Do Parti Yorkies Have Health Problems? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies have a number of genetic health problems. Hypoglycemia is a common health problem that some Parti Yorkies can inherit, which worsens as the Parti reaches old age. 

Hypoglycemia develops due to low blood sugar levels, which is common in Parti Yorkies as in other Yorkie breeds. Apart from this, health problems such as pancreatitis and trachea are among the main health problems seen in Parti Yorkies. 

Before you get your pup, make sure that it has passed a general health test before bringing them home, and do not forget to get any health certificates from your breeder.

What Are The Other Health Problems of Parti Yorkies?

As in all breeds, there are some genetic diseases that are passed down the Parti Yorkie bloodline. Below are some common health problems that Parti Yorkies can develop, as always a healthy diet and exercise help greatly in preventing these diseases.

Poor Teeth

Parti Yorkies have 42 teeth. This is a huge crowd for their tiny mouths. Plaque, tartar, and decay easily build up over time so make sure to clean their teeth regularly.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy, a degenerative spinal cord disease that causes loss of function in the hind legs over time. 

Although its incidence is low, precautions should be taken in advance against this disease as it can be risky and dangerous if untreated.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a type of abnormality seen in the hip structure. As a result of the abnormality, severe pain may occur and some problems with walking may develop in the future.

Luxating Patella

Patella is the medical name for the kneecap. 1 in 5 Parti Yorkies on average is born with this problem. Luxating Patella is a sliding misshapen kneecap, mild cases can be managed without surgery but more severe cases will require intervention.

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Portosystemic Shunt

Portosystemic Shunt is a blood circulation disease. It can be managed with special diets and medications but can cause greater health problems if not treated.

Thanks to the general health tests, you can spot early signs of these diseases while Parti Puppies are young. When acquiring a puppy, choosing dogs that have passed the necessary health tests is essential, and if they do have a genetic health issue, getting early treatment prevents the condition from getting worse.

Are Part Yorkies Prone to Deafness?

Deafness is another health problem that can be encountered in some Parti Yorkies. Although it is not encountered very often.

Since deaf dogs cannot hear, their other senses close the gap by operating at a higher level. 

Deaf dogs can be easily affected by sudden things. Therefore it is important to look after their psychological health by finding ways to get their attention without startling them.

You can support your deaf Parti Yorkie in every other way and encourage it to use its other senses to navigate the world. In addition, special attention will be needed in regards to traffic.

How Long Do Parti Yorkies Live?

Parti Yorkies have long lifespans that can be extended even further with proper care and attention. The average life expectancy of a Parti Yorkie varies between 12-15 years. 

It is very important to meet the nutritional and exercise needs of your Parti Yorkie throughout his life. A well-cared-for Parti Yorkie can live well over 15 years.

How Do You Care For A Parti Yorkie?

Taking care of Parti Yorkies is a very demanding job. A Parti Yorkie has many needs in life, and many of these needs must be met by you.

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Since Parti Yorkies are family dogs, their training is very important. Especially when it comes to toilet training, small breed dogs may have some difficulty compared to larger breeds. 

This is because their bladders are small. Parti Yorkies are very intelligent and adapt well to basic obedience training. Regular training also helps you to better understand and communicate with each other.


Feeding your Parti Yorkie a healthy diet is your most basic duty. Because his health is entrusted to you and whatever you serve, he will eat it.

You should make regular food programs for your dog and keep their health in mind. keep unhealthy snacks to a minimum, including human foods.


You should brush your Parti Yorkie daily to remove dead skin and hair. In this way, your Parti will feel better and you will get rid of unwanted hair in the house.


Parti Yorkies are one of the most energetic breeds. For this reason, you should definitely meet their daily energy needs. Daily walks, runs, and games are great activities for Parti Yorkies.

Are Parti Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

Although Party Yorkies do not shed much, they are not hypoallergenic. Parti Yorkies have long silky coats that are soft to the touch. You should still brush your Parti Yorkie daily as, like human hair, it can easily become knotted.

Parti Yorkies love to be brushed because the brushing action is a nice massage for them. Brushing is a great way to calm an energized Parti Yorkie.

Are Parti Yorkies Healthy Dogs?

Although Parti Yorkies have some genetically inherited health problems, they are generally healthy dog breeds. 

Due to their strict breeding requirements, many  problematic genes have been eliminated by transferring only the best genes to the next generation, 

This dog breed has survived to the present day and is one of the healthier dog breeds. The way your Parti Yorkie can live a healthy life is by taking good care of it and having the necessary health tests done annually. 

The better you take care of your Parti Yorkie, the longer its lifespan will be.

Do Parti Yorkies Have Hereditary Eye Diseases?

Parti Yorkies, in general, are at risk of hereditary eye disease, but because they are at risk does not mean the diseases will develop.

If you have the necessary vision tests done before you buy your Parti Yorkie from your breeder, you can determine the likelihood of hereditary disease developing in the future.

Many dog owners buy their dogs from well-known licensed breeders because it is documented that the dog will not have any significant health problems in the future, or if there are diseases in their immediate family line, then you will be aware of the risk.