What Level Should a Shock Collar Be On? (Solved!)

Many people struggle to find the right level for their dog or cat shock training collar or invisible fence. If the shock is too low, your pup might just walk through it or ignore your commands. If the shock is too high, your pooch will yelp in pain and fear every time you start training or they approach the invisible boundary. In this article we’ll cover how to set the perfect level for your dog or cat.

What Level Should a Shock Collar Be On?

The level that a shock collar should be on is the one that gets your dog’s attention. You aren’t trying to make them freeze in their tracks or scream in pain. You are trying to get their attention so that they will stop what they are doing and pay attention to you. The level that does this is the right one.

Types of Shock Collar Levels

There are many different types of levels that you can find on a dog shock collar. They will usually start with a warning beep or vibration. From there, the collar will usually include a few static correction levels. Once you get past these initial warning levels, the shock levels start at low and go to high.

How to Find the Right Level

  1. Try it on yourself first to get a good idea of how intense the highest setting really is
  2. Wait until the dog is near to you but not paying close attention to you
  3. Set the device to the lowest level and try it out
  4. If the dog doesn’t notice it, keep moving the stimulation level up until they do
  5. Look for a turn of the head or a twitch of their ear. Stop at the level you get this response at

Purpose of Shock Collar Training

There are a wide number of reasons why you may wish to consider training your pup using a shock collar. For many pups, especially larger ones, it amounts to the same result as a training clicker. Perhaps the biggest difference is that you will be able to get their attention when they are out of hearing range.

Some pups are simply so high spirited that they don’t respond to any other type of training stimuli. Using the shock collar may be the best way to get their attention so that you can ratchet down to other, more gentle methods. A shock collar may also be the best way to keep your pup safely inside of your yard.

Can I Test a Dog Shock Collar on Myself?

You can test the dog collar on yourself to make sure that you aren’t giving your dog too high of a shock. Put it on to see what the initial shock levels feel like. Adjust it upward until you get to the level that you don’t want to move past. If it’s high enough for you, it will definitely be high enough for them.

What Do Shock Collars Feel Like?

Shock collars are designed to do exactly what the name implies. It isn’t fun to get a shock. You should keep it on the lowest level that your dog will respond to so that you don’t harm their health.

Does the Vibration Setting Work?

The vibration setting may be enough to get some dogs to pay attention. It will depend on the age, breed, and personality of your dog. If this is the case, there really won’t be any need to use the shock settings. Sometimes a few good shocks will convince your dog to respond to vibe since they know what’s coming.

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Does the Beep Setting Work?

The beep setting can get a few dogs to pay attention. It will depend on their age, breed, and general personality. If you can’t get your dog to mind you, you may have to move up to a gentle shock. In some cases, a few shocks will be all you need to get them to pay attention to beep since they know what comes next.

Does the Light Flashing Setting Work?

Some electric shock collars also have a light flashing setting. This will help you recognize when the unit needs to have its battery replaced. The light will usually flash red for a few seconds when you turn the unit on. If the unit has plenty of energy, it will usually flash green when you first turn it on.

How Do You Test an E Collar?

The fastest way to test an E-collar will be to place your finger, hand, or arm across both of the contact points. If you feel a shock as soon as you do so, it’s safe to assume that the collar is live and in good operational shape.

What Do Shock Collars Feel Like?

A shock collar isn’t designed to give anyone a good feeling. They deliver a mild to nasty shock, the purpose of which is to give your dog a reason to pay more attention to you. This type of collar should only be used when other methods of training don’t seem to get the point across.

Where Should a Shock Collar Be Placed on a Dog?

A dog shock collar should be placed on the lower side of your dog’s neck, under their chin. This will help to keep the collar securely in place. The main reason to put it here is to keep it from sliding around your dog’s neck and causing injuries.

Can Dogs Wear Shock Collars All the Time?

A dog should never wear an electronic shock collar more than 12 hours at a time. You should also try to reposition the collar every 1 or 2 hours if possible. Never put a leash on a shock collar. This can cause damage to the leads that power the collar. You don’t want your dog getting nasty shocks for no reason.

Can a Shock Collar Kill a Dog?

If you keep the collar at too high a level for too long at a time, it can injure or even kill your dog. Your best bet is always to keep the collar just at the level that your dog responds to you. There is no need to go any higher.