Can You Use a Tile to Track a Dog? (Solved & Explained!)

Tracking your dog can be as easy as taking the Tile you have on your keychain and attaching it to their collar or harness. Using your smartphone and the Tile Network of every Tile user in your area, you can easily track your dog’s location making sure that they never stray too far again.

The rest of this guide will explain exactly how a Tile can be used to track your dog and how to find him using the Tile Network.

How do you set up your dog’s Tile?

Regardless of which Tile you get, setting it up is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Follow the three simple steps below to get your Tile up and running.

1. Attach the Tile to Your Dog’s Collar

The Tile is designed with a hole to loop onto items like a keychain that can also be used to attach it to your dog’s collar. There is also a sticker version of the Tile that can be stuck directly onto a dog tag. If you want to easily remove the Tile when it’s not needed, you could use a carabiner or something similar.

2. Activate the Tile using the Tile App

Open the Tile app on your smartphone (if you don’t have the app, download it now) and add your new Tile. Once the tile has been added, tap Activate a Tile and press the Tile’s button to make sure it rings. Tap Next and within a few seconds, the Tile is activated. 

3. Customize and Test Your Dog’s Tile

Now that your Tile is activated you can select a Category for it, give it a name, and set up a ringtone. Most importantly, tap Find to test it out to make sure everything is connected.

How far away can my dog be tracked with a Tile?

How far a Tile will be able to track your dog depends on the model, but anywhere from 200–400 feet. While that may be further than your dog will go, the Tile Network anonymously uses the smartphones of all Tile users to help you track down your dog.

If your dog gets out of the yard and you tap Find but don’t hear your Tile, that doesn’t mean your dog is totally out of range. Tap Notify When Found in the Tile app. When a smartphone of another Tile user on the Tile Network receives the Bluetooth signal from your dog’s Tile, you’ll receive a notification with the location of your dog.

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How is Tile Better Than Other Dog Trackers?

Pet parents choose Tile over other trackers for various reasons such as the low cost of purchasing a Tile, no monthly or annual fees to keep your Tile working, the versatility of Tile trackers, and the expansive Tile Network.

Not only is Tile less expensive and smaller than other pet trackers, but more people use Tile than trackers made specifically for dogs and other pets. The Tile Network is built with people using Tile to keep track of everyday items like their laptop, keys, and wallet and all of those users help you out when you need to find your lost dog. 

Tile has two subscription plans that offer additional benefits, but unlike the other dog trackers on the market, these are not required to use your Tile to keep track of your dog. So, you don’t have to worry about recurring monthly or annual fees to keep your Tile working.

How Much Does a Tile Dog Tracker Cost?

It depends on the model you choose, but the short answer is as low as $25. If you have more than one dog, buying a multi pack will come with some savings.


Tile Single 2 Pack 4 Pack
Tile Mate $24.99 $47.99 $69.99
Tile Pro $34.99 $59.99 $99.99
Tile Sticker $29.99 $54.99 $97.99

How Do I Keep My Dog’s Tile Working Correctly?

Regularly check your Tile App to make sure all your Tiles are connected, and the batteries don’t need to be replaced. You should also test your Tile periodically to make sure that it’s connecting when it’s within range.

Sometimes your Tile is working correctly, even if you can’t connect to it. This is usually because your dog has gone out of the detectable range of your smartphone. The Tile must connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone for you to be able to connect directly to it.

If your dog has left the range detectable by your smartphone you will need to use the Notify When Found feature. You can usually tell if he’s strayed too far because the Find button won’t be available to tap.

So Is Tile Worth The Price?

Absolutely. The cost is a one-time, upfront fee without any ongoing subscription costs like other dog specific trackers typically carry. You’ll also be able to use it across all your belongings, not just your dog, although we recommend using separate tiles for your other stuff. 

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It’s tracking is accurate and has solid range. Tile’s are fairy ubiquitious, so even if your dog ventures outside the 400 feet range your Tile supports, as soon as it enters the the range of another Tile users phone it will update its location on your phone again. 

We don’t recommend using Tiles as your primary means of tracking your dog outside the US and Canada though – Tiles are not nearly as ubiquitous in Europe, Asia and South America. so you if you’re going to take your dog with you look into GPS solutions that are supported in your region. 


Tile has come a long way over the last few years and is fully capable of being a Bluetooth pup tracker to keep tabs on your furry best friend. With a network of Tile users all around you, we may never have to worry about lost dogs again.