Can Yorkies Eat Cheese? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies can eat cheese but you should always make sure that the cheese is a certain type of cheese, in date and that you do not give them too much as this will upset their stomach.

In this article we will be covering everything you need to know about giving your Yorkie cheese including the different types of cheese that you can and cannot feed them, how much and how often you should give them cheese.

Can my Yorkie eat cheese?

Yes, your Yorkie can eat cheese. However, as with a lot of foods that Yorkies can eat there are certain types of the food that they can and cannot eat. You should make sure that the type of cheese is not toxic to dogs.

You should also always make sure that the cheese is in date as any cheese that has passed its sell-by date can turn bad and cause your dog stomach problems.

What types of cheese can my Yorkie eat?

If you want to give your dog a piece of cheese as a treat you should make sure that you give them the healthiest options possible. Obviously, no cheese is particularly healthy for a dog but some types are better than others.

For example, you could choose to give them low-fat versions of cheeses as a way to make sure that their treats are not too fatty. Examples of this could be low-fat mozzarella, goat’s cheese or even cottage cheese.

Alternatively, you could opt for cheeses with low sodium such as cottage cheese. Not only is this healthier for your dog but it can also be easier for them to digest.

What types of cheese can my Yorkie not eat?

You should always avoid giving your dog any type of cheese that contains seasonings, for example a cheese with herbs added for flavor.

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Beyond this you should avoid cheeses that have a high fat content. These are typically cheeses such as goat’s cheese, feta and brie, although you can usually also find low-fat versions.

Sodium is another factor to what out for as too much sodium has adverse effects on your dog’s health.

How much cheese can I give my Yorkie?

Cheese is not the healthiest of treats and so you should only give small amounts to your Yorkie every now and then. Do not give your Yorkie cheese as a regular treat.

You should make sure that your Yorkie is capable of tolerating lactose before giving them cheese as a treat. Try giving them the smallest amount of cheese first and checking how their body reacts.

Remember that some small dogs are not capable of handling lactose.

How often can I give my Yorkie cheese?

You should try to give your dog cheese as little as often as there are much healthier treats available. However, some dogs just love cheese and it can be the ultimate reward for them!

In this case you should only try to give your dog a few very small pieces of cheese each day. However, lowering the number of days per week you allow them cheese is recommended.

Can dogs drink milk?

Yes, dogs can drink milk. However, some dogs may have adverse effects to lactose and this may be why they are unable to handle cheese. In this case you can try using alternative milks such as goat’s milk (goat’s cheese).

However, milk, just like cheese, should only be given in small quantities as it is very high in fat and too much can lead to obesity.

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Can cheese be bad for dogs?

Yes, cheese can be bad for dogs especially if it is either out of date or it is given in too large a quantity.

If the cheese has passed its sell-by date then the cultures in the cheese have turned bad and ingesting this can cause serious stomach issues for your dog. You should always make sure that the cheese is in date.

Cheese in large quantities can be bad for dogs as it is high in fat, calories and sodium. Too much of these can lead to an increase in weight, heart problems and a myriad of other health issues.

Why do dogs love cheese so much?

Just like humans, dogs cannot resist a good, tasty treat! Although it can be bad in terms of fat and calories it does also contain a lot of good factors, so allowing your dog a small amount of cheese isn’t always a bad thing.

Cheese offers your dog calcium, fatty acids and vitamin A. As long as you keep an eye on how much cheese you are giving your dog you should allow them to indulge in their favorite treat every now and then.

Can dogs eat cheese as their protein?

Cheese is very high in protein, but unfortunately, it is also very high in fat and calories. Although your dog does need a decent amount of protein in their diet there are better sources than cheese.

Fish and chicken are much better sources of protein than fish as they are low in fat and calories.

Can dogs eat cheese rind?

You should avoid giving your dog cheese rinds as they pose more risk than they are worth. A lot of cheeses use wax in their rinds to help keep the cheese fresh and these can be very dangerous for your dog to ingest.

Other rinds, such as those found on blue cheese, contain a mold that can also be very dangerous to your dog’s health.

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However, if you really want to feed your dog cheese rind then consider a soft cheese such as brie as these are more easily digestible.

Can dogs eat Dairylea?

You should not allow your dog to eat Dairylea cheese as it is very high in sodium, which is very unhealthy for your dog.

Although dogs can eat soft cheese, some brands, such as Dairylea, have a lot of added sodium and it is better to look for alternatives.