How Much Money Can You Make As A Pooper Scooper?

As a solo pet waste worker you can expect to take home over $70,000 a year after taxes and expense.

This assumes you have a fully launch pet waste business with a full book of business.

You are visiting the average of 4-5 yards per hour and working a full 40 hour work week.

This also assumes you financed a used vehicle for the business.

Let’s go over how we got to this number so you can tweak the assumptions for your own situation.

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How Much Should I Charge To Pick Up Dog Poop?

Pooper scoopers charge $10 – $15 per site visit per yard. The range is based on yard size. Larger yards equals higher prices. Also, expect to pay an extra $2-$4 per extra dog.

Some examples:

  • Small yard, one dog = $10 per week
  • Small yard, two dogs = $12 per week
  • Large yard, one dog = $15-$20 per week

How Often Do You Do The Same Yard?

Most pooper scooper services come by weekly to clean your yard. You can schedule them to come more often if you have more dogs or a smaller yard that you want picked up more often.

Selling Dog Poop For Money

Can you sell poop? Absolutely! Of course, you’d never sell it direct even to a farmer, you could compost it first, make a fertilizer, then bag it and sell it as compost.

The trick is setting it up properly to kill pathogens. While you could buy a compost bin we recommend building one. Follow the guidelines here on humanure. They are made to kill all pathogens and make a safe poop compost ready for reuse.

Using that method and depending on your business size it’ll take 6 months to a year to fill each compost bin. Then it needs to age another year. After two years you should have plenty of compost ready to sell.

Bulk compost sells for $3 all the way up to $30 per cubic yard. This price usually includes delivery.

Bagged compost sells for $3 to $10 per cubic foot.

The main issue here will be branding, marketing, and getting people to know that the product is safe. You may want to have it analyzed at a lab for worms and fecal coliforms to confirm that the pathogens have been killed.

Pooper Scooper Business Revenue

Most pet waste employees average 4 to 5 stops per hour. Over an 8 hour work day that comes out to 32 to 40 yards.

At an average of $12 per yard that’s $384 to $480 in revenue per day.

Next we’ll cover expenses. Then we’ll tally it up for total profit you can expect to make with a solo pet waste business.

Pooper Scooper Business Expenses

Pet waste business have very low expenses. One of your largest expenses though will be transportation.

We’ll take these average expenses from our mobile pet grooming article. Assume that you do this right and pay for expenses as a business rather than just using your personal vehicle.

One Time Costs
Used Vehicle $12,000
Branding, vehicle artwork, business cards, etc. $5,000
On-going Expenses
Vehicle Maintenance (annual) $1,000
Commercial auto insurance $1,000
Solo health insurance $4,800
General liability insurance $500

Based on the above you have $18,000 in one-time costs. With loan financing at 6% over 5 years that’s about $350 per month.

Annual costs come out to $7,300 or $610 a month.

Total monthly expenses are about $960 in this example assuming you purchase everything up front. Obviously it’s much less if you already own a vehicle and skip the vehicle artwork.

Pooper Scooper Net Profit

So let’s tally everything up.

As a solo pet waste worker you’re bringing in about $400 per day. Over a typical work year of 50 weeks, working 5 days per week, that comes out to $100,000 in revenue per year.

Monthly expenses were $960 which comes out to $11,520 a year.

Total profit comes out to $100,000 minus $11,520 which equals $88,480.

Assuming you pay 20% in taxes your take home amount is $70,784. Not too shabby!