How to Cook Meat Dust for Dogs (Solved & Explained!)

Cooking meat dust for dogs is easy and makes good use of meat particles that would otherwise go to waste. As with other types of food, there are several recipes for making meat dust, or sawdust, as it’s sometimes called. Most recipes start with boiling the meat particles, adding seasoning and other foods, and draining off any fatty liquid.

In this article, we’ll look at what meat dust is and its nutritional value. We’ll explore different recipes for meat sawdust, and look at the benefits of feeding it to dogs. We’ll also look at any potential downsides. Keep reading to learn all about this economical option for dog food.

How Do I Cook Meat Dust for Dogs?

Meat dust is often called sawdust for dogs. But it’s not made of sawdust. It’s made from the particles and pieces of meat that fall off the cutting machine during the slicing process. It may be all one type of meat or a combination of different meats. 

You start by putting the meat dust in a pot with a little water. Boil it with at least some salt. You can add vinegar for flavor, also. You’ll notice fatty liquid separating out. Drain the fat off. 

You can add vegetables at this point. Other options include organ meat, such as liver. 

How Do I Season Meat Dust for Dogs?

You can season the meat dust but you must be careful about what seasoning you use. Some spices are fine for dogs, while others are unsafe. If nothing else, you can always add a little salt. 

Other spices that are safe to use for flavoring dog food include:

  • basil
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • parsley
  • tumeric

Meat Dust Recipes for Dogs

Several variations of meat dust recipes exist. Here are a few ideas for yours.

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Turkey Meat Dust

Boil the meat dust in water and vinegar. Drain off any fatty liquid. Season with basil, oregano, and parsley. Add in a some green beans and ground chicken liver.

Beef Meat Dust

Boil the beef-based meat dust with a little water, vinegar, and salt. Drain the fat. Add in some canned pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger.

Pork Meat Dust

Pork meat dust could also have buffalo or venison included in the mix. The meat is boiled like the others. Once the fat is drained, add in some steamed broccoli or squash. Season with tumeric and and a little ginger.

As you can see, the recipes are quite simple. Most of the time you’ll have more than one type of meat mixed in together. 

How Much Meat Dust Do I Feed My Dog?

Dog owners who feed their dogs meat follow a general rule. Feed your dog an amount of meat equal to between two and four percent of his body weight.

Large dogs should get closer to two percent. Smaller dogs should get around the four percent level.

What Are the Benefits of Feeding My Dog Meat Dust?

Meat dust is sometimes served to dogs raw. Raw meat provides a lot of health benefits for dogs. 

The following are some advantages your dog could receive when eating raw or cooked meat dust.

1. Better Digestion

Dogs that eat raw meat dust will be able to digest the food faster. It’s easier on their intestines and their bodies use more of the food. 

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When digestion is more efficient, there is less waste. Fewer and smaller stools is a nice benefit for pet owners.

2. Stronger Immune System

Meat has some essential minerals and vitamins that help boost the immune system. You can add even more, along with antioxidants, by mixing some vegetables or fruits into the sawdust food.

3. No Undesirable Ingredients

Most store-bought dog food has additives. They may be filler ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. 

Dogs eating meat dust made by their owners get more natural ingredients and none of the unnecessary things that can have harmful affects on dogs.

4. Glossy Coat

The vitamins and minerals in raw meat give your dog’s coat a glossy sheen. It helps restore the natural oils in your dog’s skin. 

Natural oils get released into the dog’s coat. Your pet’s hair will look healthy and shiny.

Is Meat Dust Safe for Dogs?

Meat dust is generally safe for dogs. One problem that can arise is due to the presence of bone fragments in the meat.

Typically, the pieces of bone found in meat dust are tiny. They are safe for dogs to swallow and easy for them to digest.

Cooked bones pose more of a choking hazard than raw ones. They become more brittle, which can lead to splintering. 

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Meat dust doesn’t usually have bone fragments large enough to cause choking, but it’s something to be aware of at least.

What Does Meat Dust Lack for Dogs?

Raw meat doesn’t have the calcium dogs need. Calcium helps support strong bones.

In the wild, dogs eat raw meat all the time. As it doesn’t have the calcium needed to strengthen bones, the joints and bones degenerate quicker leading to shorter lifespans. 

If you’re going to feed your dog a meat dust diet, you can supplement it in with other food that is high in calcium. You could also give your dog a chewable calcium supplement.

Where Do I Buy Meat Dust?

You can purchase meat dust from butcher shops for a low price. It’s not fit for human consumption, so butcher’s price it affordably for pet owners.

Not all butcher shops package it, but you can inquire about it to see if the owner will agree to sell it to you. Some shops are packaging it specifically for pet diet supplementing.

A Note of Caution

Be careful about where you get meat dust from. Just like not all meat is of the same quality at the grocery store, neither is the meat dust found in butcher shops. 

Pet owners have reported finding glass bits, staples, and other potentially fatal hazards in the meat dust they purchased. Buy from a reputable butcher that’s well-known for quality meat.