How Long Can You Leave a 12 Week Old Puppy in a Crate? (Solved & Explained!)

A 12-week-old puppy can only be left alone in its crate for 1 to 3-hours during the day. Since a 12-week-old pup lacks urine and bowel control, your puppy will need to go out one to two times at night. During the day, take your puppy outdoors every four hours to relieve itself.

Continue reading to discover more regarding how long you can leave your 12-week-old puppy in a crate, how to crate train, and why crate training is an excellent method to toilet train your dog.

Why Use a Crate When you Bring Your New Puppy Home?

Puppies require a lot of attention, care, and activity throughout their first six months of life. Pups less than ten weeks will not be able to retain their pee for more than an hour at a time, and puppies will not be able to wait up to six hours to go to the toilet until they are approximately six-months of age.

A crate can assist you in housebreaking, transporting, and socializing your 12-week-old puppy with the other creatures in your home. It’s also his den, a place where he may feel safe, warm, and secure, especially at night. Since your puppy’s physiological systems slow down at night, they may be in a crate for more extended periods of time than during the day.

How Do You Make Your 12-Week-Old Puppy Feel Safe and Secure in Their Crate When Left Alone?

Crate training your puppy is essential but do it slowly at first. Introduce your dog to the crate with goodies the first time, but don’t close them in. Allow them to play in and around the crate. Then gradually increase to 10–15-minute crate time intervals, consistent with these small lengths of time until your doggy has acclimated.

When your aging puppy can withstand shorter lengths of time, leave them alone in the crate for longer durations of time. Your dog will eventually grow at ease there. One should always be present while crate training a young dog.

As your dog becomes older, it will be able to stay in the crate for more extended amounts of time. However, remember that it should only be used as a temporary treatment. Your dog must receive enough exercise and human connection.

How Long Can One Leave Their 12-Week-Old Dog in a Crate Without it Urinating or Defecating?

Crate and Potty Training During the Day

During the day, your puppy won’t be able to go as long between bathroom stops. Although he doesn’t need to go out every two hours like he used to make sure he gets some fresh air and a chance to select his favourite pee area every three hours.

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Nighttime Crate and Potty Training

Just like you, your 12-week-old puppy can hold their excrement’s for more extended periods of time when they’re profoundly asleep at night. However, they, unfortunately, can’t hold their bladder for the full 8-hours. 

A 12-weeks-old puppies will most likely need your help to go to the bathroom outside once or twice throughout the duration of the night.

Before bed, set a soothing alarm that will not shock you and your pup in the early hours of the morning. It is recommended this alarm is set approximately four to five hours after your pup goes to bed to ensure you take them outside before they can’t hold their bladder any longer. 

When your pup awakens in the morning, head straight to your backyard to ensure your puppy going pee is the first thing they do when they wake up.

When Can My Puppy Start to Hold Their Bladder Properly?

They can start retaining their bladders for 8 hours as soon as they are 8–9 months old, but they should never be made to hold it for much longer than that. Some dogs are also prone to separation anxiety and should not be left alone for more than a few hours at a time.

Is it Safe to Leave a 12-Week-Old Puppy Home Alone When Placed in a Crate?

At 10-12 weeks of age, your puppy’s bladder capacity begins to increase. However, most puppies can only hold their bladder for 2 hours at this point in time. If you must leave your 12-week-old puppy alone at home in their crate, try to keep your time spent away from home as short as possible. 

If you have been gone for more than 2 hours and return to find a mess in your 12-week-old dog’s kennel, do not be angry with them because it was not their fault, and they had nowhere else to relieve themselves.

Is it Safe to Leave a Puppy in a Crate While You Go to Work?

It is never inappropriate to leave a puppy alone for 8 hours while working. Depending on their age, you may put a puppy in a crate for up to 5 hours straight. Adult dogs may tolerate confinement for up to 8 hours, but it should never be done regularly.

When you’ve trained your puppy to become accustomed to their alone time in their crate, you can leave them alone for some time during the day. However, a full workday of eight hours is still too much for a puppy to be left alone. Instead hiring a dog walker could be an excellent answer.

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Schedule the stroll during the middle of the day, when your dog is eager for companionship, and a pee break is due.

How Long Does Crate Training A 12-Week-Old Puppy Take?

This procedure might take a week or a month, depending on your puppy’s nature and how things progress. It differs significantly amongst dogs.

Every dog reacts differently to crate training, with some whining sometimes and others shrieking like they’ve seen a ghost. However, if you properly acclimate your dog to their crate, most dogs will be quiet throughout the night and glad to spend time in there during the day after only a few days. 

Within 1 to 3 weeks of persistent, well-planned strategic training, most puppies are content spending time in the crate.