Can I Give My Yorkie Cheese? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are safely able to eat cheese. They are partial to many kinds of cheeses, cheddar is a favorite but you can also give the cottage cheese and mozzarella.

Cheese is fattening so moderation is key. Because cheese tastes good your Yorkie may be tempted to overindulge so only give cheese as an occasional treat.

How Much Cheese Can My Yorkie Eat?

Cheese should account for no more than 10% of your Yorkies daily intake, which equates to ½ inch cube of cheese.

Cheese is very high in fat, and weight gain can quickly ensure if your Yorkie eats most than ½ a 1-inch cube of cheese daily, on top of their regular meals.

This may not seem like much but Yorkies are very small, ½ inch cube is plenty for them.

What Happens If My Yorkie Eats Too Much Cheese?

If your Yorkie eats too much cheese is can lead to obesity and other health issues associated with excess weight gain.

Excessive weight gain can also lead to pancreatitis, diabetes, joint and hip problems, heart disease, and overall decreased life expectancy.

Can Cheese Give My Dog Diarrhea?

Yes, cheese can give your diarrhea if eaten in excess. If the cheese is particularly high in fat, then even a small amount can give them a bad stomach. 

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If your dog eats too much high-fat cheese they may experience vomiting and diarrhea or just one of these symptoms.

Usually, the trouble lasts for 24 hours or less and then passes. If your dog is sick for longer than this then take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Ensure that your dog remains well-hydrated and rinks more water. This will help them to clear their system faster and replace any fluid lost during sickness.

Are Yorkies Lactose Intolerant?

Yorkies are not lactose intolerant but due to their small size, they are unable to process a lot of fatty foods and fat contained in dairy products.

You are okay to give your Yorkie cheese and milk occasionally as a treat, but no more than once a week. 

Yorkies that drink milk or eat cheese daily may experience frequent stomach cramps and upset as their digestive system struggles to process dairy regularly.

However, some Yorkies may be lactose intolerant. There are outliers in every species and dogs are no exception. 

Before you give your Yorkie any cheese, check they are not lactose intolerant by giving them a small amount at first and waiting to see if any adverse symptoms develop over the next 24 hours.

Signs that your dog is lactose intolerant:

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  • Toilet accidents 
  • bloating
  • Increased thirst
  • Weakness
  • lethargy
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Stomach Cramps

If your dog develops any of these symptoms after ingesting a small amount of cheese, do not give them anymore and take them to a vet if the symptoms persist for longer than 24 hours.

Is Cheese Good For Yorkies?

Cheese is not very good for Yorkies in itself, but it is a great training tool. Yorkies love the taste of cheese, and while cheese does have protein and calcium, they can find these vital nutrients elsewhere without the excess fat.

However, since Yorkies love cheese, small cheesy treats are a great motivator during training. If your Yorkie has managed to master a particularly difficult training task, reward their accomplishment with a little cheese.

Cheese used as a training tool and special reward for very challenging commands is a great motivator for your Yorkie pup. They will feel extra special when rewarded with a little cheese.

Are Some Cheeses Toxic for Yorkies?

There are some cheeses out there that you should not give to your Yorkie at any costs. Blue and extra mature cheese like SDtilon and Roquefort should never be given to your Yorkie.

Not only will your Yorkie have an extra hard time digesting this cheese, but there are also incidences of dogs ingesting roquefortine, a toxin produced by blue cheese that can be lethal for dogs.

Symptoms of roquefortine poisoning are:

  • Lethargy
  • Increased heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Panting
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting

If your Yorkie is displaying any of these symptoms after eating blue cheese then take them to a vet immediately for treatment.

Which Cheeses are Bad For Yorkies?

While Yorkies can eat cheese you should watch out for cheese that contains other ingredients that may be harmful to your Yorkie.

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Cheese that contains allium vegetables (such as onions, chives, garlic, shallots etc) should be avoided as well as some herbs like Rhubarb and Chamomile.

Avoid cheese with excessive seasons or spices included. These will irritate your Yorkies digestive system.

Can Yorkies Eat Processed Cheese?

The rule of thumb when feeding a Yorkie is that the less processed the food is the better it is for them. A treat of processed cheese will not do much harm if given infrequently and in very small amounts, but if you give them processed cheese regularly it will make your Yorkie sick.

Overly processed cheese is full of harmful ingredients that even humans struggle to process. Process foods have more sodium, food additives, coloring, and artificial ingredients.

Why Does My Yorkie Love Cheese?

Yorkies love cheese simply because cheese tastes good. Cheese is a wonderful treat that can benefit your Yorkie if given sparingly.

Cheese contains protein, calcium B vitamins, and Vitamin A as well as some healthy fats.

Giving your Yorkie a little cheese here and there will help to keep their coat shiny, their teeth and bones strong, and their muscles fit and healthy.

The key is not to give in to your Yorkies’ puppy-dog eyes and limit their cheese intake. Excess cheese consumption can have disastrous results on your Yorkies’ health so it is in their best interests that you give them cheese sparingly.

Is lactose-Free Cheese Better for Yorkies?

If your Yorkie is lactose intolerant then lactose-free cheese is certainly an option. However, you should avoid giving your Yorkie too much cheese, even the lactose-fee variety.

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Lactose-free cheese is still high in calories and your Yorkie will quickly pile on the pounds if they have too much.