Do Yorkies Like Water? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies like water both to swim in and to drink! Yorkies are strong swimmers but their skill level varies depending on how often they take to the waves.

Like all dogs, when submerged in the water your Yorkie will automatically begin to doggie paddle. They are adept at keeping their head above the water, and their lightweight and fine bone structure help their buoyancy.

Do Yorkies Like To Drink Water?

Yorkies will drink water you set out for them in their bowl, but if you are worried about your Yorkie drinking water while they are out on a swim, don’t panic.

Yorkies, like other animals, know when it is time to drink and when not to drink. Your Yorkie will be too busy swimming to stop and consume water. However, a splash of water may go into its mouth from water currents. 

This should be fine providing that the water your Yorkie is swimming in does not contain any harmful pathogens.

Do Yorkies Like To Swim?

Every dog is different even if they are the same breed. Just because your Yorkie can swim does not mean that she wants to. Likewise, some Yorkies love the water and you will have a hard time keeping them out of any lake or pond you pass by while out on walks.

If you wish to get your Yorkie used to swimming, then introduce them gently. Take them for a paddle at first then gradually encourage them to deeper waters. You can make use of swimming aids if you are worried about your Yorkies’ safety.

Do Yorkies Like Baths?

Your Yorkie will love anything that has to do with a little pampering, however, it is important to get the temperature and pressure of the water right.

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If you need to give your Yorkie a bath then make sure the water is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher than this your Yorkie could be scalded, and lower temperatures will be uncomfortably cold.

If using a showerhead, adjust it to a slow or soft flow. This will make sure your Yorkie is relaxed and not startled by fast and hard water pressure.

Are Swimming Pools OK For Yorkies?

Swimming pools are a great form of play and exercise for your Yorkie. Neither chlorine nor saltwater pools are considered harmful for dogs but Yorkie owners should be mindful that the chemicals are of good quality.

Poor quality chemicals may cause skin irritations, as Yorkies’ skin can be quite sensitive. Therefore, before placing your Yorkie in the pool, patch test some of the water first.

If it is your own pool, then carefully read the labels of your pool chemicals and only use those that are on the milder side.

How Can I Tell If The Water Is Safe For My Yorkie To Swim In?

While most water is safe for your dogs to swim in, some lakes and large public ponds may not be so safe.

Usually, the local authority that is responsible for the area will post a sign indicating whether or not it is safe for dogs to swim, however, this is not always the case so it is best to check yourself. 

Here are some tips for safe Yorkie swimming:

Check the color

Any water that has a greenish or blueish tinge to the surface should be avoided. Certain types of algae are toxic to dogs and they create this color effect when a lake has been contaminated.

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Check the current

Although Yorkies are good swimmers, even a moderate current can overpower them. If the waves are high or the current is fast, it is best to leave swimming for another day – or not at all.


Check the temperature of the water and make sure to have towels nearby if it is a mild or breezy day. Yorkies have coats but they get cold easily. If the water is too cold then you could risk your Yorkie developing hypothermia.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Safe in The Pool?

You should never allow your Yorkie to swim alone. Even if you do not get into the pool yourself, your Yorkie should always be supervised when using the pool.

Otherwise, here are a few more safety tips on safe swimming for Yorkies.

Start in the Shallows

While your Yorkie is getting used to the pool it is best that you go in with her and keep her to the shallow end until she is used to swimming.


Swimming is a great form of exercise and if your Yorkie loves swimming but struggles to keep afloat then purchase doggie inflatable bodywear to help them stay above water while they swim.


If for any reason you cannot get into the pool yourself then attach a leach to your Yorkie while they swim. 

A full harness is best as their weight will be evenly distributed if you have to pull them out in an emergency.


When your Yorkie is not using the pool, make sure that the pool is covered or there is a fence surrounding it to prevent your Yorkie from going in when you are not around.

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How Do I Keep My Yorkie Safe in The Sea?

If you decide to head out to the beach for the day, there is no reason why your Yorkie can’t tag along for some seaside fun.

If you and your Yorkie plan to go for a swim, then make sure to check the following before you dive in.


Watch out for the tide, strong currents can pull your Yorkie under easily, or push them out to sea. Very strong tides will drag them along faster than you will be able to swim to catch them.


Surrounding fish will avoid your Yorkie but make sure your Yorkie doesn’t try to swim after them or attack them. Likewise do not let your Yorkie eat any of the fish. Raw fish can make your Yorkie ill.

Ocean water

Do not let your Yorkie drink any of the ocean water. They should be fine if they accidentally swallow a little during a swim but do not let them drink a lot.

Ocean water is full of salt and other bacteria that can make your Yorkie sick. Make sure to bring a lot of bottled water, especially if it is a hot day. Making sure your Yorkie drinks lots of bottled clean water before they go out for a swim will make sure they are not tempted to quench their thirst in the ocean.