Do Parti Yorkies Ears Stand Up? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies’ ears are usually set straight. But usually, in puppyhood, Parti Yorkies can have drooping ears. This is because the formation of muscles and cartilage in the ear is not fully developed. 

Your Parti Yorkie’s ears will grow erect over time. Some Parti Yorkie owners love their dogs for their ears that often look large compared to their small size. 

Be careful not to touch your Parti Yorkie’s ears too much during the maturation period. Let them be so the cartilage can develop properly in healthy adult ears.

When Do Parti Yorkie Ears Stand Up?

The answer to this question may vary from dog to dog. Some Parti Yorkies’ ears can stand up at 3-4 months of age, while others may take 7-8 months. 

Whether your Parti Yorkie’s ears will stand up early depends entirely on the development of the cartilage and muscles inside the ears. 

This development takes place quickly or slowly, depending on the genes transferred from the mother and father. Your Parti Yorkie’s ears may not begin to stand up at the same time. Sometimes one ear stands up earlier than the other. 

If you’re planning to take your Parti Yorkie to dog shows, Yorkies without upright ears can be at a disadvantage. Because by breeding standards, adult Parti Yorkies should have upright ears. 

Parti Yorkies that don’t have upright ears may be eliminated early at dog shows. If that’s not a problem and you do not wish to show your Parti, it doesn’t matter if your Parti Yorkie has upright ears or not, because they are cute in either way and it has no negative health consequences.

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Do All Parti Yorkie Ears Stand Up?

Some Parti Yorkies may have droopy ears. The cause may be inherited or a defect in cartilage and muscle development. 

Or it may be that thor ears have not fully developed yet, some Parti Yorkies can take 8-12 months for their ears to stand up and may be mistaken for adults by this age.

Some have upright ears by the time they are 3-4 months old. Some Parti Yorkies’ ears may be larger and furry than others. 

When breeding Parti Yorkies, the breeders especially choose adults with upright ears that have developed healthily, therefore it is less likely that your Parti Yorkie will have droopy ears if you have bought them from a recognized breeder.

What if I Have a Parti Yorkie With Floppy Ears?

Your Parti Yorkie’s floppy ears should not be a cause for concern as this is not a health issue nor will they suffer any hearing impairment. 

It may just be that the development of the muscles and cartilage in the ear is slower than usual, or their ears are heavier than the average Parti.

If you’re not going to take your Parti Yorkie to a dog show, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern for you and you need not do anything about it except love your Parti Yorkies cute floppy ears.

Only show dogs need to meet the upright ear standard. This is because, in general, Yorkie-type dogs have upright ears according to these standards and that is how they will be judged.

Other than that, a floppy ear is nothing to worry about. Floppy or straight, you should take care to keep your Parti Yorkie’s ears as clean as possible. Because Parti Yorkies’ ears are very sensitive and can get infected easily.

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Should I Get My Parti Yorkie’s Ears Cropped?

You should not have your Parti Yorkie’s ears cropped for display purposes. No part of your Parti Yorkie should be cropped except for the hair and nails. 

The ears of some dog breeds such as Staffordshire Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, and Presa Canarios are cropped by their owners but this is usually when they are bought as working dogs and the ears may be vulnerable to injury while on the job.

Ear cropping is painful for dogs and if you have a legitimate reason to crop a dog’s ears it should only be done by a vet who has signed off on the procedure. 

No matter what your Parti Yorkies’ ears look like you have to accept and love them as they are. It doesn’t matter if their ears are drooping or upright all that matters is that they are clean and healthy

Why Do Parti Yorkies Have Upright Ears?

Parti Yorkies are bred by professional dog breeders. These breeders select dogs with the best or most desirable traits which are usually set by the Kennel Club or Breeding club that that breed belongs to. 

Upright ears are one of the physical standards a Parti Yorkie should have. Parti Yorkies have inherited upright ears from generations of ‘standard’ breeding between parents with upright ears. 

However, their ears may not stand up until they are older and also there are genetic disparities in all breeds which may lead to droopy ears in some Parti Yorkies.

How Do I Get My Parti Yorkie’s Ears to Stand Up?

You can massage the ear cartilage daily to help your Parti Yorkie’s ears stand up. One of the important points to note is that when petting a puppy Parti Yorkie, you should try not press its ears down too much.

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Cartilage and muscle development is very important and takes place during puppyhood. Some owners tape their Parti Yorkies ears during development but this is a bad idea. It can cause muscle and cartilage deformities and is uncomfortable for the puppy.

Also, Parti Yorkies’ ears won’t hold up no matter what you do. The reason for this is completely related to genetic transmission and their ears are designed to be floppy, or perhaps one ear will not stand while the other does.

It is A Problem if My Parti Yorkie Doesn’t Have Upright Ears?

If your Parti Yorkie doesn’t have upright ears, it’s not a sign of any health problems. It is only due to the slow development of muscle and cartilage in the ear.

This lack of development does not cause any problems. It is due to the dogs genetics and so long as they can hear and their ears are clean, there is no cause for concern.

There are some benefits to floppy ears. When you take your Parti Yorkie outside in rainy weather, they are less likely to get water and dirt in their ears because their ears are floppy.  

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In fact, in terms of health, closed and floppy ears are healthier than open and upright ears.