Lucky Duck Dog Kennels Vs Gunner Kennel (Expert Opinion + Pros & Cons)

Choosing a truck bed kennel for your dog can be a difficult decision, especially when safety and durability is concerned. There are so many different types and brands to choose from.

In this blog post, we will compare two popular kennels, Lucky Duck Dog Kennels and Gunner Kennel.

Lucky Duck Dog Kennel

The Lucky Duck Dog kennel has quickly become a popular choice among those who have to transport dogs over relatively long distances. It features an injection-molded door as well as a quick flip design, which allows it to be opened quite quickly.

Since it weighs less than 40 lbs, it’s proven extremely easy to move in and out of the backs of trucks, which is why the pros from Rogers Sporting Goods seemed so impressed with it:

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Pros and Cons of the Lucky Duck Dog Kennel

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that it’s able to withstand some 4,000 lbs of force. On top of that, other pros include:

  • 5-star crash test vehicle safety rating
  • Easy to clean
  • Features rubber non-slip feet
  • Ventilation holes
  • Paddle locking latches
  • Compatible with ratcheting strap kit
  • Rotomolded from a single piece of plastic

There are several drawbacks, however:

  • Vent holes may not be big enough for all dogs
  • Rather expensive
  • Plastic may crack at very low temperatures
  • May prove slightly front-heavy when unloading

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Gunner Kennel

Duck hunters have often turned to the aptly-named Gunner Kennel, which features a 5-star crash test vehicle safety rating much as the Lucky Duck one does. On top of this, the Mid Valley Mercenaries found that it was impressively designed:

Since it comes in four different sizes, the Gunner is likely to fit pretty much every dog that people might want to transport. This flexibility also makes it easy to find a kennel from the series that will fit the back of any truck or van, which is another popular feature for those heading out on a hunting trip.

Pros and Cons of the Gunner Dog Kennel

Like the Lucky Duck kennel, the Gunner is extremely durable. It features a double-wall rotomolded design that the manufacturer refers to as being overbuilt.

On top of this, the Gunner provides:

  • A reversible door that’s hard to escape from
  • An oversized drainage system
  • All-weather joint sealing
  • Sturdy roof to keep dogs dry
  • Stainless steel tie-downs that won’t rip on impact
  • Rounded edges to prevent injuries

Common complaints about Gunner’s design from pet owners include:

Gunner Kennels are not sold on Amazon. Check their website for current availability and pricing.

Are Gunner Kennels Worth It?

While they might take a little extra training to get used to and their price is sure to give some pet owners a case of sticker shock, Gunner Kennels are certainly worth it for those who want to ensure that that their dogs are going to stay safe while they being moved to and from a field location.

That’s precisely why so many hunters and professional handlers have turned to these kennels. However, you don’t have to be a pro to appreciate good solid construction.

They may be an ideal option if you travel often or if you simply want to ensure that your dog is protected from the elements. Considering the high crash-test rating that Gunner Kennels enjoy, they’re also a great pick for those who are concerned about potential injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

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Their engineers claim that Gunner kennels can handle a huge swing in temperature. While there is a point at which they will crack, this is something to keep in mind for those who spend almost all their time outdoors.

Where Are Lucky Duck and Gunner Kennels Made?

Both Gunner and Lucky Duck Kennels are made in the United States. While they might rely on some imported components and tools to assemble their units, the actual work, as well as the casting of plastic, is done by technicians in the USA.

The warehouses and office space for the Lucky duck company are located in Baldwin, Wisconsin according to their contact page. They also have a local phone number with a 715 area code, which would also place the company in that area.

Because many firms do business nationwide, both companies likely have a presence in several different US states. Gunner has switched to a direct-to-consumer sales model, but they also held physical distributorships in several states in addition to their manufacturing concerns.

How Do You Secure a Lucky Duck vs Gunner Dog Crate in the Back of an SUV?

Despite the slight difference in shape between the two different types of crates, the way that they’re secured is very similar. Regardless of which model you have, you’d want to start by placing the kennel upright in the back of the vehicle and making sure that it isn’t going to move around on the surface that you’ve positioned it on.

Once you’re sure that the kennel isn’t going to rock back and forth, you can expose the latch mounts in the back of your SUV. Most larger vehicles have little clips in the bed that you can connect a clasp too.

A strap goes over the top of the kennel and then attaches to these clasps. There are small wells in the top of either of these kennels that make it easy to secure them.

As soon as you have the straps in place, you’ll want to ratchet them down until they’re secure in place. You may want to do this gently at first or make sure your dog isn’t around when you do it, because some dogs don’t like the noise that the latches make.

You don’t have to be real ginger with the straps, though, since these kennels are both designed to hold up to a fair amount of force. Either of them should prove particularly strong.

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While it might not be quite as indestructible as Gunner’s marketing prose claims, they have designed a special security lock kit that will help hold the system together.

How To Secure A Dog Crate To a Truck Bed

To secure a dog crate to a truck bed, place a piece of carpet or some other padding underneath the kennel to prevent it from sliding around. Then use ratchet straps over the top of the kennel to hold it down and another set in the front or back to prevent sideways movement.

You can also permanently attach the dog crate to the floor of the truck bed by drilling holes and bolting it down if you use the dog crate often enough.

Watch this video to see a simple ratchet strap method.