Dog Treadmill DIY Homemade: Keeping Your Dog Fit

Dogs can become overweight and unhealthy if they don’t get enough exercise. Your job as a pet owner is to make sure that they stay healthy, and this is possible by building a dog treadmill.

If you live in an apartment, your dog might not be having enough space to roam and play. Taking your dog out might not be possible in bad weather. Using our dog treadmill DIY technique, your dog will stay fit, so keep reading to learn how to do it.

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What is the Effect of Obesity on Dogs?

Dog treadmills are available on the market, but they can be expensive, so building one is more affordable. However, you need to understand why your pet should have access to one of them.

  • Most people have their dogs fixed or spayed. This will eventually make them more prone to weight gain, which can affect their lives in the long run.
  • As dogs get older, they will become less active just like humans. As a responsible dog owner, you should pay attention to the quality of their food and make sure that they get plenty of exercise to stay fit.
  • Dogs might not be that tolerant of extremely high or low temperatures. In this case, an indoor dog treadmill will provide the necessary workout that keeps your dog in shape.
  • Some breeds are less active than others. These will make excellent choices for apartment living, but they will be more prone to weight gain.
  • Apart from the way your fat dog will look, the extra fat can lead to several health problems like heart problems, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer.
  • Orthopedic disorders, joints pain, and Arthritis are common in heavyweight dogs.

Getting your dog a treadmill will help it overcome all these issues. Luckily, building one on your own isn’t such a difficult task.

Benefits of Building a Dog Treadmill

Here are some benefits of providing your dog with a treadmill.

  • The lack of exercise can make your dog extremely distressed. Depressed dogs can experience behavioral issues like rough play, whining to attract attention, destructive behavior like biting or chewing, and getting into places where they shouldn’t.
  • Treadmills will keep dogs fit and healthy.
  • They provide an opportunity for additional exercise if you have a hyperactive dog.
  • They could be used on any day, even if the weather is bad.
  • If you’re too busy to take your dog out, the treadmill will be the perfect substitute.

Can a Dog Use a Human Treadmill?

Although your dog can use a human treadmill, it’s not the best option. These treadmills don’t provide the protection needed for dogs.

  • A dog treadmill will have handlebars that are specifically designed to suit the height of the dog. It might have a special attachment where you can attach the leash for maximum safety.
  • The track of the human treadmill is designed to accommodate the 2 legs of a human. It might still be suitable for a smaller dog, but it won’t work if you have a medium or large-breed dog.
  • The slowest setting on a human treadmill might be too fast for a puppy or a small-breed dog.

How to Build a Dog Treadmill DIY Homemade

There are several ways to build a dog treadmill. But one of the best is the Easy Carpet Treadmill.

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You will need the following materials.

  • 2 Large PVC pipes
  • Plywood
  • 2X4s
  • 4X4s
  • Piece of carpet

Charlotte Pipe PVC 07400 0200 DWV SCH 40 PE Pipe, 2', PVC, 4", White

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Here are the Steps to Do it.

  • Allow your dog to stretch by extending the back and the front legs to measure the dog’s longest stride. Add about 20% to 50% to this measurement, as this will represent the length of the treadmill.
  • To calculate the treadmill’s width, measure the width of your dog’s chest in a standing position, and multiply it by 2. You can add more if you wish your treadmill to be shared by multiple dogs.
  • The height of the frame of your dog’s treadmill is calculated by measuring the height of the dog in a standing position and adding about 5 inches to the measurement. This will guarantee that your dog will be safe while using the treadmill.
  • Cut the plywood to match the length and width measurements to create the base of the treadmill. If your dog is overweight or you want several dogs to share it, you can add another layer of plywood or a couple of 2X4s for more support.
  • Use the 2X4s to build the frame. Make sure there’s enough space for the PVC pipes and that the carpet won’t come off.
  • Use screws and a drill or a hammer to secure the plywood to the frame.
  • Take 4 pieces of 2X4s and secure them to the track to act as the legs of the treadmill. If you want to keep the treadmill elevated, the front legs should be longer than the back ones.
  • Use 2X4s to build a brace where you can secure the leash.
  • Measure the 2 PVC pipes to match the width of the treadmill.
  • Insert a piece of 4X4s inside each pipe for more support.
  • Mark the center point of the wood piece and drill a hole.
  • Put the PVC pipes at the ends of the frame where the top is above the running board to prevent the carpet from getting caught when your dog is running.
  • Align the center of the pipe with the sides and drill holes through the frame.
  • Insert copper tubing to act as bearings.
  • Secure the PVC pipes using screws drilled through the pilot holes that won’t affect the pipes’ ability to spin.
  • Cut the carpet, so it’s long enough to cover the length of the track and wrap it around the 2 pipes at both ends.
  • Sew the ends together, making sure that the carpet won’t be too taut.

Video Instructions

If you’re more of a visual learner here’s a few DIY videos on building your own dog treadmill.

This first one uses carpet and wood.

This second one shows the more standard design with protection walls to prevent your dog’s feet getting caught in the sides and from them jumping off and hurting themselves or knocking it over.

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Building a treadmill for your dog will guarantee that it will always stay in shape. This simple model can be made using materials that are already available in your garage or basement, and you can even customize it by painting the wood. The best part is that your dog will enjoy its time to the maximum, and you can relax a little while it exercises and has fun.