How Do You Litter Box Train a Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

The best way to litter box train a Yorkie is first by picking the right indoor location and then purchasing the most ideal supplies. This includes things like cleaning products, litter and the box itself. Then, you have to use persistence and introduce the dog while putting it in the box every time you suspect it needs to go. Using rewards, commands and positive reinforcement will go a long way.

However easier it may be to train a Yorkie to use a litter box than say a Pitbull, it’s still not going to be as easy as it is for cats. So, you will have to use consistency, patience and persistence. But, within a few weeks, your Yorkie should use the litter box without any external instruction from you.

Quick Overview

  1. Step 1: Location, Location, Location  
  2. Step 2: Get a Quality Litter Box, Litter and Cleaning Supplies  
  3. Step 3: Setup the New Litter Box & Introduce Your Yorkie  
  4. Step 4: Observe Your Dog’s Eating & Bathroom Habits  
  5. Step 5: Use Rewards & Commands
  6. Step 6: Stay on Top of Cleaning  

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

Where you keep your Yorkie’s litter box will be important. You want to select a location that will prevent messes on surfaces like rugs. Plus it should be in the vicinity of outside access and not have potential odors invade your regular living space.

This means putting it on a smooth, easily cleaned surface such as the bathroom, basement or additional entryway to the house. If you can avoid it, don’t put the litter box in the kitchen or dining room. This will not only be unappetizing but also has the potential to spread bacteria and other diseases.

Step 2: Get a Quality Litter Box, Litter and Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

When you know where you want to put it, measure your dog in relationship to the space you have in question. Then shop around online for different litter boxes. There are some available specifically for small dogs along with litter designed for dog use. These are ideal for mature dogs or owners with physical limitations.

But, if you have a puppy you only hope to litter train temporarily, then one of the less expensive ones designed for cats will be better. This is also true for the litter. You only need a box big enough to fit in the space that also will accommodate your dog.

It’s ideal for the dog to have at least an inch of space around its body within the litter box. This will be best for containing messes and preventing the dog from kicking out too much litter.

Step 3: Setup the New Litter Box & Introduce Your Yorkie

If you have a Yorkie puppy, then you certainly already have an area reserved for when you’re away and for potty training purposes. You can definitely put the litter box here and start the training that way.

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For older dogs, if they don’t have an area they claim as theirs, you will have to create one and train the dog to go there. This may take quite some time because the older the dog, the more difficult it will be to train. Not that this is impossible, but you should expect it to take awhile.

Step 4: Observe Your Dog’s Eating & Bathroom Habits

Then, pay attention to your dog and its bathroom behaviors as much as you realistically can. Pay attention to impatient pacing, whimpering and other similar things. When you see the dog doing them, put the dog into the litter box.

This also means paying attention to the time it takes from when your dog eats to when it has to use the bathroom. Every dog will be different in this regard; some will go right before they eat, immediately after or a few hours in between.

Plus, it’s always going to be a safe assumption that your Yorkie will need to go in the morning and before bed. So, these are perfect times to place the dog in the box.

Step 5: Use Rewards & Commands

It’s always important to create a command you tell your Yorkshire Terrier every time you want it to go to the box. So, you could say something like, “to the box” or “box.” You can also try waving toys and treats over the box during your training period to coerce the dog into the area.

When the Yorkie goes, be sure to give it reassurance and show your happiness at the deed. Try to do something special for the dog after they do it for the first handful of times. The idea is to cue the dog into how this is good and acceptable.

Step 6: Stay on Top of Cleaning

It’s crucial that you clean up messes quickly with an enzyme cleaner. This will eat away odors and prevent the dog from going in the same area. Also, keep the litter box sanitary. A litter box that’s fresh, clean and free of nasty bathroom odors will make it more desirable for the Yorkie to go there.


Is It a Good idea to Litter Box Train a Yorkie?

Training a Yorkie to use a litter box is good for when the dog is old and the owner has physical challenges. It’s also a good idea for busy professionals or when the dog is young and learning how to use the bathroom outside. 

Also, some Yorkies think that any vertical standing object is their restroom. Using a litter box is a great way to break them of the habit.

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Can You Train an Older Yorkie to Go in a Litter Box?

Yes, you can train a more mature Yorkie to use a litter box. This is ideal for when they have leg or hip problems as well as eye sight issues or failing digestion. But, because they’re older, it’s going to take quite some time to get them used to going in it.