Do Coyotes Come Through Doggie Doors? (Solved & Explained!)

It is not uncommon for a coyote to come into someone’s home through the doggie door. They often do this with a subsequent attack of the dog and/or small pets and children. While it’s not a regular occurrence, it does happen. But, it’s also important to understand that this is not usual for coyotes.

Most coyotes will avoid humans. If they do come in through a doggie door, it’s mostly because some smell attracted them. If this is of great concern to you, there are things you can do to prevent coyotes from coming through your dog’s door.

Why Do Coyotes Come in Through Doggie Doors?

Coyotes come in through doggie doors because they’re passing by and smell something desirable. They could detect food or there’s something attractive about the odor emanating from your dog. In other instances they may haphazardly wander in, not realizing it.

And yet there are some people who feed their neighborhood coyotes thinking it will prevent them from entering through their dog’s door. This is a bad idea. If they accustom themselves to your smell, they may see this as an invitation to come into your home.

What Happens When Coyotes Come in Through Doggie Doors?

When a coyote comes in through a doggie door, a plethora of things can happen and none of them usually end up well. The coyote will probably be nervous because it’s not sure where it is. And, of course, your dog will start barking which will up the tension ante.

This will provoke a battle between your dog and the coyote, which may end in your precious pooch becoming dinner. Likewise, the coyote may destroy everything in its wake like a bull in a china shop trying to escape.

What Should You Do When a Coyote Enters the House Through a Doggie Door?

First, it’s is of the utmost importance to get your dog, children and any other pets away from the coyote as soon as you possibly can. If there’s a door you can close to put distance between your household and the coyote, by all means close it.

Hopefully, the coyote will find its own way back out of the doggie door. In the event that it doesn’t, call your local animal control and other authorities. You should also attempt to open another door or window so the coyote can escape.

While loud noises and sounds are something that coyotes greatly fear, it won’t be effective if the animal doesn’t have a way out. So, if you have a window or garage door wide open, then you can bang on heavy metal objects, make yourself look tall and play loud, obnoxious music in the direction you want the coyote to go.

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How Do You Prevent Coyotes from Coming in Through a Doggie Door?

The best way to prevent coyotes from coming in through a doggie door is to not have one. But, if you must have one in an area where coyotes are prevalent, then install an electronic door. These have sensors that can detect your dog while ignoring all other comers.

There are some models out there that allow you to program a collar for your dog. When pup wants to come in, it opens. If a coyote tries to enter, it will stay closed. But, if an electronic door isn’t ideal for you at the moment and you have one with a rubber or metal flap, then you will have to take some deliberate measures.

Remove Food Near the Door

First, don’t keep your dog’s food bowls near the door. Likewise, avoid having trash cans or any other foodstuffs that may attract a coyote. This is particularly true in the case of meat. If the door attaches to the kitchen, ensure you clean up after every meal and stay on top of daily cleaning.

Detracting Odors

There are other things you may want to consider as well. Using substances that will be offensive to a coyote’s olfactory system tends to be very effective. You could pour predator urine, such as wolf, in the vicinity of the door outside. You can also use white vinegar, aromatic fragrance perfumes or even chili powder and cayenne pepper.

Block the Entryway

Alternatively, you could put something in front of the door once you know your dog is safely inside for the night. A heavy block, slab of metal or some other such device will be ideal. You could also install a wooden plank latch that you swing into place each night when the dog comes in.

Will a Coyote Attack a Dog the Same Size or Larger Than Itself?

It’s not often a single coyote will attack a dog larger than itself. But, it will attack one that’s the same size or smaller. It isn’t that coyotes won’t attack larger dogs, but they usually do this when in a pack. Solo coyotes won’t usually dare to attack something like a Pitbull, Rottweiler or Boerboel on their own.

Will Coyotes Attack Small Children?

Since coyotes are often afraid of most humans, it’s not common for them to attack people. But, in recent years, there are alarming reports of coyotes absconding with small children as much as five years old. This has rangers and nature professionals worried because this is an increasing problem across the United States.

How Often Does a Coyote Attack Pets & Children after Entering a Doggie Door?

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate about how often a coyote will attack pets and children when they enter your home through the doggie door. But, you can be sure the chances are around 80% to 90% of the time. If you do a small online search about the subject, there’s a host of news articles that popup.

Most of the time, the coyote will attack and eat other pets as well as fatally injure children. It’s more frequent for them to sneak in a doggie door at night, when they’re most active.