What’s the Best Food for Yorkie Puppies? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie puppies must drink breast milk from birth until they reach 5 weeks of age. The antibodies in breast milk help to strengthen the immune system and supports bone and muscle development.

After this period, the mother will not allow the puppy Yorkies to suckle. From this time on, you must feed your puppy yourself.

There are many puppy dog foods on the market. Brands such as Orijen, Royal Canine, Pro plan, Eukanuba are just some of them. Your puppy may have difficulty chewing these foods at first so try wetting the food with a little warm milk will help them chew.

After a certain period of time, as the puppies’ teeth develop, they can easily eat the food without difficulty.

How Much Should a Yorkie Puppy Eat?

Because Yorkie puppies are still small, they eat smaller portions than adult dogs but need to eat more often. Half a cup of food per meal is sufficient for a Yorkie puppy.

Yorkie puppies may also need food that contains multivitamin supplements for their bone development. This is why buying puppy food, as opposed to adult food, is so important.

If your puppies have special dietary needs, you can get the necessary information about this from your veterinarian.

Are Multivitamins Necessary for Puppy Yorkies?

Multivitamins play an important role in the development of puppy Yorkies due to the wide variety of vitamins and minerals they need for growth.

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As soon as your puppy is 3 months old, your veterinarian will do a growth check and recommend additional supplements if necessary.

Puppy food that contains multivitamins is very important for your Yorkie’s bone and muscle health and should be given regularly.

The amount of multivitamins you give is also very important. If you give your Yorkie puppy more multivitamins than necessary, you may encounter abnormalities in bone and muscle development.

Do Yorkies Puppys Prefer Wet or Dry Food?

Your Yorkie puppy can eat both foods depending on their age. Yorkie puppies whose teeth have not yet developed may be better with wet food, but once their teeth come in, they can also eat dry food.

In addition, dry food is a very good form of nutrition for dental health.

If you only give your Yorkie wet canned food all the time their teeth may not strengthen and develop, since dogs are designed for chewing bones and ripping meat, introducing some hard foods can be beneficial for tooth health.

If you wish, you can also mix dry and wet food together.

Can My Yorkie Puppy Eat Home Cooked Food?

Your Yorkie puppy can eat home-cooked, but frankly speaking, this is not a very healthy diet for a developing pup. This is because the food we humans eat can be harmful to their digestive system, and your home cooking may not contain all the vitamins they need.

Spicy, sugary, and salty foods should not be given to Yorkies at any age, let alone puppies. Also, Yorkies can’t digest foods that contain a lot of fat.

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If you feed Yorkie puppies inappropriate food, they can develop serious illnesses that affect their growth.

You can give your Yorkie a home-cooked meal once in a while, although keep it rare. You might think of this as a reward for your Yorkie, but it would not be right to feed your Yorkie home-cooked meals all the time.

Should I Feed My Yorkie Puppy Milk?

Your puppy Yorkie may involuntarily search for milk for a while after she stops drinking breast milk. A little milk wouldn’t be bad during this period.

However, you should not give milk to your adult Yorkie in the future. Milk and dairy products disrupt canine digestive systems.

If you continue to give milk regularly to your adult Yorkie, you may experience symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

What Can’t Yorkies Eat?

Your Yorkie may have an allergic reaction to certain foods, so it is best to try a little of each food group at first.

However, some foods should never be given, like allium vegetables such as onion and garlic because these are toxic for dogs.

Your Yorkie is also very sensitive to chocolate. Do not give chocolate and sweets to your Yorkie, it may cause disorientation, diabetes, and even blindness in the later stages.

In addition to this, foods such as raisins, grapes, peanuts are among the foods that you should not give your Yorkie.

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Yorkies are very sensitive dogs. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to your Yorkie’s nutritional diet and only give them canine-friendly foods.

What Can I Feed My Yorkie Puppy Besides Dog Food?

You should feed your Yorkie with dog foods that have been specifically designed for puppies, they contain all the nutrients your puppy needs.

However if you find yourself without puppy food and unable to get hold of any time the next day, there are some alternatives you can give them in the short term:

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt (plain only)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Boiled chicken or beef

This food should only be given in moderation and are safe for them to consume until you are able to stock up on puppy food.

Some Yorkies take great pleasure in eating vegetables such as broccoli and carrots but make sure these are soft boiled as they can get stuck in a puppies’ throat, or be hard to chew.

How Can I Get My Yorkie Puppy to Eat Vegetables?

If you want your Yorkie to eat vegetables, you should get them used to vegetables from puppyhood onwards.

  1. Let your puppy Yorkie play with her food a little, by giving her vegetables such as small carrots, eggplants, and cabbages for play purposes, so she gets used to them.
  2. Alternatively, add some turkey or chicken to the vegetable meal you have prepared for your Yorkie pup.

Dogs are technically omnivores but are carnivores by nature. This means that while they prefer meat, they can also consume some vegetables too, and it is good for them! If you mix both, they won’t say no to it.

How Do I Stimulate My Yorkie Puppies’ Appetite?

Loss of appetite in Yorkie puppies can often be a symptom of a physical or psychological illness. What you need to do is to follow your Yorkie’s pups eating patterns for a while and then talk to your veterinarian if your puppy is not eating regularly over a 48 hour period.

Sometimes, Yorkies puppies may not eat simply because they have a lack of appetite, or are struggling to transition to food. Try making a chicken or bone broth and pouring it over the food to encourage them to eat it and make the food easier to chew.

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