How Does a Pet Food Dispenser Work? (Gravity vs Microchip vs Timer)

A pet food dispenser is a device that automatically dispenses dry or wet pet food to pets at predetermined time intervals. The different types of pet food dispensers work in different ways and each type has its own pros and cons.
There are 3 main types of automatic feeders available: gravity fed, microchip activated, and timer activated. In this article, we’ll cover how each works and which is right for your pet.

How Does a Gravity Feeder Work?

A gravity feeder works by detecting how much food is left in the bowl after your pet has finished its meal. It will then automatically refill the bowl. The idea is to detect the motion made by your pet while they are eating their meal. The mechanism works automatically. You usually have no control over the process.

How Does a Microchip Feeder Work?

A microchip pet feeder works by communicating directly with your pet’s Microchip ID. It can also speak to a special RFID collar tag that you may place on your pet. Either way, can be used in order to communicate directly with the feeder you have chosen. The chip will open the feeder for each specific pet to make use of.

How Does a Video Camera Feeder Work?

A video camera feeder is a type of smart pet feeder that also includes video camera surveillance. It works in much the same way as a normal type of smart pet feeder. You can use it to schedule feeding times for your pets. You can control the amount of food supplied as well as the portions that are given to your pets.

Many of the new types of video camera feeders can be accessed, controlled, and monitored via your personal smartphone. This allows you to make sure that your pet is properly fed at the correct times of day. A video camera feeder allows you to communicate directly to your pet so that they know you’re still there.

How Does a Timer Feeder Work?

A timer feeder allows you to choose the precise times of day at which your pets will be fed. You can punch in the times you wish feedings to be dispensed. You can also control the amount of food that is kept in the feeder. Finally, you can determine in advance the size of each portion that will be fed to your pets.

Once you have set the mechanism to run, you can access, control, and monitor it via your phone. The idea here will be to make sure that the feeder is working in the correct fashion. You can use your phone to check in with the feeder as well as your pet. This will let you know that they are being fed properly on time.

How Does an Automatic Pet Feeder Work?

There are many different types of automatic pet feeder for you to choose from. For example, a gravity pet feeder works by sensing when the food dish is being emptied by your pet. When they finish feeding, the machine will automatically fill the bowl back up. This type of feeder is independent. You can’t control it.

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There are other types of feeders, such as video and timer feeders. These work more on the principle of allowing you to arrange in advance the amount of food that will be dispensed. You can control the portion of each serving. Finally, you can also control when the food is dispensed and watch while it happens.

When Would You Use Each Type of Feeder?

If you are a pet owner on a bit of a budget, it may be best for you to employ a simple gravity feeder. If you have a bit more to spare on your pet, it would probably be a good idea to make the jump to a video or timer feeder. These will give you more control over the portions as well as more access to your pets.

Are Automatic Pet Feeders Good?

Automatic pet feeders are a good way to keep your pet fed and watered during the times when you can’t be there to handle this task yourself. If you buy one with a video monitor, you can even pop in to greet them when the machine goes into action. For this reason, they come in very handy to feed and reassure your pet.

Do Automatic Pet Feeders Attract Bugs?

It is true that an automatic pet feeder can attract bugs if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent it. Your best bet is to use ant-proof dog bowls and place the bowls themselves inside a water dish. This will be the best way to make sure that your feeder does not fall prey to an invasion of insect pests.

How Do I Make a Pet Food Dispenser?

You don’t necessarily have to go to a store or order off the web to find a pet food dispenser. You can actually make one yourself out of some very simple and easily available materials for a low price. There are a number of videos on the web that can help you make your very own automatic food dispenser for your pets.

How Do I Train My Dog to Use an Automatic Feeder?

Your dog may be afraid of the feeder at first. The best thing to do is leave it next to their food bowl for a week. Let them get food from both the feeder and the bowl. Put their favorite treat in the feeder so that they can get used to it and not fear it anymore.

How Do I Train My Cat to Use an Automatic Feeder?

The best thing to do with a cat is leave the feeder next to their bowl for a week or so. Put a bit of food in each so that the cat can get used to it.

How Long Does a Pet Feeder Last?

The answer to this question will vary with the type of feeder that is used. How often you choose to use your feeder will also play a part. In most cases, a pet feeder that is used on a day to day basis can last anywhere from 8 months to a single year. You can adjust the feeding times to help your model last longer.