Liver Water for Dogs (A Complete Guide)

  1. After you wash the liver well, put it in a pot and bring it to a boil.
  2. Boil for 20 minutes, or until the blood has been released into the water.
  3. Then leave the liver and the water to cool before serving.

After you cool down the water, you can store it in a pot or jar. Liver water usually is given to dogs as it is great for their muscle development.

If you serve your dog liver water regularly, your dog will grow strong and healthy. This is why most dog owners prefer feeding their dogs with liver water instead of the liver itself. 

Liver water protects dogs from storing too much bad fat and developing high cholesterol. Liver water is a great addition to your dog’s diet.

Is Liver Water Really Good For Dogs?

The liver is very rich in terms of iron and B12 vitamins. That’s why most dog owners prefer to feed their dogs liver water from an early age.

Liver water should be given to puppies in small quantities because too much protein can cause growth abnormalities. Puppies can have liver water once or twice a week as a supplement to their regular diet.

Dogs who receive the recommended daily allowance of vitamin B from an early age develop a strong immune system that defends them well against illness.

The B12 vitamin found in liver helps to produce more white blood cells in the body and helps to regenerate the cognitive brain cells.

How Long Do You Boil Liver?

You should boil the liver for 15-20 minutes on medium heat. 

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After it starts to boil, let the liver sit in the water for 5 more minutes after you have turned off the heat. Once you cool the water, pour it into a pot or jar and serve it to your dog.

Is Cooked Liver Good for Dogs?

Cooked Liver is really good for dogs. Liver is offal meat that is very dense in nutrients that your dog needs to support their growth and ongoing development. 

Dogs developed from wolves who eat their meat raw. However, as time has passed and humans naturally selected wild dogs for domestication, they gradually became more sensitive to raw meats and developed a digestive system that responds better to cooked meat.

Although some dog owners and experts claim that cooking meat kills the nutritional values in it, cooked meat is actually easier for your dog’s digestive system and helps the meat to break down so the body can access the nutrients.

In addition, the parasites and worms in the raw meat might make your dog sick. Parasites can live on the surface or inside raw meat and give your dog bowel problems. 

The dogs that have parasites and worms struggle to gain weight and pass loose stools frequently.

The liver contains a huge amount of vitamin B12 and B6, at the same time they are very rich in terms of iron and protein. 

Serving liver raw is possible but risky, cooking the liver for your dog is always safer and a better way to protect your dog’s health.

Do I Need to Wash Liver Before Cooking?

You always need to wash the liver before giving it to your dog. Washing will remove blood and sticky residue present on the surface.

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After washing it is advisable to allow the liver to rest for an hour in the fridge before cooking.

The meat which is waited in the fridge for a while will have a better taste and fresh look. Meat produces enzymes while it is alive and if you make it rest for a while you get rid of the bad enzymes over the meat. 

Some breeders think that the raw meat which is not being washed comes more delicious to dogs. That’s why they claim that the dogs eat unwashed bloody meat more fondly.

How Much Liver Can I Give My Dog?

Like everything, liver might be harmful to dogs when it’s eaten more than necessary. The liver is very rich in Vitamin A and if your dog has too much vitamin they might face health problems.

Too much Vitamin A can damage your dogs’ bones and cause them to lose weight. Vitamin A can also cause digestive problems, which will make your dog feel sick and unwell.

therefore only feed your dog liver twice or three times per week and keep the servings small. This is more than enough to meet your dog’s nutritional needs which also protects them from overdosing on certain vitamins.

How Can I Give Liver Water to My Dog?

Preparing liver water for your dog is relatively easy.. Most dogs love the smell and taste of meat, and water that has a meaty flavor will go down a treat.

Liver water is a very good option to feed your dog because it’s good for them and encourages them to eat other foods too. If you mix liver water with vegetables or rice, dogs are more likely to eat it because of the smell of the liver water.

You can easily mix anything with some liver water and serve again. If your dog gets the smell of the meat, they will eat whatever is in the bowl. 

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Also when you boil liver water for your dog, always try to give it with light meals. You can even put it on top of other meats if you wish.

Will Liver Water Whet My Dog’s Appetite?

Although liver is a very delicious part of the meat, some dogs might refuse to eat this organ for no reason. 

Before you give liver water to your dog, you should make sure that your dog is hungry. If your dog is already full they may not eat simply because they do not need to.

It is unusual for a dog not to like liver water, but every dog is different. Liver water is a very appetizing supplement for your dog and helps your dog eat more. You can mix liver water in your dog’s food 2-3 times a week. They will love it.