How Much Does A Dog House Cost? (Solved & Explained!)

There are many different types of dog houses and the average cost for one ranges from $25 to $1500 depending on the size, material that its made from, and the amenities that are included with it.  

Dog houses can range from cheap and sufficient to grand and over the top. Depending on what type of experience you want your dog to have will determine your price point for the dog house. 

Continue reading on to learn more about why you should consider a dog house for your pup, different types of dog houses and the average cost of each. 

Should My Dog Have A Dog House? 

Everyone adores their pet dogs and is willing to go to any length to make their lives more pleasant and easy. Whether you have a smaller breed or an adult breed dog at home, it needs its own place for resting, eating, jumping, playing, and other activities. Even though dogs are man’s best friend, they require privacy from time to time. 

If your dog enjoys spending time outside, he needs a decent dog house for his enjoyment, health, and well-being. Choosing the ideal home that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry at all times, needs careful consideration and preparation. 

How to Choose the Right Dog House 

So, what qualities do you look for in a dog house? Do you want a simple one or one that is insulated to protect your pet from colder temperatures? To begin with, the most significant factor is size. Large dogs require larger dog houses. Your pet must be able to fit inside comfortably. All the features in the world will not help him or her if he or she cannot fit. Your dog should be able to easily stand, turn around, and lie down. 

Choosing the proper materials for your location and climate is the second most crucial factor. When it comes to popular dog house choices, the construction is going to most likely be made of two materials: wood or plastic. 

Those looking for a beautiful and sophisticated tiny housing for their dog can find new designs in both plastic and wood materials. However, when it comes to weather conditions, wood for dog housing is the finest choice. 

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Although the plastic is lovely, it is not ideal for both the winter and summer seasons. There is no insulation that is available through the cold, winter season and plastic has a tendency to hold a lot of heat throughout the summer, making the dog house almost unbearable to be in. 

Wooden vs. Plastic Dog House: The Cost 

While we do recommend only going with a wooden dog house, there is a cost factor to consider when comparing the two materials. Plastic dog houses are going to be a lot cheaper at every size than the wooden model dog houses. Plastic dog houses can start as low as $25 for small ones and go into the hundreds of dollars for large and fancier ones. 

Wooden dog houses however are much more expensive in all sizes. This is because wooden dog houses rely on the lumber market prices and currently those prices are some of the highest that they have ever been. Rising inflation and COVID-19 has caused instability in the lumber market. This has caused lumber prices to jump to levels not seen before.  

Wooden dog houses can start from $100 and go up from there. Depending on the amenities that come with the dog house, it can cost upwards into the thousands of dollars for a large dog to have a comfortable resting place.  

Some designer dog houses, like the ultra extravagant one that Neiman Marcus released several years ago, commanded an almost $70,000 price tag! While this is totally unnecessary, those who find them flush with cash and in love with their dog might find that dog house calling their name. 

Extra Amenities 

Some luxury features are more functional than luxurious, such as an elevated floor, which will aid in parasite control and lessen the likelihood of flooding. Floor pads, made of heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric, give further insulation and comfort to the interior of the home. 

Weather flaps or doors also serve to break the wind and rain. A hinged roof simplifies cleaning for the owner, and moveable windows can provide comfort and ventilation throughout the hot months. Our recommendation is to splurge on these extras but consider them essential. This is especially true if you have a pup that likes to be outside for extended periods of time. 

Build Your Own Dog House 

If you like the safety and security of prebuilt wooden dog houses but are not a fan of the price tag, you may find that building your own dog house can provide the quality you are looking for at a more acceptable price point. 

There are many different plans available online, both paid and free versions, that will guide you in building your own dog house. You can do this more cost effectively by using reclaimed or recycled wood, thrifted hardware, or by using other construction scraps such as roofing tiles, carpet remnants, or insulation.  

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Building your own dog house is a great way to ensure that the dog house you build is plenty big enough for your dog, has all of the amenities that your pup needs, and you save a little money in the process. Reusing old shipping pallets from stores is a great way to get heavily discounted or even completely free wood. 

If you recycled most of your building materials, you could theoretically build your own dog house for free. Will that always be the case? Probably not. But building your own dog house has the potential for you to reduce your bill for the project to almost nothing.  

Other Considerations before Buying a Dog House 

Before you decide to buy, or build, your dog house, be sure that you have everything set up and ready to go. You’ll need to consider the location of the dog house. Be sure that you are putting it somewhere that is safe, away from pooling or flooding waters, and accessible to your dog. 

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be ready to purchase or build your dog the dream house he deserves!