Best Dog Food for German Shepherds w/ Allergies or Skin Problems

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Does your German Shepherd suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin? Whether they’re brought on through the food that they’re eating or some other cause, here are the top five dog foods for German Shepherds with allergies or sensitive skin based on our experience.

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In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Choices

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Top Pick

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Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Sierra Mountain Premium Dry Dog Food takes the spot as the top pick for best German Shepherd dog food for those who have skin allergies.

Things We Like About It

Taste of the Wild earns the spot for top pick because of its carefully curated ingredient list. It’s made from lamb and other high-quality ingredients.

It intends to mimic the diet of wolves or wild canines. It’s also grainless, so if you’re worried about feeding grains to your German Shepherd, then this dog food hits that mark as well.

Lamb is an important ingredient because it helps your dog build strong muscles. Because German Shepherds are working dogs, they need all of the muscle development that they can receive.

It also doesn’t add in any fillers or use artificial flavors. Taste of the Wild also doesn’t use artificial preservatives.

Runner Up

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food, Whitefish & Sweet Potato takes the spot as our runner-up.

Things We Like About It

For those who prefer to feed their dog’s fish, then this dog food is the best one to feed them. This dog food also limits how many ingredients are actually used.

This means that your dog receives the fish-based meal without taking in anything that might cause bloat or other unpleasant side effects. They receive the nutrients that they need and nothing else.

It also comes packed full of nutrients to ensure that your dog doesn’t develop any nutrient deficiencies. This can help ensure that their skin remains healthy.

Also, to prevent skin allergies, this food doesn’t have any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Best for Budget – Dry Dog Food for German Shepherds

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food is great dog food for skin allergies at an even greater price.

Things We Like About It

A lot of skin and food allergies arise because of the long list of ingredients in a dog’s meal. A lot of those ingredients are often by-products or artificial and can cause them a lot of health problems.

This dog food from the Rachael Ray line has just six ingredients. With an emphasis on wholesome food, this affordable dog food is a great choice for German Shepherds with skin allergies.

It’s number one ingredient is lamb which makes the meal a tasty treat for most dogs. You can also get a bag that has brown rice to help with a sensitive stomach as well.

Best for Shepherds with Sensitive Stomachs

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Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Dog Food & Wet Dog Food is a great choice for those who have German Shepherds who have both skin allergies and a sensitive stomach.

Things We Like About It

Most know that when their dogs are having digestive problems or if their tummies aren’t feeling well to feed them rice. This recipe from Purina takes rice and salmon and offers up dog food that can help keep your dog’s stomach relaxed and happy while helping with their skin allergies.

Many German Shepherds love the taste of rice and salmon. That means your dog will easily take in the food that is easy for them to digest.

Both rice and salmon are extremely easy for dogs to digest, so it will help clear their digestive system out and soothe their stomachs. It also contains glucosamine-rich ingredients which are great for your German Shepherd’s joints.

Best Whole Grain Option

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Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food with Grains is a great choice for pet owners who like to include grains in their dog’s meal.

Things We Like About It

There is a lot of talk about whether or not grains are good for a dog. If you’re a pet owner who thinks that grains are good, then this dog food could be an excellent option for you.

This formula from Natural Balance helps keep the ingredient list limited. That’s a great option for pet owners who have German Shepherds with skin allergies because it means there’s less to be allergic to overtime.

They also use lamb as their main ingredient which means it has plenty of protein and amino acids to keep your dog strong and healthy. The grains come from brown rice which can help your dog’s digestive system.

It’s also made for dogs of all ages, so whether your German Shepherd is a puppy or an adult, they can benefit from this formula.


What are the most common food allergies for German Shepherds?

Surprisingly enough, one of the most common food allergies for dogs is beef. This is because beef is commonly used in most dog foods.

When you feed something to your dog for many years, it’s natural for the body to develop an allergic reaction to it. One good way to help prevent your German Shepherd from developing an allergy to beef is to switch up their diet with other meats.

Another food allergy is dairy. Much like humans, dogs can be lactose intolerant.

What to look for in high-quality dog foods?

One of the very first aspects that you should examine in your dog’s food is the animal ingredient that’s used. You’re going to want something that provides a lot of protein.

That animal protein should also be named. You never want to buy something that just says, “animal product” or “animal byproduct.”

It’s also acceptable to have an animal protein meal provided that there is also fresh meat that’s used in the ingredients.

Finally, the best high-quality dog foods have expiration dates. Try to find one that has a six-month expiration date at least.

What nutrients do German Shepherd puppies need?

Because German Shepherds grow to be strong and muscular dogs, their diet when they’re puppies is extremely important. If you want a healthy adult, then you need to start feeding them high-quality meals when they’re puppies.

In particular, German Shepherd puppies need a lot of protein. It needs to be high-quality protein like lamb or fish-based.

They also typically eat more than less active dogs. Their daily calorie intake should be around 1740 and 2100 calories.

Within their dog food, the protein amount should be around 22%. Puppies also need a diet to contain 8% fat.

What nutrients do German Shepherd adults need?

Just like puppies, adult German Shepherds need a lot of protein. While their muscles may have already been developed, they still require a lot of protein to keep those muscles strong and healthy.

They’ll take the same kind of calories as puppies. However, they need 5% fat instead of 8% in their diet.

German Shepherds grow quickly, so you’ll need to make sure that they’re receiving the correct amount of protein and vegetables a day. It might be a good idea to include meals now and then that are fish-based, so your German Shepherd can receive a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

What foods and ingredients can German Shepherds never eat?

Like most dogs, you should never feed additives, fillers, or artificial preservatives to your dog. You should also never feed them avocados or plums.

Garlic, onions, and chives should also be avoided.

How can food heal common issues for German Shepherds?

Rice is easy for dogs to digest and can be used to help dogs with digestive problems or sensitive stomachs.

Omega-3 fatty acids and oil from fish can also help with dry and itchy skin.

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