Microchip Pet Feeder with Timer: Our Top 4

A microchip pet feeder with timer is a practical tool that will guarantee that your pet has access to food when you’re not around. However, finding the right one for your furry baby might not be an easy job. 

In this article, we’ll review some of the best automatic feeders. This way, you can guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet all the time. 

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Reviews of the Best Microchip Pet Feeders with Timers

Here are our top picks.

1. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFlap Sure Petcare SureFeed - Microchip Pet Feeder - Automatic Pet Feeder Makes Meal Times Stress-Free, MPF001
  • DO YOU HAVE A HOUSE FULL OF PETS: Does one cat steal the others cat food... Stressful Feeding times... The selective feeder uses the pets Microchip ID or by wearing a lightweight RFID collar tag to communicate with the feeder and open for that specific pet. Feeders come standard with one tag; additional collar tags can be purchased separately. Ideally one feeder per pet.
  • GREAT FOR PETS ON PRESCRIPTION DIETS: Holds 13.5 fl. oz, wet or dry pet food. The lid closes to form a seal with the neoprene lip, helping to retain moisture and to keep food fresh.
  • KEY BENEFITS: Prevents food stealing and stress at mealtimes in multi-pet homes, keeps your pets healthier by controlling portions and helping keep weight under control. The selective pet feeder helps save money by not overfeeding expensive prescription foods and helping to avoid vet bills related to pet health conditions.
  • MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter or animal rescue. Automatic Cat Feeder opens when the assigned pet microchip ID approaches, and closes when it moves away. Simple one button programming. VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The SureFlap Microchip Pet Feeder is a great gift for pet lovers and cat lovers – making happier mealtimes for all. THREE YEAR WARRANTY.

Spending a long time at the office? Going away for the weekend? This will never be a problem because this microchip pet feeder will help regulate your pet’s feeding time to keep him or her well-nourished even when you’re not home.

This is an excellent solution for multi-pet households as it automatically opens when the pet with the right microchip approaches. When your pet is done eating, it will automatically close to prevent overfeeding and competition during feeding time. 

If your pet is on a diet, or if you want to prevent food stealing, this will be the right pet feeder for you. It holds up to 13.5 ounces of dry or wet food, and the compartment is sealed with a neoprene lid that keeps the food fresh. The airtight storage room keeps food fresh and ready for use. 

The parts aren’t dishwasher safe. There’s no mechanism that prevents other pets from approaching the feeder from the side to eat food.

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What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Various parts aren’t dishwasher safe.
  • Pets can still come from the sides and eat food.

2. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs–Features: Distribution Alarms, Portion Control, Voice Recorder, & Programmable Timer for up to 4 Meals per Day
  • FEED YOUR PET WHILE YOU’RE AWAY - Schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day using the built-in programmable timer. Program each meal time with a few button clicks on an easy to use LCD screen. Control food portions from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding. NEVER MISS A FEEDING. The WOpet feeder is wall powered and/or battery powered. In case of a power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries to assure your pet gets fed (batteries not included).
  • CONTROL PORTION SIZE OF EACH FEEDING - Dispense anywhere from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups dry food per feeding to sustain any size animal. You can program a unique portion size for each automatic feeding, allowing you to ESTABLISH REGULAR EATING ROUTINES throughout the day without any stress.
  • RECORD A CUSTOM MESSAGE FOR YOUR PET - Keep your pet excited about meal times! Press and hold the mic button for three seconds to begin recording a message to be played as each feeding dispenses. (e.g. Here, Fido! Come and eat, boy! Good doggy.)
  • OPERATING TIPS - Suitable for dry food only, with the food pellet size ranging from 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter; up to 4 meals a day. The removable hygienic feeding tray is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. LARGE STORAGE COMPARTMENT - The main food storage compartment can hold up to 20 CUPS of food and is removable for easy cleaning and refilling.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Customizable Feeder Great for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals of Various Sizes.Provide a interesting living for your pet with our WOPET pet feeder!24-hour professional service center and 365 day technical support.

This automatic feeder allows you to control the amount and time of food, depending on your pet’s needs. You can set up to 4 meals using the built-in timer and the LCD. You can control the amount from 2 tablespoons up to 4.5 cups of food, so it’s a good choice for smaller and bigger pets.

