Do Yorkies Get Cold Easily? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies don’t always seem to be cold like other small breeds (looking at you, Chihuahuas!). That said, they are likely just being a bit more stoic about it, as they are definitely more vulnerable to the cold than larger dogs.

Hypothermia or frostbite during the winter can easily occur if they spend too much time outdoors, so you will need to keep a careful eye on them.

Signs that your Yorkie is too cold either indoors or outdoors include curling up and tucking in their nose and tail, pacing around, or even more obvious signs like trying to run back inside or outright shivering.

You can help by bundling them up in doggy clothes and shoes or at the very least, a thin coat of Vaseline on the paws can help to protect them for a potty break when it’s cold. Indoors, make sure that they have a warm blanket to burrow under in their bed.

Some warm brother every now and again, as well, will definitely not go amiss.

In today’s article, we’ve going to answer questions trending high this week on Yorkies and their relationship with the cold. Let’s take a look at what everyone is asking this week about chilly Yorkies!

What temp is too cold for Yorkies?

Yorkies are tiny dogs, so you need to be careful in the cold with them. Anytime the temperature gets to be under 45 degrees, your Yorkie is starting to get cold.

That means when winter comes around, it’s best to make potty breaks quick and to consider extra protection against the cold – even something as small as a doggy sweater and a little Vaseline on the paws can make a huge difference for your Yorkie!

How can I keep my Yorkie warm at night?

You’ve got a lot of options for making sure that your furry best friend stays warm when it’s cold out. Of course, the favorite option is most is to simply let your dog burrow under the covers, but this is not all that you can do.

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Doggy pajamas are available, for instance, and heated blankets and pads are also good. You can also help to heat them up from the inside with heated water bowls and when they eat, pour a little bouillon broth into their dry kibble and wait a few minutes before serving to let it cool down.

Your dog will get a nice, hot meal and then the both of you can bundle up in a blanket to wait the winter out together.

Should Yorkies wear clothes?

Yes, your Yorkie can wear clothing during the winter, or even in the warmer months if it’s not too hot outside. During the winter, a nice Yorkie sweater can help to warm them up and if you live somewhere that gets very cold, there are even coats and little parkas that really work a treat!

How do I know if my dog is cold at night?

Yorkies, like most dogs, have very expressive body language that you’ll learn over time. When your Yorkie is cold, look for little cues like these:

  • Outright shivering (the most obvious sign to wrap your little one up in a blanket)
  • Curling up into a little ball and covering up their nose with the tail tucked-in
  • Pacing or other movement occurring more than usual
  • Cold nose and paws when you touch them

If you see any of these signs,  it’s time to bundle up your Yorkie and a little warm broth in their bowl will certainly be appreciated!

Do Yorkies get cold at night in the house?

Yes. While bigger dogs have an easier time of it, Yorkies don’t generate as much body heat as they do, so they can easily get cold if there is a draft in the house. Putting a blanket in their dog bed which they can burrow under is a simple way to help.

An energy-efficient space heater is also a good way that the two of you can warm up in one room without driving the electric bill through the roof. Just make sure it’s the variety with safety features and don’t let your Yorkie get too close to it.

Should I cover my Yorkie with a blanket at night?

If it’s cold, then you should definitely cover your Yorkie with a blanket to help them warm up a little. A nice blanket will help to keep the heat inside their little makeshift ‘burrow’ and warm them up very quickly. Even better, if your Yorkie is allowed on the bed, then you can cuddle up together.

Dogs are pack animals and they instinctively cuddle up together when it’s cold, so this is a great way to keep both of you warm while strengthening your bond at an instinctual level.

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Is it too cold for my Yorkie to sleep outside?

Yes, if it’s cold, you don’t want your Yorkie sleeping outside. While some dogs are suited for living outside, Yorkies are not very well equipped for this. Their little bodies cannot generate as much heat as the ‘big dogs’ and your dog could quickly become ill or worse!

If you don’t want them to stay in your room, you can take a crate-cage and load it up with a bed, blankets, and some toys to play with, and your dog will quickly learn that this is their personal space and to go there when they want to bundle up and warm themselves.

How do I protect my Yorkie’s paws in the winter?

You can purchase little shoes or boots for your Yorkie or if this feels a bit weird or excessive, a nice and practical approach is a little paw-balm like ‘Musher’s Secret’ or good old Vaseline.

Rub it on your dog’s paws and be sure to get it in-between their toes and this will create a hydrating barrier that keeps out the snow and grit and helps to ensure that the cold doesn’t dry and crack the skin on your Yorkie’s little feet.

Should Yorkies walk in the snow?

Everyone loves to play in the snow a little, especially dogs, and it’s okay to let your Yorkie do so for a short amount of time. Just be sure to protect them with some clothing and either shoes or a little Vaseline on their feet to help minimize the effects of the cold.

After that, just keep sessions outside very quick and consider a little warm broth for your dog when you both get back inside.

How long can Yorkie paws be in snow?

Generally, playtime in the snow should be limited to no more than 30 minutes at a time, although 15 is better if your dog doesn’t have any special protections.

You need to watch for signs that they are getting cold, such as shivering or pacing, and keep them active and moving while they play so that they generate a good amount of body heat.

As long as you keep an eye on them and your dog seems happy, then 15 to 30 minute play-periods in the snow should be just fine.