Should I Walk My Dog as Soon as We Wake Up? (Solved!)

Dogs do need to be given access to the outdoors in the morning. If you live in an apartment then you will need to take them out early, if you have a backyard where they can do their business, then you can take them out after your morning coffee.

Your dog will likely need to go to the toilet in the morning – this should be your primary concern. Otherwise, it is okay to take your dog on a full walk a little later in the morning, so long as they get 2 or 3 good walks a day, your dog will be happy.

Why Should I Walk My Dog In The Morning?

Your dog will likely need to go to the toilet in the morning, so going outside on a walk is a great way to meet their needs and get in a little exercise.

A morning walk is also a great way for your dog to burn off a little excess energy before they start their day.

The morning walk is also a great way to combine potty training. 

Do Dogs Like To Walk In The Mornings?

After being cooped up all night, your dog will be relieved to be out and about first thing in the morning.

Morning walks are the most stimulating for your dog and help them to physically and mentally prepare for the rest of the day.

A dog that has been walked early is generally better behaved throughout the day. They will be calmer as they have burnt off all that excess energy that can lead to destructive behaviors if they are left unwalked.

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Dogs who walk early in the morning are also more receptive to commands. It is easier to train a dog that has been tired out a little from a morning walk, than one that has been stuck inside all day.

What Time Should I Walk My Dog In The Morning?

Ideally, you should rise to walk your dog between 7 am and 7.30 am every morning. This is assuming that your dog is settling down for the night between 10 pm and 11 pm the previous day.

Your dog will need to go to the toilet around this time and will be excited to start the day. Morning walks should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour and should include some off-lead time, if possible.

Is It Bad To Not Walk Your Dog?

Dogs need regular exercise, daily. Walking your dog a few times a day keeps them happy, expands their horizons beyond your home, and helps support their physical wellbeing.

Dogs that are stuck inside all day become unhealthy due to lack of exercise, and are unsocialized. Dogs that are unsocialized can develop a host of psychological issues from continued isolation.

To make sure that your dog stays physically and mentally sound, walk with them outside two or three times a day. Let them play and interact with other dogs if possible and train them to walk beside you, this is an incredible bonding experience for you both.

Can I Carry My Dog While We Walk?

With small toy breeds, it is tempting and cute to carry them in your bag while out on walks. Your dog will like being carried and will appreciate a different perspective from above, but you should let your dog walk by themselves for the most part.

Being carried is visually stimulating for toy breeds but they do need physical exercise like any other breed of dog. They will also like the opportunity to stop and sniff their surroundings, interact with others and explore on their own time.

Toy breeds need to be walked as regularly as other dogs, but if you wish to carry them for half a block or so, that’s fine too.

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Can My Dog Hold Its Pee Through The Night?

Your dog should be able to hold its pee through the night once it reaches around 8 months of age. This is directly related to the size of your dog’s bladder, and young puppies have smaller bladders than adults.

As a rule of thumb, a dog can hold its bladder for as many hours as his or her age. A 3-month-old puppy can hold their pee for three hours, whereas an 8-month-old puppy can hold their bladder for 8 hours, and so on, until 12 months of age.

However, it is not recommended to let your dog go for more than 6-8 hours without access to a toileting spot. Just because they can hold their pee, does not mean that they should. The longest stretch that your dog should go without a toilet break is through the night when they are asleep.

Is It Better To Walk My Dog In The Morning Or At Night?

Essentially, both are the best times to walk your dog! Dogs will need to go to the toilet in the morning when they wake up and just before they go to bed. Puppies benefit more from morning walks but taking them out briefly before bedtime is also good practice.

Nighttime walks are great for helping excited dogs to burn off some energy and wind down for the night. However, it is understandable that some dog owners may not feel safe walking their dogs at night so precautions must be put in place.

Stay safe during night walks by:

  • Planning your route in advance

  • Letting someone know you are planning to walk your dog at that time

  • Avoid suspicious people and places

  • Put yourself and your dog in reflective clothing

  • Keep your hands free (except for the leash)

  • Always take your cellphone

  • Carry a non-violent deterrent, such as an alarm

If walking your dog in the dark is not for you, even with safety measures in place, then take your dog at dusk, while there is still some sunlight and regular commuters are out and about.

Walking your dog at dusk is fine, just make sure to allow them access to your back yard, balcony, or just outside your apartment building for one last trip to the toilet before sleep.

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