Can You Run with a Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

As a toy dog breed, Yorkies are too small to run on a leash the way that a larger dog can, because even a moderate walking pace for a human is closer to a running pace for a Yorkie. However, Yorkies still can and should receive regular exercise in the form of daily walks and weekly bursts of more intense cardio.

The rest of this article will explore different details of taking a Yorkie out for a run or walk.

How fast can a Yorkie run?

Most dogs can run at least 15-20 miles per hour, but a small dog breed like the Yorkshire Terrier can only run up to about 10 miles per hour thanks to their small legs. In addition, they cannot run at full speed for very long because their tiny bodies have less endurance than bigger dogs.

How fast can you walk or run with a Yorkie?

Thanks to their smaller legs and shorter stride, Yorkies can only comfortably travel with you at a moderate-to-brisk walking pace, basically a little less than a jog. Because a brisk walk for a person is closer to a run for a Yorkie, keep an eye on your dog to make sure it is running steadily without becoming out of breath.

What should you pay attention to while taking your Yorkie for a walk?

Keep an eye on how well or how poorly your Yorkie is reacting to any physical activity that you do with it, including going for a brisk walk. Make sure your Yorkie doesn’t become overly exhausted from the activity, which can be evidenced by heavy panting, lethargy, sweating, or an overall inability to keep up with your traveling pace.

How far can a Yorkie last on a walk or run?

A typical brisk walk with a Yorkie should last about 15-20 minutes, which means that long-distance walking isn’t usually feasible with such a small dog. However, with enough walking practice and obedience training, an active Yorkie may be able to last for up to 1.5 miles in total distance traveled.

What are the dangers of running too fast or too long with your Yorkie?

Overworking your Yorkie in the realm of physical exercise can have potentially disastrous consequences, such as muscle strains or even long-term joint problems. Depending on the temperature and weather in your region, your dog can even suffer from heatstroke or heat stress if you overwork it while going for a walk.

How often should you take your Yorkie out for a walk or run?

You should take a Yorkie out for a brisk walk at least once per day, though twice a day is more ideal. Each walk should take place at the same time of the morning or evening every day so that your Yorkie can become comfortable with a consistent exercise schedule.

Can you train a Yorkie to run with you?

While a Yorkie will never be able to run with you as fast as a Greyhound or a Border Collie, you can train it to travel at a faster pace and for a longer time. If your dog is at least 1.5 years old and is cleared by your veterinarian of any medical problems, you can consider training your dog to travel faster with you on walks.

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How can you train your Yorkie to run with you?

Get advice from your vet on a specific exercise regimen for your dog, then begin taking your Yorkie for longer-distance walks. After at least a week, gradually increase your walking pace until you are nearly jogging, then, after at least another week, gradually transition to a slow jog. By this time, your Yorkie should be able to keep up with you.

How can you do shorter, more intense running and cardio exercise with your Yorkie?

Just because Yorkies can’t always run with you on a leash doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy running around on their own. One to two times per week, you should give your Yorkie a chance to do a shorter burst of exercise and play, such as chasing after a ball or stick, or even simply letting it run around on its own in a yard or dog park.

What should you remember when letting your Yorkie run around at a dog park?

If you let your Yorkie off of its leash at a dog park so that it can run around at its own pace, make sure to do so only under your close supervision, and only after you have given your dog a chance to acclimate to the new setting and to any other dogs at the park.

What kind of exercises can you do with a Yorkie so that it can learn to run and enjoy cardio-based play?

One way to get your Yorkie running around is to train it to jump through a hoop, though you should take care that the hoop isn’t too high off the ground, because Yorkies are prone to injury when jumping from any significant height. You can also play Frisbee with a Yorkie, though you may need to purchase a mini-sized Frisbee so your dog doesn’t have trouble with it.

Are there other great ways to exercise a Yorkie that don’t involve running or jumping?

If you would prefer to play with your Yorkie in a way that doesn’t require you to go for a brisk walk or throw a ball around, you always have the option to work on training exercises with your pooch. You can use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog new commands and tricks, which will keep it both physically and mentally stimulated.

What are the benefits of going for regular walks and cardio exercises with your Yorkie?

Every dog needs quality exercise to stay healthy, and Yorkies are no exception. Regular exercise, including walks and active play, helps Yorkies release energy from being kept inside, maintains skeletal and cardiovascular muscle strength, aids the dog’s metabolism, and offers natural stimulation that prevents a dog from becoming bored.