80 Pet Portrait Business Names

Thinking of starting a pet portrait business and need some names? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a list of currently available URLs for this type of business.

Further down we’ll show you how to check other important things like if these names are trademarked, are they already registered in your state, and so on.

Now, on to the brainstorm.

80 Pet Portrait Business Name Ideas

To brainstorm this initial list we used the Shopify Domain Name Generator Tool. You give it a keyword and it checks to see if the URL is available.

Then it gives you other similar names using add-ons and synonyms to see what other .com domains are up for grabs.

No, we don’t recommend you build your website on Shopify. It’s geared towards ecommerce stores.

To be honest, we don’t recommend you have your own website till after you get business coming in and we’ll talk about that in a future article.

Also, don’t forget that these are just open URLs as of July 2020. You’ll need to check them again at bluehost.com, the company we recommend when setting up your website.

In addition you need to check if these names are trademarked (without the .com) and if they are available in your state to register with the Secretary of State.

We’ll show you how to do all that further below.

Now on to the names! You’ve waited long enough.

  1. PinkPetPortraits.com
  2. PetPortraitsInternational.com
  3. WeddingPetPortraits.com
  4. PetAbstracts.com
  5. PetPortraitsDesigns.com
  6. LocalPetPortraits.com
  7. LittlePetPortraits.com
  8. EasyPetPortraits.com
  9. PetPortraitsGallery.com
  10. PetPortraitsBoutique.com
  11. PetPortraitsService.com
  12. PetTrophies.com
  13. GlobalPetPortraits.com
  14. KidsPetPortraits.com
  15. PetPortraitsDesign.com
  16. TopPetPortraits.com
  17. FleaPortraits.com
  18. LovePetPortraits.com
  19. PetPortraitsDirect.com
  20. UltimatePetPortraits.com
  21. PetPortraitsLlc.com
  22. PetPortraitsCompany.com
  23. FindPetPortraits.com
  24. PurePetPortraits.com
  25. WorldPetPortraits.com
  26. ReptilePortraits.com
  27. NewPetPortraits.com
  28. PetPortraitsPhotography.com
  29. PetPortraitsGuide.com
  30. PetPortraitsGroup.com
  31. PetNotecards.com
  32. TruePetPortraits.com
  33. PetPortraitsSite.com
  34. OnePetPortraits.com
  35. GoodPetPortraits.com
  36. NaturalPetPortraits.com
  37. BetterPetPortraits.com
  38. PetPortraits360.com
  39. PetPortraitsInfo.com
  40. PetPortraits101.com
  41. HomePetPortraits.com
  42. PetPortraitsServices.com
  43. PetPortraitsBlog.com
  44. PetPortraitsToday.com
  45. OnlinePetPortraits.com
  46. PetPortraitsDirectory.com
  47. PetPortraitsHouse.com
  48. PetCherubs.com
  49. SouthernPetPortraits.com
  50. PetPortraitsPro.com
  51. HotPetPortraitures.com
  52. GlobalPetPortraitures.com
  53. CatPortraitures.com
  54. ClubPetPortraitures.com
  55. PetPortraituresGroup.com
  56. FreePetPortraitures.com
  57. PetPortraituresOnline.com
  58. ProPetPortraitures.com
  59. PetPortraituresProducts.com
  60. PetPortraituresUs.com
  61. PetPortraituresCompany.com
  62. PetPortraituresHomes.com
  63. PetPortraituresOne.com
  64. EasyPetPortraitures.com
  65. 4PetPortraitures.com
  66. PetPortraituresPhotography.com
  67. PetPortraituresLife.com
  68. OnlinePetPortraitures.com
  69. ZooPortraitures.com
  70. PetPortraituresUsa.com
  71. FurryPortraitures.com
  72. OnePetPortraitures.com
  73. SmartPetSketch.com
  74. FreePetSketch.com
  75. GetPetSketch.com
  76. PetSketchPictures.com
  77. BigPetSketch.com
  78. OurPetSketch.com
  79. PetsSketch.com
  80. PetSketchProductions.com

How To Brainstorm Your Own Business Names

Didn’t like any of the suggested names above? Build your own! Simply head over to the Shopify domain name generator tool and start typing in keywords relating to Pet Portraits.

Here’s a couple of seed terms to get you started:

  • Pet Portraits
  • Pet Painting
  • Dog Portraits
  • Cat Portraits
  • Reptile Portraits
  • Pet Sketch
  • Dog Sketch
  • Cat Sketch
  • Pet Portraiture
  • Dog Portraiture
  • Cat Portraiture

How To Check If Your Business Name Is Available

Before you make your final decision be sure to follow these 4 simple steps to help protect your future business from trademark lawsuits and other issues that could crop up from using other people’s names.

Disclaimer – This isn’t a law firm. Seek your own patent attorney for true help on this issue. This is for informational purposes only. It’s what we do whenever we start a new business. Lawyers have better tools for doing more in depth searches.

Step 1. Is It Easy To Remember?

First stop – is this name fun and easy to remember. That’s invaluable for word-of-mouth advertising and likely that is how you will start locally.

Even online it’s way easier when you get an unlinked name drop in an article then potential clients type it in elsewhere to try and find you.

If you’re name is easy to say and remember, found you will be (done in our best Yoda voice). Boring, awkward, and long? Doomed you will be.

Also, do you like it? It’s way more fun to stand behind a name you love rather than just a name without a trademark and with an open URL. Dig deeper and see our tips on searching and synonyms above.

Step 2. Is The URL Available?

Next up, check if the URL is available. If you brainstormed using the Shopify tool we mentioned above you’re covered. It’ll only show you URLs that are available.

What if you have your own ideas? Simply go to here and Bluehost will tell you if it’s available. We love Bluehost as a starter site for new business websites. We have used it for years and it’s a great simple way to get started.

Two more steps to go and you’ve cleared your name and are ready to begin!

Step 3. Is It Trademarked?

Next up swing by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to check if your name has any trademarks or trademark applications.

You can search their database here. It only takes a minute. Of course you could also use services like Trademarkia.com. We never have so we wouldn’t know what to tell you.

This is where you ideally need a patent attorney. They could help you interpret the results of the search. Plus they have advanced tools for doing a much more thorough search.

We can only show you what we do but we can’t legally recommend you do this or anything similar.

There’s a deep dark world around patents and trademarks. If you find a creative name and it starts to really take off don’t be surprised if cyber squatters come in and register your URL, get all your social media outlets under than name, then demand huge chunks of money to sell them to you.

It’s way easier to check these things and set them up in advance.

Our friends at AuthorityHacker.com recommend getting your business name trademarked within the first year or two after you’re cash flow positive. Better to pay the money and be protected rather than have someone else try and steal it from you later.

And no, Authority Hacker isn’t in the business of stealing authority from anyone. They help bloggers and web publishers grow and build their own authority. We’ve been following their advice for years here at Petloverguy.com.

Step 4. Is The Business Name Available To Register In Your State?

Lastly you want to find out if this name you’ve found is available to register in your state.

To do that go to your Secretary of State office for your state. Do a business name search and see if your name is already registered.

If it is you must keep searching. No matter what your state will require you to register your business in their state to legally operate there.

Again, having a business attorney will be a huge boost to help you get through all this. They can even help you setup your LLC in your state.

For us personally, we’ve just used the search tools to check then registered with the State on our own. Get your own counsel on this!

Happy name hunting!