Can Yorkies Eat Vegetables? (Solved & Explained!)

Getting vitamins and minerals into your Yorkies diet is crucial, and can be difficult with such picky eaters. That leads us to the question: can Yorkies eat vegetables? The short answer is yes. Not only can Yorkies eat vegetables, but they are a fantastic way to satisfy a dog’s nutritional needs while adding something delicious to their dinner bowl. 

There’s more to know about feeding vegetables to your Yorkie! Read on to find out everything you need to know about if Yorkies can eat vegetables. 

Can Yorkies eat vegetables

Yes, Yorkies can eat vegetables. Not only are they fine to serve to your dog regularly, but they should be a staple of your dog’s diet. They provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are absolutely crucial for things like digestive health, fur health, eye health, organ health, and many other aspects of your dog’s physical wellbeing. 

Vegetables are an irreplaceable food group when it comes to a healthy, well rounded diet for your Yorkie. 

What veggies are good for Yorkies?

There are a ton of great options when it comes to what veggies you can feed to your Yorkie. Carrots, kale, spinach, sweet potato, squash, cucumber, zucchini, and many other vegetables are perfect ingredients in any Yorkie’s meal. It’s easier to ask what vegetables Yorkies shouldn’t be eating, which we’ll go over later. 

That being said, you should change up what vegetables you’re giving your Yorkie regularly. Each veggie has its own unique vitamins and minerals that provide different health benefits, so its best to mix things up!

How to serve veggies to your Yorkie

Vegetables can be served in a variety of ways to your dog. You can serve them raw or cooked. Raw vegetables can be harder for your dog to eat and digest, but they have more nutritional benefits than cooked vegetables. On the other hand, cooked veggies are easier to eat but lose some of the vitamins and minerals that raw veggies have.

How much vegetables to serve to your Yorkie

Yorkies are small dogs, so you shouldn’t overfeed them. A Yorkie eats around 1/2 a cup of food every day, and vegetables should take up about 1/4-1/3 of that volume. Of course, every dog is different, so if your dog seems to love vegetables or is leaving them in the bowl, you can change the volume given accordingly. 

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How often to serve vegetables to your Yorkie

You can and should serve vegetables to your Yorkie every day. This will provide them not only with the vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy physically but also with the fiber they need for healthy bowel movements and a well-functioning digestive system overall.

Health benefits of serving vegetables to your Yorkie

As we’ve already been over there are a number of health benefits to feeding vegetables to your Yorkie. Firstly, the fiber present in vegetables is crucial for helping your Yorkie make regular, healthy bowel movements. Yorkies have sensitive stomachs, so fiber is a very important nutrient for them. 

Vitamins and minerals also have a plethora of health benefits on your dog’s body. From giving a healthier, shinier coat to helping with eye sight and health as your dog ages, it’s very important to make sure your dog is not only getting enough vitamins and minerals, but a variety of them as well. 

Negative health effects of serving vegetables to your Yorkie

There are essentially no negative health effects to serving vegetables to your Yorkie, as long as you’re feeding them the right amount. Feel free to load up your Yorkie’s dish with veggies! That being said, there are some vegetables that are toxic for Yorkies, so scroll down to that section and read as to make sure you’re not giving your dog something harmful. 

Raw vs. Cooked vegetables

Raw vegetables give more nutrients than cooked vegetables but are harder for Yorkies, who have sensitive stomachs, to digest. Meanwhile, cooked vegetables are easier to chew, swallow, and digest, but they have fewer vitamins and minerals than their raw counterparts. 

What vegetables are toxic to Yorkies?

When you’re feeding your dog vegetables, be sure to avoid onions and garlic at all costs. These are toxic to dogs and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and in high enough doses can even be fatal. Keep these away from your Yorkie!

Can Yorkies be allergic to vegetables?

Yes. While they won’t be allergic to all vegetables, a Yorkie can be allergic to any individual vegetable. Monitor your pup closely whenever it’s eating something new, and make sure that it isn’t having any adverse physical reactions to new vegetables. Call your vet before or after you feed any new food to your dog to get their opinion. 

Carbs to serve with vegetables for Yorkies

You’ll need to round out your dog’s diet with some carbs to go along with your vegetables. Things like dry food are fine, but white rice, brown rice, potatoes, and pasta also work. These foods will give your dog the energy it needs to get through the day, fill its belly, and be easy to digest!

Proteins to serve with vegetables for Yorkies

Proteins are extremely important for any dog’s diet, including a Yorkie. That being said, you’ll want to serve them alongside your vegetables and your carbs. Try to stick with lean, low-fat options when it comes to protein. Chicken, fish, and turkey are perfect. Eggs and beans can also be meatless alternatives. 

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Try to avoid things like pork and red meat. Although they are high in protein, they are also high in fat and, when consumed regularly, can lead to health problems for your Yorkie down the line. 

Are Yorkies picky eaters?

Yorkies are notorious for being picky eaters, so it might take a little while to get them to partake in whatever veggies you put in their bowl. Don’t give up though, as you need to get those vitamins, minerals, and fibers into your dog’s diet. Try switching the veggie or the way its served until your Yorkie finds something it likes!