Why Do Dogs Sit on Top of Their Dog Houses? (Solved & Explained!)

Dogs are very territorial, so when your dog is sitting on top of their dog house then they are not only establishing ‘this house is mine’, but they are situating themselves in a high-place that gives them an excellent view of their own territory so that they can spot and deal with any intruders.

In this article we’ll answer some of the most common behavioral questions when it comes to dogs, such as why they stare, what it means when a dog shows you their back, and more. Find the answers to these questions and more by reading on!

What does it mean when a dog sits on top of another dog?

When an older dog sits on top of another dog, in most cases what you are seeing is that the ‘top dog’ is establishing dominance. This isn’t always the case, however, as in the winter you if you have more than one dog it’s not uncommon to see them pile up on each other for warmth.

In most cases, however, it’s a show of pack dominance.

Why do dogs like to be high up?

Dogs often do this simply to be closer to us, but that is not the only reason. Dogs will often choose a high point because it gives them a better view of their territory and they are looking to protect us. Finally, dogs will sometimes choose a high area when they are stressed.

If your dog suddenly takes a ‘high position’ and this is not common behavior for them, then they may be upset or anxious and you should investigate why.

Why do dogs like to lay on top of the couch?

Dogs love to be comfortable, just like we do, and the couch is a place that also happens to be one where you spend a lot of time yourself. By hopping on the couch, your dog knows that they can spend time with you in relative comfort in a place where both your scents and theirs are comingled.

Why do dogs love dog houses?

Dogs love having a space of their own and they are naturally den animals. The inside of a dog house is not too large and not too small… but just right. Dog houses provide your dog with a place to go when they are stressed or when the weather gets bad. It gives them a private space to chew on their toys.

Just as we like having our own private nooks, dogs love having their own dog house.

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Do dogs sleep together?

Yes, dogs like to sleep together, and its instinctive behavior for them. Dogs are pack animals and as such, being in close proximity to you and to each other comes naturally to them. This starts when they are pups and carries on well into adulthood.

Watch your dogs in winter and you’ll see, they’ll pile up together for warmth every time that it gets chilly.

What does it mean when a dog jumps on another dog’s back?

When this happens, it is one of 3 things. It could be play, for instance, or your dog may be sexually frustrated. It may also simply be a way of showing dominance, which is also quite common. Dogs are pack animals and dominance play decides where they stand in the pack, so this is very common behavior to see.

Why does my dog stare at me?

Staring is most commonly simply a form of affection. Your dog is looking at you with adoration and love. Staring can also be a way to get your attention, however, to ask you to let them go outside or to share that tasty snack that they see you enjoying.

It’s all about the context, but dogs are indeed very expressive with their eyes.

Why do dogs sleep at your feet?

In some cases, this is just your dog wanting to be close to you, so they will find a nice spot at your feet, curl up, and get comfortable. In other cases, however, this is just an expression of pack mentality, where your dog is ceding authority by sleeping at your feet.

Finally, some dogs do this so that they are in a good position to protect you, as this puts them in a good position to ‘spring into action’ if needed.

Why does my dog sleep on me and not my wife?

In most cases, this means that your dog feels that you are a better match with them than your wife, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of convenience. If you like to lay on your back, but your wife likes to lay on her side, then it’s simply easier for the dog to lay on you.

You should be able to tell by determining who the dog spends the most time with when both of you are home.

Why does my dog sleep behind me?

This is just your dog bonding with you and demonstrating natural pack behavior. Packs of dogs tend to sleep close, for warmth and for protection, and from your dog’s point of view you are likely the pack alpha and so they want to sleep close to you.

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Take it as a compliment. Your dogs loves and trusts you and wants to be close.

Why do dogs sit in your spot when you get up?

Your dog likes these spots because you have just made them warm! Aside from the warmth, this spot also smells like you, and this makes your dog feel very comfortable and safe. This is the same reason why they are always trying to get on the bed and other places that we frequent.

They like having our scents nearby and the incidental warmth.

What does it mean when a dog sits with his back to you?

When your dog sits with his back to you, he is showing complete trust. For animals, presenting your back to a stranger is a potential death sentence, and by doing this your dog is showing that they understand you will not attack them. It’s essentially a high token of trust.