62 Pooper Scooper and Pet Waste Business Names

These pooper scooper business names were brainstormed and built using some of the methods below. Keep in mind that they haven’t been checked to see if they have existing trademarks, LLCs, or can be used in your state.

Follow the instructions below to fully check a name before using.

Pet Waste and Pooper Scooper Business Name Ideas

These were brainstormed using the Shopify domain name generator. As of the end of June 2020 all these are still available. That could change fast – don’t let cyber squatters take your idea!

  1. CheapPooperScooper.com
  2. YourPooperScooper.com
  3. TopPooperScooper.com
  4. NewPooperScooper.com
  5. JustPooperScooper.com
  6. OnlinePooperScooper.com
  7. AllPooperScooper.com
  8. BigPooperScooper.com
  9. FunPooperScooper.com
  10. LivePooperScooper.com
  11. WorldPooperScooper.com
  12. PooperScooperWork.com
  13. GlobalPooperScooper.com
  14. GreatPooperScooper.com
  15. PooperScooperGroup.com
  16. PooperScooperWorld.com
  17. HotPooperScooper.com
  18. HomePooperScooper.com
  19. OnePooperScooper.com
  20. TotalPetWaste.com
  21. PetWasteSystems.com
  22. PetWasteCare.com
  23. YourPetWaste.com
  24. AmericanPetWaste.com
  25. PetTrash.com
  26. PetWasteCentre.com
  27. PetWasteExpress.com
  28. ThePetWaste.com
  29. PetWasteLlc.com
  30. SmartPetWaste.com
  31. PetWasteFinder.com
  32. PetOperations.com
  33. PetWasteGroup.com
  34. UltimatePetWaste.com
  35. PetWasteExperts.com
  36. GetPetWaste.com
  37. UsPetWaste.com
  38. AdvancedPetWaste.com
  39. CheapPetWaste.com
  40. BigPetWaste.com
  41. PetWasteZone.com
  42. GoPetWaste.com
  43. PetWasteConsulting.com
  44. HealthyPetWaste.com
  45. PetWasteCorp.com
  46. NaturalPetWaste.com
  47. NewPetWaste.com
  48. PuppyWaste.com
  49. PetWasteNow.com
  50. EasyPetWaste.com
  51. PetWasteConsultants.com
  52. PetWasteExpert.com
  53. QualityPetWaste.com
  54. TopPetWaste.com
  55. JustPetWaste.com
  56. DiscountPetWaste.com
  57. UsaPetWaste.com
  58. SafePetWaste.com
  59. SimplePetWaste.com
  60. BetterPetWaste.com
  61. GoodPetWaste.com
  62. GlobalPetWaste.com

What To Check Before Choosing A Business Name

Just coming up with a great name isn’t enough. Is it available in your State? Do you know how to check? Is it trademarked? What if you used it then got sued 2 years later when you were bigger.

It’s important to do a quick online check for all of these things before making a final name decision.

Ideally you’d be a patent and trademark attorney to help you. Keep in mind we aren’t a law firm and can’t give you advice on this.

We can and will give you education on how to check some of these things yourself.

Without further delay let’s begin…

Is It Easy To Say And Remember?

One quick test is to make sure whatever name you come up with is easy to understand, easy to say, and easy to remember.

Why? You’ll be telling people your name while your out and about. You might not have any business cards.

You want to tell them something like “MyCoolPetWasteCompany.com.” Then they can look it up later.

Of course, if that happens give them your cell or a way to contact you right then and there. This is the kind of hustle marketing you want to do in the beginning.

But I’m getting distracted here. Back to naming your business.

Is The URL Available?

Next up you want to see if the website URL is available to purchase. If it’s not keep trying. You do not want a name where someone else owns the URL. They may hold it for ransom years later when you decide to build the website.

An easy way to brainstorm names and see if they are available is to use Shopify’s domain generator tool. You put in a keyword like “pooper scooper” and press start. It then generates similar names and checks to see if they are available.

We don’t recommend buying your website and setting it up on Shopify. That’s for online pet stores, not service businesses like yours. Instead we recommend you build your website with WordPress using a free theme like Astra and start with a beginner web hosting company like Bluehost.com.

Bluehost has a great beginner plan for $3.95 a month (click here to check the current price). It’s where we start all our new websites. That’s our affiliate link and we may make a small commission at no cost to you if you sign up. 

Also, be sure to use Shopify’s domain name generator and not their business name generator. The business name just checks if your name is available on the Shopify platform.

Are There Any Trademarks?

Next up you want to go to the United States Patent and Trademark’s Office database to see if anyone has trademarked your name or something very similar.

Just click here and then click on the Trademark Electronic Search System link. Then type in your name and press search.

If there are trademarks or even applications out on similar names keep brainstorming.

Is It Available To Register As A Business In Your State?

Lastly you want to check your state’s Secretary of State office. You may not need a license to be a pooper scooper (check your State and local laws!). However, you do need a license to do business in your state.

The method is the same. We’ll use Colorado as an example.

If you were starting a pet waste business in Colorado you’d go to the Colorado Secretary of State website. You want to search the business database and see if there are any LLCs, Doing Business As (DBAs), or businesses with your name or a very similar name.

Why is any of this research important?

  1. Web squatters can hold your name hostage and charge you big fees to buy it from them.
  2. Similar businesses can sue you for use of “their” name.

Remember, we aren’t licensed attorneys and can’t give advice. Ideally you’d have a local business attorney help you with these things but we understand that costs are tight in the beginning.