Why Are Dog Houses So Expensive? (Solved & Explained!)

Dog house prices are like anything else, it’s all a matter of size, materials, and features. Some dog houses have electric heaters, for instance, or use expensive insulation. Other models might come with windows so that your dog can peep outside. It all depends on exactly what you want in a doghouse.

For the remainder of this article we’re going to tell you more about building dog houses and answer questions like ‘what is the most expensive doghouse’ and whether or not it’s okay for a dog to live outside. We’ve compiled the most popular questions on the subject being asked this week, so read on to find out more!

Is a dog house worth it?

If you have an indoor dog, then they will still love a doghouse, but it’s not a necessity. With an outdoor dog, however, it is vital to have a doghouse. It should be well-insulated and ventilated and filled with comfortable bedding, so that your dog has a place to go to get out of the elements and to stay warm.

Filling the empty space with a little extra bedding is an easy way to make it warmer, as your dog will have less interior space to warm-up with their body heat.

How much does an average dog house cost?

Dog house prices will vary greatly, depending on the size and features, so prices can range from as low as $70 to as much as $8000+.

That said, the average cost of a doghouse is approximately $310 to get the basics that you need to keep your dog warm and cozy when it starts to get chilly outside and to keep them cool in the summer.

What is the most expensive house in a dog?

The most expensive doghouse in the world is probably the one that belongs to Paris Hilton, who houses her dogs in a miniature replica of her mansion. This doghouse definitely cost a pretty penny, as it is valued at $325,000 and includes features such as a balcony, air conditioning, and even a chandelier.

Don’t let that worry you, however. Your dog just needs a solid roof, insulation, ventilation, and comfortable bedding to stay perfectly warm and happy inside!

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Are dog houses bad for dogs?

Dogs love having a space of their own and a dog house is a great thing for them – provided that you keep an eye on the weather. At temperatures below 45, thin=coated dogs start to get chilly, and at 32 or below temperatures become dangerous for dogs.

Provided that you pay attention to this and bring your dogs inside when it gets too cold, there’s nothing wrong with letting your dog live in a dog house.  

Can a dog sleep in a dog house?

Yes, your dog can sleep in a doghouse, just be sure to being them in when it gets too cold or if it’s dangerously hot outside. A well-insulated and ventilated doghouse with comfortable bedding inside will keep your dog comfortable and dry and they’ll be able to get plenty of exercise in the yard as they like.

Just be sure to spend lots of time with your dog, as too much alone time is bad for these pack animals and can lead to separation anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.

How do I make a dog house on a budget?

Plywood is one of the cheapest wood options, so you can purchase a sheet of it to make a box house for your dog. You should first measure your dog from nose to tail and the house needs to be 25% longer than this measurement and 10% wider than this measurement.

Measure from feet to shoulders and this will tell you how big the entrance should be.  After you’ve built the box structure, you can insulate it cheaply by cutting up Styrofoam into sheets for the wall and the ceiling and use rubber mats to help insulate the floor.

How do you build a modern dog house?

If you are looking to build a more modern-style doghouse, the first step is going to be superior insulation. Quality insulation traps heat in the winter and keeps the house cool in the summer, and the right insulation can make a difference of 25 degrees or more!

Fans may be installed for extra cooling and for winter month, heat lamps or even heaters designed for doghouses can help to ensure that your dog is quite comfortable living outside in their own home.

How much does it cost to build a dog kennel?

If you are building a dog kennel to house dogs for profit or because you own a large number of dogs, then expect to spend a pretty penny in the process. For instance, housing 16 dogs in a 30 foot by 40 foot kennel will likely cost you approximately $15,000 to build up to proper specifications.

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A 30 foot by 60 foot kennel, capable of housing 27 dogs, would cost about $27,500 to build.

How do you insulate a dog house?

Insulating a doghouse is much like insulating any other part of your house. Find an insulation material that you like and simply install it. Fiberglass is a popular option, as you get a pretty good insulation factor and it’s fairly inexpensive, or if you are on a tight budget then you might consider Styrofoam.

Styrofoam is super-cheap and it’s a decent insulator, you’ll just need to measure the walls and the ceiling so that you can cut panels to glue and affix on the inside or to simply nail into place (if you use glue, let it air out for awhile as the fumes will be toxic).

Can a dog live in a dog house outside?

A dog can live outside and be perfectly happy and healthy, provided that you meet a few basic requirements. The house should be properly insulated and you should check frequently for cracks in case it needs repair, and it should also be well ventilated.

 After that, it just needs a solid roof and plenty of soft bedding, along with toys, inside the interior and the final part of the equation comes down to you – spending time with your dog. As long as you spend time with them and the house is good, your dog will be just fine living outside.