Do Yorkies Like to Be Outside? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkshire Terriers love taking trips outside each day, but they are not outdoor dogs. These small canine companions are the perfect lap dog and would much rather curl up on your lap and take a nap. According to Orvis, the Yorkshire Terrier does not belong outdoors, and they even frequently escape yards. When left outside too long, the Yorkie gets anxious and becomes mischievous. 

The remainder of this article discusses why Yorkies prefer living indoors and the dangers of leaving these little dogs outdoors for a long time. It will also discuss important reasons you should always supervise your Yorkie while outside. 

Do Yorkies Like To Be Outside?

Yorkshire Terriers, also called Yorkies, like to go outside, but they prefer spending short spurts outdoors rather than a long time. They love to play, explore, and go on short, daily walks. They would rather spend time with their humans outside than time alone.

Yorkies can get into mischief or become lonely if left outside for unattended too long. So, you should always supervise them while taking them outdoors.

Can Yorkies Live Outdoors?

Yorkies cannot live outdoors and are not good yard dogs. According to PetMD, the Yorkie is not a breed that should live outdoors. They do not make good outdoor dogs because these tiny dogs are vulnerable to the weather. Additionally, it can be dangerous for the Yorkie to live outside for several other reasons, like predators, stress, escaping, and more. 

Why Are Yorkies Bad Yard Dogs?

Yorkies are very vulnerable to weather because of their little body fat. Additionally, they are highly mischievous. According to Orvis, Yorkshire Terriers frequently find ways out of their gated yards. It is critical to evaluate your yard and surroundings carefully.

That includes the bottoms of fences, which these tiny dogs are known for digging underneath. Yorkies are small, so they can squeeze through small spaces.

What Weather Do Yorkies Like?

Yorkies are small dogs who prefer warm to moderate weather. Because of their minimal body fat, Yorkies are highly sensitive to the cold weather. They prefer warmer weather, although hot areas can cause the dog stress. Owners who dress their Yorkie for the season can help them feel more comfortable for the changing temperature.

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Why Do Yorkies Prefer Being Indoors?

Weather and escaping are two main reasons the Yorkshire Terriers prefer being indoors rather than outdoors. The Yorkie’s separation anxiety they get from their owners. Yorkies form close bonds and will get very close to their owners. Therefore, they prefer spending time with their owners.

Do Yorkies Prefer Indoors Or Outdoors? 

Yorkshire Terriers prefer being indoors to outdoors. According to PetMD, the Yorkie is a natural lap dog. While they might have fun going for a short walk or playing a quick game of fetch, their real happy place is on their human companion’s lap.

Can You Leave A Yorkie Outside Alone?

You can leave Yorkies alone for short times, such as letting them use the restroom or for a brief time to play. But you should not leave your Yorkshire Terrier outdoors for longer than fifteen to twenty minutes unsupervised, or they may get bored and begin causing mischief.

You should supervise your dog at all times while they are outside.

Can A Yorkie Stay Outside For A Long Time?

The Yorkshire Terrier cannot stay outside by itself, especially not for a long time. A Yorkie who has gone through obedience training is more likely to stay within their lawn than others.

Dogs who have gone through schooling know to stay within their home’s boundaries. It may also be easier to have your Yorkie stay out for longer periods if you have multiple dogs. Having another dog will keep your Yorkie company and entertain your Yorkie for longer.

How Long Can Yorkies Be Left Alone Outside?

The maximum time you can leave adult Yorkies alone is no longer than four to six hours, indoors in air conditioning. During this time, Yorkies can entertain themselves and sleep without worrying about their human companion’s presence.

However, outdoors the anxiety will kick in much sooner. They will get bored much quicker, and the weather conditions become more extreme.

Why Can You Not Leave Yorkies Outside?

The Yorkie can get separation anxiety easily without their owners, often causing them to break out of their yards. They will dig under fences, hop on top of things, and escape through small holes. If there is a way out of your yard, the Yorkie will surely find it. These anxious canines will feel abandoned and get out to search for you!

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How Do You Train A Yorkie To Stay Outside Alone?

Send your Yorkshire Terrier to obedience school to train them to stay outside alone. Obedience school trains them to stay within your yard and obey commands.

Other ways to train your Yorkshire Terrier include:

  • More entertainment options
  • Plenty of cuddles while they are inside
  • Doghouse (“crate”) training
  • Treats

Should You Limit A Yorkies Time Alone Outside?

It is better to limit your Yorkie’s time alone outside as little as possible. Generally, a Yorkie should not be left alone for longer than six hours, or they may develop behavior issues. Yorkies love their human companions and rely on them for affection.

If you intend on leaving your Yorkie alone for around six hours, put them in a spacious crate indoors. They may grow anxious and try to escape your yard if you leave them outdoors.

What Happens If You Leave A Yorkie Outside Too Long? 

Yorkies do not like to be left outside longer than they need to be. After all, they are the official lap dog! Many negative things can happen if you leave your beloved Yorkie outside for too long, such as separation anxiety and long-term behavioral problems.

Resentment is the most common problem for the Yorkie, who gets dreadfully upset when their human is away. If you leave them often, they will grow upset.

Can I Bring My Yorkie Outside?

Bringing your Yorkie outside to relieve themselves is necessary everywhere you go. You should always do it in an accommodating place and dispose of their waste in the proper location using a doggie bag. Check dog laws in your area to see if your Yorkie needs to wear a collar.