Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Problems And Troubleshooting

If your Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder isn’t working, then there are a few problems it may have. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot them to resolve those issues.

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1. Check the Batteries

According to the Surefeed official website, you should first begin the installation of the feeder by inserting the batteries. Check the batteries to make sure they’re new. You’ll need 4 C batteries to power the feeder. They’re inserted on the bottom.

Sometimes batteries can become dislodged. When this happens, the battery is unable to power the feeder. Batteries that are low on power may also be unable to power the feeder efficiently. You should check the life of your batteries or ensure they’re properly installed.

We recommend these 4 C batteries if you need to replace yours.

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2. Register Your Cat

Before the feeder can be used normally, it needs to register your pet’s microchip. Pressing the symbol with a cat and a plus sign will activate the registration process. You should see a green light flash.

Once the light stops flashing, you’ll know that the feeder has successfully registered your pet’s microchip. They need to be close to the bowl or eating from it during this time. The product is able to be used after this point and should be working.

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Cat getting scanned for microchip

3. Removing Registration

If it still isn’t working, then you may want to clear its memory. To do this, you need to hold down the symbol with the cat and plus sign for 10 seconds. You should notice green and red lights flashing. Once it stops flashing, the memory is purged.

You’ll need to register any of your pets again before using the feeder.

Video – Quick Surefeed Troubleshooting


Surefeed Flashing Orange Light

If you notice an orange light, then that means you’re using the training mode. This mode is to help your cat learn how to use the microfeeder safely. Since cats are naturally skittish of things that move, they may require some help in warming up to the feeder. That’s where the training mode can help.

You can begin training mode by pressing the FN button on the feeder. It will flash orange. At this point, the lid will remain open. This part of the training process is just to introduce the feeder to your pet.

Click the button again once they’re feeding from the bowl normally. The orange light will flash again. At this point, the feeder will start to open a little and close a little each time the pet uses it. It will not open or close fully to prevent them from becoming frightened.

Once your pet is comfortable with the slight movement, click the button a final time. This will close and open the lid according to your pet’s proximity with their microchip. After a while, the feeder will switch to daily mode and the feeder will work normally.

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Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Flashing Red

If the feeder has flashing red lights, then it means the batteries are low. You can change the batteries by removing the bowl from the feeder and turning the feeder upside down. The flaps that cover the batteries are easily removed.

You can remove the batteries safely and replace them with fresh batteries. Once the new batteries are inserted, the flashing red lights should stop. The feeder is ready to be used again.

In addition, you may notice a red flashing light that’s mixed with a green flashing light. This occurs when you’re erasing the memory on the feeder.

Pet microchip on finger

Surefeed Warranty

According to the Surefeed website, the Microchip pet products carry a 3-year warranty that begins from the purchase date. You will need to provide proof of purchase. When activating your warranty, you’ll need to provide the company with the product name and the date on which you purchased it. You’ll also need to include the location from which you purchased the product.

Other information that you’ll need to provide is your contact information. That includes your name and email address, as well as, your home address.

They also ask for other information about you like how likely you are to recommend the company to other people and information about your pet.

It helps to have the serial number of your product on hand when speaking with the customer care service members. You can find the serial number on the back of your feeder.

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Dog getting scanned for microchip

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Manual

The manual is broken up into a few different sections. When you purchase the feeder, you should receive a manual with it.

If you don’t, then you can find it online here. Just check the serial number on your unit and choose the right manual (instructions are on the page at that link).

1. What’s Included in the Box

The first page of the manual includes what you should find in your package. Inside of the box should be the feeder, a grey bowl, a split bowl, a mat that’s grey, and a SureFlap RFID collar tag. This collar is necessary if your pet doesn’t have a microchip.

2. Lights and Buttons

The next page of the manual goes into detail about the lights and buttons on the feeder. The two arrows pointing up and down allow you to manually open and close the lid for cleaning purposes. The cat with a plus sign allows you to register a pet to the system. Finally, the FN button is the training function.

As for the lights, the flashing green light indicates that it’s in learning mode. A constant green light means that the device is running correctly. A flashing orange light means the feeder is in training mode. The flashing red light means that the batteries are low.

3. Multiple Pet Training

Those who have multiple pets also receive advice on how to train them. It goes into further detail about training cautious pets with the feeder.

Surefeed Remove Pet

You’re unable to remove a pet individually from the memory of the feeder. To remove a pet, you have to restore the feeder back to its factory settings. As a result, all of the registered pets will be forgotten. This requires you to register them again.

To remove a pet, you just press the cat with a plus sign symbol next to it button. Hold this button down for 10 seconds. The feeder should return to its factory settings.

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