Do You Need a License to Sell Homemade Dog Treats in PA? (Solved!)

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Yes, in order to sell homemade dog treats in Pennsylvania, you are going to need the appropariate licensing. The first license that you will need is going to be your business license, which if you are a sole proprietor just mans that you must file as an LLC in Pennsylvania and pay a flat fee of $125.

Aside from this, selling pet food products requires that you also purchase a permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This is something that needs to be renewed on a yearly basis and costs $25 per year to maintain.

Inspection of the premises to see where the treats are prepared will likely be involved, but check with the Department of Agriculture to confirm this with your home business.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to answer popular questions trending on the web this week in regards to selling dog treats in Pennsylvania. Read on for important information to help you get started with your new dog treat business in PA!

What is the cost of a business license to sell dog treats in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania it is going to cost about 25$ per calendar year in order to make and sell dog treats in the state. Whether it’s a business facility or a home, this will still be the case, and likely when you are getting started this will also include an inspection of where the food is prepared.

Typically, the fee will be due January 1st each year and in order to apply for the license, you will need to fill out an ‘Application for Commercial Feed’ application in person or online. Also, for the business itself, you must pay $125 for a Pennsylvania LLC  license.

How much does it cost to get a tax ID number for my dog treat business in Pennsylvania?

Obtaining an EIN for your dog treat business is free, you will just need to provide your Social Security number or your ITIN as a part of your online application here through the IRS website.

You will want to register as an LLC as a sole proprietor but if you are starting the business with others, then you will need to check the online instructions for further steps.

Do I need a business license to sell dog treat online Pennsylvania?

Yes, you will need to have your business license, as well as your license to sell pet feed and food products, and you will also require a seller’s license for any states which you intend to sell to.

Of note, some places won’t require this, such as if you are marketing to Canada – they only require that you be registered legally in Pennsylvania. Some states may have additional requirements, so be sure to check on these when applying for your seller’s license for each state.

Do I need a seller’s permit to sell dog treats online to Pennsylvania?

If you are only selling in Pennsylvania and have your business license and dog feed license already, then you won’t need an additional Seller’s license.

Seller’s licenses are used when you are selling to another state and you can generally apply for these for free, however additional labelling and other requirements might be possible depending on the state you are selling to.

How much is a sales permit in Pennsylvania?

If you are outside of Pennsylvania and wish to sell your dog treats to customer in this state, then you will need to print out or fill out online the Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form (PA-100). This will need to be submitted to the Pennsylvania department of revenue and once approved, then you will be given your Seller’s permit for Pennsylvania.

Can you sell dog treats from home in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can, and it will require a business LLC license, as well as a permit for selling pet foods and products. The pet foods permit will cost about $25 per year and must be obtained through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Inspection of your home kitchen may be required before approval is given and after you are approved, a yearly $25 fee is due on the first of January every year before more food products may be prepared and sold that year.

Can I make dog treats at home and sell them?

Yes, you won’t require a special kitchen in most cases, however the Department of Agriculture must ultimately decide after inspection so they will have the final word.

Generally, this will not be a problem, however, as long as your kitchen is clean and sanitary and that the $25 fee is paid yearly on January 1st to remain in compliance once approved.

Do you need FDA approval to sell dog treats?

You do not need premarket approval, however the FDA is still going to require that you list your ingredients honestly and accurately as a part of your packaging. The FDA is still in charge of such products, they just do not require premarket approval to get started.

As long as you label the ingredients accurately, marketing them should be fine, but be sure to check the FDA website on occasion for any changes that might occur after the published date of this article.

Are dog treats taxable in Pennsylvania?

Yes, in Pennsylvania pet treats fall under the category of pet food and as such, the sale of them is indeed taxable. Any sales that you make of your dog treats in Pennsylvania will need to be taxed appropriately and reported when you submit your yearly taxes.

Do I need a special permit to sell in Pennsylvania through Facebook?

You will need to have your business LLC permit, as well as your Pet food permit from the Department of Agriculture in order to sell your pet treats through Facebook marketplace and groups.

 When it comes to online sources, the same rules apply when doing business locally, although when shipping to other states you will need a Seller permit for each state that you will be doing business with.

When you apply for this permit, you should also check for any state-specific requirements for pet foods – some states may require variation on the labelling, for instance, and you’ll need to know this before you start shipping products there.

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