Do Dogs Need Houses? (Solved & Explained!)

While indoor dogs don’t necessarily need a dog house in the backyard, for outside dogs this is something which is absolutely vital. Your dog needs shelter from the elements if they are living outside and the dog house will keep them warm and dry when it’s rainy or cold outside. Your outside dog definitely needs a house.

In this article we’ll address what is needed in a dog house, where dogs should sleep at night, and other popular questions from across the web. Let’s take a look at the facts that you need when housing your dog!

Do dogs still live in dog houses?

Yes, dogs still live in dog houses all over the world. It’s fine for a dog to live outside, provided that you feed them, give them shelter, and follow it up with lots of love.

The dog house should be insulated and well ventilated and have some bedding inside for your dog to sleep on, as well as have some toys to help them pass the time.

What is needed in a dog house?

Dogs don’t need much to be happy. The inside of the dog house needs to have bedding in the form of blankets, some straw or hay, or even some wood shavings such as pine or cedar will do.

The wood shavings give you an added bonus of keeping insects away and make your dog smell a little nicer, so this is a popular option with many dog owners. Beyond this, just add some toys and your dog will be happy!

Are dog houses insulated?

All dog houses should be insulated. This will help to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and the type of insulation makes a difference. Basic insulation might make the inside of the dog house 10 degrees warmer than the outside, but superior insulation could make it 20 degrees warmer or more!

Where do you put a dog house?

Ideally, you want to place the dog house in an area that gets shade for most of the day. Some people put them against the house wall in order to minimize winds, as well.

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 It is also important to make sure that the dog house is close to the house proper – if it’s too far away, then your dog may refuse to use the house.

Can a house dog survive outside?

Provided that you do not live somewhere with extreme weather (unless you bring the dogs in during this time), then a medium or large breed dog can live quite happily outside. This is not recommended for smaller breeds, however, who are not as hardy and are likely to become ill if kept outside all of the time.

Are dog houses warm?

On average, a dog house is going to be approximately 10 degrees warmer than the outside, but better insulation can raise that number to 20 degrees or more. You can also maximize interior warmth with the addition of extra bedding.

Filling the empty space means that there is less interior area to heat and your dog will expend fewer calories keeping warm.

How warm should a dog house be?

Your dog is most comfortable in the winter at a range of 68 to 72 degrees. While this is an unrealistic target unless are employing a dog house heater, you should shoot for as close to this as you can get. At temperatures under 45, non-winter breed dogs start to suffer in the cold and may become sick.

Be sure to use the best insulation that you can, along with extra bedding, and bring your dog in when it gets too cold outside – they can suffer hypothermia just like we can and you don’t want to risk that.

Where should dogs sleep at night?

The ideal place for dogs to sleep is going to be your bedroom, whether it be in a crate or in a doggy bed that you’re made or purchased. If this is not possible, then a well-insulated and ventilated doghouse with plenty of warm bedding and toys is also an option for your dog’s sleeping arrangements.

The bedroom is still the best, however, and with larger breeds it offers additional security for you and your family.

Do dogs like indoor dog houses?

Dogs love indoor houses. Giving your dog a space that they can call their own has a number of benefits. When your dog doesn’t like the company that’s visiting, it gives them a place to go, and it also serves as a handy napping spot during the day or a place to chew a new toy away from the pesky housecat.

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Go with a mobile crate and it will double as transportation when you need it to, making that indoor dog house a very practical investment indeed.

How do I get my dog to use his dog house?

Fill the new doghouse with lots of comfortable bedding and interesting toys, making sure that your dog see you tossing the toys inside so that they will be curious. If this doesn’t tempt them closer, toss in a few treats as well and stand away to let them explore the house on their own.

Once they see that it’s comfortable inside then most dogs will eventually want to take a break from play to nap inside.

Why will my dog not go in his doghouse?

If your dog doesn’t want to go into their dog house, then consider where it is placed. More often than not, if a dog house is placed too far away from the house proper, then a dog will not consider it an acceptable place to go.

Dogs want to be close to us and to protect us and your dog won’t spend time in a dog house if they think this compromises their ability to do so. Move the house closer and see what happens!