How Much Are Yorkies Without Papers? (Solved & Explained!)

If you want to buy Yorkie puppies without papers you can find one for around $600-800. Currently, the price of licensed Yorkie puppies with papers varies between $1500-$2500. 

You can adopt Yorkie puppies without a license. However, if you are a professional dog breeder and want to enter your dog in various competitions, your dog must be registered with the national dog federation. 

Unregistered dogs cannot participate in any dog shows or competitions as they are not licensed.

What Factors Affect the Price of Yorkshire Terriers?

The Bloodline

The Yorkie bloodline is one of the most important factors in determining the price of a dog. Many things can be learned from the bloodline of your pup, such as whether parents and ancestors comply with racial standards, determining their character and health status.

In purebred dogs, a dog that complies with the breeding standards and has a long line of deciding from purebreds will demand a higher price than those who do not or do not have any evidence as such.

Bloodlines easily prove to the buyer whether a pup is genuine or not. Many dogs in the market are sold as purebreds, but cross-breeding is often revealed down the line and the owner has paid above the market price.

Physical Appearance 

Another factor that affects the price of Yorkies is whether your dog physically meets breed physical standards and appearance.

A dog’s physical conformity to standards means that the dog’s chest width, height and leg length meet the established standards. 

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You can see many dogs whereby the breeders claim they belong to the Yorkie in the market, but some of them are not remotely close to real Yorkies when the breeding standards are considered.


One of the most important things to consider when purchasing your dog is whether or not they have the necessary documents. 

In particular, the registration document issued when your dog is registered reveals your dog’s pedigree. In this way, you can tell whether your dog is a purebred dog or not. 

Health certificates are also very important. When acquiring a pup, you must make sure that all youth vaccinations are completed. Otherwise, they may catch fatal diseases in the future. 

There is a lot of information in the documentation about your dog. Like your dog’s name, birth date, parents, and siblings. 

Documents may also affect how much you pay for pet insurance.

Why Are Papers Important For Yorkies?

If you are buying a certified Yorkie, this is a sign that your dog will have all the expected characteristics of a Yorkie, including temperament and health.

Like all markets, the price of Yorkie pups fluctuates depending on where you are, the demand, and if they have papers. You should expect to pay this price reflection when you receive your puppy and receive your documents as such. 

Is Buying a Licensed Yorkie Worth It?

Registering Yorkies is not only a financial sacrifice but also very tedious in terms of time. 

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Some dog owners search exclusively for unregistered puppies in order to avoid these costs, but they run the risk that their dogs may get sick or face a fatal outcome due to incorrect breeding standards.

However not all unregistered or undocumented Yorkies are sickly, it just means that there is no evidence that your Yorkie is purebred, and there is a high likelihood that other bloodlines will be mixed in there too.

Many people buy their puppies from cheap pet breeders who do not have any scruples when it comes to how they raise the puppies. 

Documenting breeds is one way of clamping down on nefarious breeders who neglect the puppies and their mother for a quick profit.

What Are Breeding Standards?

In order to understand whether a pup is purebred or not, it must comply with a number of breeding standards previously determined by the federation of that breed. 

If your Yorkie physically and characteristically meets their breeding standards and has the right family history, then you have a purebred dog. 

Pedigree bloodlines are passed on to the next generation by the union of two different dogs of the same breed, and so on. In order to determine the bloodline of the dogs registered in the dog federation, a document of genealogy is drawn up from ancestral registration.

In this document, the details of the dog’s 3rd or even 4th ancestors are stored. If any of the Yorkies ancestors won competitions, then the price of that Yorkie will certainly increase, maybe even double.

Is Raising a Yorkie Expensive?

Adopting a Yokie is much more than going to the pet store and purchasing the pup. Any Yorkie you adopt will be a lifelong companion to you and you will spend every moment with them – which also has a price tag.

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While you don’t need to pay a fee to a rescued Yorkie, you should set aside some money for vets’ checks and food. This money can vary between $100-300 per month. 

Taking care of any dog is a very costly business. In addition to food, they need toys for activities, have regular health expenses, and clothes for your Yorkie in cold weather. This can add another $50-$100 to your bill every few months.

These costs are not something that will come to an end. Throughout your Yorkies’ life, you should support them financially to keep them in good health and happiness.

What Costs Costs with Adopting a Yorkie?


When a new Yorkie comes into your home, you should prepare just like you would a newborn baby. Your dog’s place to sleep, toys, food bowls, playground etc. Everything should be ready. 

This is why owning a dog is often seen as having a baby. You need to undertake the necessary care for their comfort and keep your dog’s happiness at the highest level.

Veterinary Expenses

Veterinary visits are one of the biggest expenses. Yorkies are not sickly, but they will need to be flead and wormed every 3-6 months, plus regular health checks to make sure they are in good shape.

They will also need their vaccinations. Most of the vaccinations needed between birth and 3 months should have already been done by the breeder, however, they will require yearly booster vaccinations on top of this, which can cost anywhere between $30 -$60 each depending on where you live.

These vaccines are important to protect your dog from all kinds of deadly diseases. 

Apart from this, you may encounter many additional costs such as nail cutting and grooming, pet clothes, new toys, and so on. 

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