Pooper Scooper Business For Sale

Pooper Scooper Business For Sale

According to our go to location, Bizbuysell.com, there are currently two pet waste businesses for sale. Both are based in Las Vegas.

One has a cash flow of $85,000 a year and is selling for $150,000. The second has a cash flow over $40,000 and is selling for $65,000.

Both are home based businesses. Since they are both from Clark County it’s likely it’s the same business just listed a second time. You’d have to contact the seller for details and complete your own due diligence (e.g. confirm revenue, confirm expenses).

Plus, this is really only valuable if you live in Clark County. Trying to run a pet waste business from a distance is not an undertaking we’d recommend.

A quick search on

Where To Find Pooper Scooper Businesses For Sale

Online you can search for businesses for sale at the following locations below. This list is comprised of online marketplaces that include brick and mortar or home-based businesses.

If you are searching for pet waste businesses check these first.

There are a lot of other online brokers that cater to online businesses (e.g. blogs, ecommerce) but check these first if you want to take over a local home-based business.

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This is our go to place to find local businesses to buy. After a quick search on pet waste or pooper scooper businesses we only found two results. Still, they have a great search engine and can put you in touch with the sellers fast.

They advertise over 100,000 businesses sold and over 45,000 active listings on their platform making it one of the largest online.

Bizbuysell also offers a service for Brokers for $99.95 a month to connect them to buyers or sellers. While not completely useful to some who wants to buy a pet waste business, this just shows that they are pulling in lots of offline listings from around the country that have no online presence of their own.


Bizquest is owned by bizbuysell.com. Start with Bizbuysell in your search for a local business to buy or to sell your business. Loopnet.com also appears to be owned by bizbuysell.


As mentioned above loopnet.com appears to also be owned by Bizbuysell.com. This is just further evidence that BizBuySell seeks to be the go to online marketplace to buy or sell brick and mortar or home-based businesses.


Businessesforsale.com has been around as an online marketplace for businesses since the 90s. They have an easy to use website that let’s you quickly search for businesses using simple keyword searches.

With over 61,000 active listings they are one of the top 3 online marketplaces for businesses. What I love about this marketplace is they have listings for sale all over the world.

Based in London, this company has offices in the U.S., Austrailia, and Mexico.


Started in 1999, the current BBN database contains over 28,000 businesses for sale making them third after Bizbuysell and Businessforsale.com.

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BBN also hosts over 4,000 franchise resale listings. Want to buy or list a franchise? Check them out. Want to start a pooper scooper business franchise? Give them a call!


Started in 2007, GlobalBX offers a free directory for buyers to list their business for sale. Consider it the Craigslist for used businesses.

They also have a lending service where they can connect you to a variety of lendors that can help with a small business loan.

Though their web design is a bit outdated and they still advertise on AskJeeves.com, don’t let that fool you. It’s still worth a gander when hunting for pet waste gold!


Businessmart.com lets you create a listing to sell your business for $20.99 a month.

Sadly they don’t have a keyword search function. If you wanted to find a pet waste business you’d have to dig through the listings by state and category.

They have a ton of resources to help you from securing a small business loan to forming an LLC online.

Check this one quickly after you’ve gone through the options above. Like GlobalBX their design and website is a bit outdated but you mind find things for sale that others miss.

Cold Calling Local Pet Waste Businesses

Probably your best option after searching the online marketplaces above is to cold call local businesses.

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Use Google Maps to make a list of all local pooper scooper, pet waste, and dog walking businesses in your area.

Then give them a ring. Ask if they’ve ever considered selling. If cold calling is unpleasant just do what they do in real estate. Send them all a simple postcard asking if they’re interested in selling and include your contact info.

You can use a free Google Voice number that redirects it to your cell to cut down on spam calls.

How Much Is A Pooper Scooper Business Worth?

Based on our current research in June 2020, Pet Waste businesses seem to be selling for a multiple of 1.6 to 1.7.

That means if they are pulling in an annual profit of $50,000 you can expect to buy them between $80,000 and $85,000.

That’s based off a very limited number of current listings. Most businesses sell for multiples of 2-3 or more.

Since pet waste businesses are often small, home-based businesses without employees and locally based they may not sell for the typical multiplier. It’s not as easy to setup management and hire staff to make these types of businesses hands off, at least in the beginning.

Is It Faster To Buy A Pooper Scooper Business Or Build Your Own?

We recommend building your own pet waste business. Throwing down $80,000 or more to buy a pooper scooper business will likely get you in trouble. It may be quite awhile before you recoup that investment.