puppy, it can be unfamiliar with the act and can often feel threatened. The Small Dog Syndrome works the opposite in this scenario, where they feel insecure due to their small size.

Should Owners Pick Up Their Chi’s Often?

Though most dog owners can agree that picking up mans best friend and giving them a hug is one of the best parts of owning a dog, owners should not be picking up their pups all of the time – especially if they are small dogs, like Chihuahuas, or are developing small dog syndrome.

Holding your Chihuahua can initiate bad habits that could make your pup even more fearful, scared, and dependent on external protection if not fully trained. Picking up your Chi for extended periods of time can also cause unwanted behavior such as lack of exercise, codependency, and obesity.

How To Tell If Your Chihuahua Wants to Be Carried?

It can be difficult to tell if your pup wants to be held or is wanting something else, but the easiest way to tell if your Chihuahua wants to be carried is by observing their body language. Despite their small demeanor, Chihuahuas can get their point across very quickly with their direct personalities!

Your Chi will often jump or place its front paws on your legs to indicate that it wants up. This could also be shown as a nudge. Barking or begging could also be strong indicators that they’re ready to be off the ground and in your arms instead!

How To Tell If Your Chihuahua Dislikes Being Held?

Though the majority of Chihuahuas love being held, the ones that prefer to have their paws on the ground will make their wishes loud and clear! If your Chi doesn’t want to be carried, the most common tactic is wiggling. They will often try to wiggle out of your grasp to indicate that they want to be left alone.

Since a well-trained Chiahuhua is rarely confrontational, wiggling or running to hide are the most popular indicators, but growling, snarling, or biting can also be clear signs that they do not want to be carried.

How Do I Get My Chihuahua To Enjoy Being Carried, If They Don’t Already?

The simple answer is to train them from puppyhood! Consistency and rewards are key. Encourage your puppy to relax and reward their affection by picking them up for short periods of time.

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It’s important to keep in mind that Dog Behavioralists encourage owners to let their pups walk as much as possible to get in that daily exercise, to prevent boredom and destructive tendencies, as well as obesity. If well socialized and trained, your Chi pup will welcome the occasional carry with a warm bark!

How To Properly Hold A Chi So They Can Enjoy It?

Learning how to properly hold your small canine friend is half of the reason most Chihuahuas actually enjoy being carried. If they’re comfortable, well-exercised, and well-trained, they enjoy nothing more than being held or snuggled in the lap of their owners!

For small dogs like Chihuahuas, it’s important that even while being carried, their Small Dog Syndrome is kept to a minimum.

You can do so by ensuring your hand and forearm are under your pup’s chest when being held – this can be done by slipping your arm between their front legs and placing a hand on their chest. Cradle their back legs in close and easy peasy, you’ve got a happy, lazy pup.