You can either plug it into a power source or use 3 D-cell alkaline batteries to keep it working. Moreover, you can record a custom message to keep your pet excited about feeding time when you’re not around. This will keep your pet motivated and reduce stress if you’re away. 

Operating with infrared detection technology, no food will be stuck or spilled. There are 2 models available, one for smaller pets and one for larger pets. 

The storage compartment is big enough to hold 20 cups or 7 liters of food, but it’s only suitable for dry food. It’s removable for easy refilling and cleaning. The feeding tray is dishwasher-safe. 

What We Like

  • Dual-operating automatic feeder.
  • Adjustable meal size and timing.
  • Voice recording function to encourage your pet.
  • Infrared detection to prevent clogging and overfeeding.

What We Don’t Like

  • It only works with dry food.

3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder - 24 Cups (5.7 L, 1.2 gal) Capacity Pet Food Dispenser with Slow Feed and Portion Control (12 Meals per day) - Includes Stainless Steel Bowl
  • SCHEDULE YOUR PET'S MEALS: Conveniently schedule up to 12 meals per day for your cat or dog; best for cats and small to medium sized dogs
  • FLEXIBLE PORTIONS: Schedule 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal depending on your pet’s unique needs; requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included) or power adaptor (adaptor sold separately)
  • WORKS WITH MOST KIBBLE: Feeder works with dry and semi-moist pet kibble that is up to 3/4 inch in diameter
  • SLOW FEED OPTIONS: For pets who tend to eat too quickly, schedule meals larger than 1/8 cup to slowly dispense over 15 minutes
  • PET-PROOF: The feeder is designed to keep prying paws from sneaking food before scheduled mealtimes

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With the help of this automatic feeder, you can set up to 12 meals for your cat or dog. The amount can be scheduled from 1/8 of a cup up to 4 cups, depending on your little baby’s size and age. It also features a slow-feeding option that would work if your pet is on a strict diet or if they suffer from an upset stomach when they eat too fast.

The dispenser is clear to let you know that it’s time for refilling. At the same time, it’s pet-proof, so your pet can’t gain access to more food than the amount you’ve scheduled.

It’s made of BPA-free materials, and the plastic and stainless steel materials are dishwasher-safe. This feeder is battery-operated, using 4 D-cell alkaline batteries. It’s travel-friendly, and the batteries can last up to 9 months.

Setting it up is easy, thanks to the built-in LCD and timer. It’s suitable for multiple pets.

However, you can’t adjust the feeding program, unless you remove the batteries because there’s no reset button. Using this feeder can be a little difficult because the instructions are quite confusing.

What We Like

  • Automatic feeder that works for multiple pets.
  • Adjustable amount of food for up to 12 meals per day.
  • Parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.
  • Travel-friendly battery-operated feeder.

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t adjust the program. 
  • The instructions are confusing.

4. Roffie Food Dispenser for Small Pets

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This food dispenser will keep your pet well-nourished if you’re away for 2 up to 4 days thanks to the 7-liter storage compartment. You can set up 4 meals per day and record a special custom message to encourage your little furry baby to eat. 

Thanks to the programmable timer and 2 dispensers, you can adjust the amount of food in 5 or 10 grams increments. The feeder will keep on working in case of a power outage because it works using 3 D-cell alkaline batteries. The feeding tray is made of plastic, but it’s not dishwasher-safe.

The top lock design prevents your pets from changing any of the settings when you’re away. The infrared detector prevents the clogging of the chute. It’s suitable for cats, dogs, and all small pets. Reading the screen is a bit difficult because it’s dim. 

What We Like

  • Can hold food for several days.
  • Food amount can be adjusted in 5 or 10 grams increments. 
  • Powered by electricity or battery. 
  • Top lock design to prevent pets from changing settings.

What We Don’t Like

  • The screen is difficult to read.
  • Not dishwasher-safe.

Wrap Up

If you’re planning to spend some time away from home, or simply want to keep an eye on your pet’s feeding habits, you should invest in a microchip pet feeder with a timer. These products help you set the time and amount of food that your pet has access to throughout the day.

We chose the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder style=”font-weight: 400;”> as our top choice because you can use it to regulate feeding time and quantity for multiple pets. It’s also suitable for dry and wet food. Luckily, there are other options on our list that you might like if this one doesn’t work for you.